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The El Party was a group formed by El Mofus, the child between Demon King Rance and the pope of the AL Church, Crook Mofus, in the year RA15. Following their beloved mother's instructions, El travelled around the continent in order to scout the other children of the Demon King to form a powerful party capable of defeating their father, the Demon King. Their second goal was to collect The Five Orbs, a set of items that would allow them to access the Demon King's domains.

The first member of the party besides El themself was surprisingly a mere haniwa named Nagata-kun who, shortly after meeting El, became their self-proclaimed Best Friend and Soul Friend, and went on to support the novice adventurer through their journey as a close partner. Leaving their home with 5 letters of introduction for the world leaders hand-written by the pope, El travelled to every major country to ask for assistance and recruit each and everyone of their siblings.

After having recruited all of the Demon King's children, as well as some other reliable allies like Shizuka Masou and Hero Helman, the group fought against Demon King Rance. In the end, although they faced many obstacles and hardships in their journey, they succeeded in restoring Rance's sanity, as well as defeating the Great Beast Quelplan and the corrupted essence known as Blood Memories after siding with him.



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