Eilem Thray
Japanese エルム・トライ
Romanization erumu torai
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Teacher
World The Continent
Affiliation Kathtom, Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 8
Skill levels Teaching Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance II, Rance 02

About[edit | edit source]


Eilem Thray was an unfortunate girl from the town of Kathtom that was captured prior to the events of Rance 02 by Eleanor Ran and her subordinates. Following Shizuka Masou's instructions, she experienced horrific torture and was sexually abused by inhuman warriors. 

She was taken to a dark room within Ran's dungeon like other girls in order to receive physical excruciation, however, her torturer seems to have been a particularly sadist sexual abuser who found greater pleasure in forceful intercourse. Judging from the way she was found in, Eilem experienced a much more violent sexual abuse but in exchange faced little torture, with the marks engraved on her skin coming only from the chains that held her in place, suggesting that she wasn't neither whipped nor cut. Her torturer would regularly insult her and deem her a "slut", claiming that she was a masochist and that was enjoying the abuse.

Nonetheless, her screams were noticed by Sill Plain and Bird Lithfie, who were trapped in Ran's dungeon at the time and realized that the locked room where she remained was being used for torture. The two managed to unlock the door and, outraged by the horrific scenery, fought against the brutal knight in battle, taking him down for good and freeing Eilem. Unfortunately, she was captured again not long after by Eleanor Ran who defeated Sill and Bird before sending Eilem to Shizuka's maze.

She was later found by Rance in a room where she was kept in a glass case for absorbing magical power. After the conflict in Kathtom ended, she gave good use to her Teaching Lv1 skill and became a teacher in the local school. Apparently, she's noted by students for being quite erotic and lewd, suggesting that the heavy sexual abuse ended up turning her into a more lascivious person.

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