Eagle Douglas
Japanese イーグル・ダグラス
Romanization īguru dagurasu
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Republic of Gamerica

Eagle Douglas is a recruitable character and admiral in Daiteikoku.


The story introduces Eagle Douglas as the new fleet commander for the Gamerican Republic Pacific Operations (GRPO). He replaces his predecessor as a candidate more favored to take decisive action in the coming war with The Empire of Japan.

Interestingly, Douglas' command skills are not developed from experience but are instead the product of three years of intense, condensed training. His rapid promotion to Fleet Commander is a daring decision, especially considering his complete lack of military history. In fact, prior to his training, his only experience with military life was as an ex-movie star who played militant heroes. Yet it was this same background of public fame, coupled with his strong-willed commitment to his ideals and tireless ambition, which propelled his navy career upward through the ranks. With full confidence in his self-driven success, he proclaims himself to be the embodiment of the "Gamerican Dream".

Douglas fiercely believes in the freedom and righteousness of Gamerica. Yet he suspects the state of the nation is not what it seems, and to that end, he aspires to one day become president to rid the nation of its corruption.

Voice Actor : Kojirou

Original Inspiration[]

Eagle Douglas is a parody of Douglas MacArthur, a WWII American five-star general and field marshal of the Philippine Army. Similarly, his history as an ex-movie star is inspired by America's 40th President, Ronald Reagan, who benefited from his own previous fame as a Hollywood actor.


Recruitment: Must discover path from Hawaii to Canada. Hawaii must be conquered before USJ. Defeat President Roose and he will join automatically. Note that Devil Dwight cannot be recruited as a result.

Command Points: 480

Skill "Luv+" - Attack +10% if deployed in the same formation as a certain Gamerican admiral.

Level 0

Stats +20%
Stats +10%
Stats +10%
No bonus


  • Growth +???%