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General InfoEdit

Eden is one of the youngest of the human kingdoms on the World of Eve, the final destination of King Arthur's long pilgrimage from the original human homeland in the lands now known as Central. While Arthur himself did not complete the pilgrimage, many others settled in this "promised land," founding the nation now known as Eden.

Eden is a temperate, and seemingly very prosperous land in the southwest of the world. Like most of the human nations, it is governed by a royal family in possession of a powerful artefact capable of creating knights. Since the Arthur Tragedy, Eden has undergone a process of disarmament, limiting the creation of new knights and soldiers. The current monarch, Louin Eden, maintains strong ties with the other human nations, especially after his son-in-law, Asterisk, worked to unite and save them from the Outlaw conspiracy known as the Snake Crest. While the king's daughters have married out of their inheritance, the king's line is secure through his infant son, Phillip. The everyday affairs of the nation are managed by a prime minister, while day-to-day military affairs are managed by Barro Roan and his assistant Sufy.

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Major Cities and SitesEdit

Eden's capital is one of the largest cities on the World of Eve, split between a labyrith-like castle city and a port city of the same name as the country itself. Many of the nation's other towns are agrarian in nature. Both the towns of Stallion and Abel have strong cattle industries, though the country still imports some of its food and goods from the neighbouring Republic of Lancelot. The tiny settlement of Fresh Fish Island lies to the south, though it is infrequently visited and home only to a small hamlet. The nation was also once home to another town, Crab Eater Village, which was later destroyed and occupied by the Megamonster known as the Giant Doraku.

The river between Stallion and Abel is guarded by the bridge-like Fort Baroran, which came under attack during the Battle of Fort Baroran early in the campaign against Snake Crest. The country is home to at least two sites holy to Mother Eve, one a ruin on Fresh Fish Island, and the second mostly forgotten and nearly abandoned in a cave recently occupied by Outlaws.

Aster and his family have made their home (or their "love nest") in a manor outside the town of Stallion.

Notable CitizensEdit


  • As Arthur's "promised land," the country also has numerous biblical references in its towns and cities. Eden is named after the Garden of Eden from the bible, while Abel was the first son of Adam and Eve.
  • Eden is heavily inspired by medieval France, including numerous references to The Three Musketeers.


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