El Rommel
Japanese エル・ロンメル
Romanization Eru Ronmeru
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Dokutsu Third Reich

One of the strongest admirals of Dokutsu, he is known for tricking his enemies and his cool-headedness.

Even though he never went to the military academy and never planned to, unlike his friend Nontsich Himmler, it seems like Reltih Adolf's rise to power was the reason he joined the army. Being a (self-proclaimed) hardcore otaku, and one of Reltih's greatest fans - the other noteworthy ones being Nontsich Himmler and Eisen Manstein - his motivation comes from his will to do his best for the Führer... and because of the exclusive "Idol Reltih" merchandise Grecia Goebbels offers only to the best officers of the Third Reich.


Recruitment: Destroy the fleet on the extreme left (the one protecting the metallic sphere) when you take over North Africa. This will free him from the Aeris Empire. Talk to him during the Event Phase and he will join you.Make sure Dokutsu has completely fallen before you do this, or you won't get the recruitment event.

Command Points: 420

Skill: None

Stats +0%
Stats +0%
Radar +20%
Radar +20%


  • Growth +2%


Inspired by Erwin Rommel.

The headphones he wears at all times is something he picked up on a battlefield. When asked why he kept using such an obsolete model, he simply answered that they were comfortable, and helped to put him at ease.

His hobby is scenic photography.

Ranked first, with 7174 votes, in Alicesoft's male popularity poll. (Tougou Tsuyoshi ranked second with 5636 votes.)