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Dungeon Interface[]

(c)アリスソフト Dungeon Screen

This is what it'll look like when you are exploring the dungeon. Your level is shown, as well as your current experience, and the experience needed to level up. You may look at your stats by clicking the "OPEN" button. Below that, your attack power and your health is shown. Similarily, your doll's experience level and stats are shown if you move your cursor to the right part of the screen. In the lower left corner the map of the current level is displayed. If you leave the level through the warp portal, then on next visit to this level the map will be fully revealed.

The buttons do the following:

  • [M] - Summon monster to fight it
  • [D] - Exit dungeon
  • [O] - Heal your health at the cost of your doll's health
  • [S] - Purify your weapon (need to walk 107 steps to recharge this skill)
  • [G] - Cure poison (need to walk 107 steps to recharge this skill)
  • [K] - Open your doll's equipment screen
  • [J] - Travel to warp portal (available after entering portal from this level at least once)

Leveling up[]

A very unusual system, you do not keep the experience you earn. Instead, when you leave the dungeon, you lose all your experience, and half that goes to your doll instead, possibly leveling her up. On the other hand, your doll does not gain any experience during battle, but keeps experience she gains after leaving the dungeon. It is important to be careful as you move to deeper levels, as you always begin at level one and must rely on your doll (mostly for healing purposes) and collected items to protect you from damage. Items in your inventory give you a boost in stats, but the enemies will soon outpace you in terms of attack and HP. Each level adds you 2 to attack and 20 HP, that is equal to 10% boost from items.

Dungeon Format[]

The main part of the game. There is no end to the levels. In each level, you must find the warp portal to take you down to the next level. In levels of multiples of twenty, a powerful boss guards the portal.

Each level also contains one treasure chest with a random item (often the item in this chest is very good). If you leave the level through the warp portal, this chest will dissapear. Each level also has a certain amount of chests available that can be obtained from the monsters. As you gain more drops in that level, they become harder and harder to come by. This drop rate is also indicated at the lower left portion of the screen where you select which dungeon level to enter to from the home base. It goes down from Very good (最良, blue color) to Good (良, green color), then to Normal (普通, yellow color), then to Bad (悪, orange color), lastly to Very Bad (最悪, red color). When you finish more then 100 floors below the certain level, drop rate on it will change to Very bad (最悪, red color), removing any drop rate that was there before. For example, when you get down to floor 121 in a dungeon, floors 1-21 will have Very bad drop rate. So it is very useful to lower drop rates on first levels before proceding too far.

At the exit of every 20 levels is a boss character you must defeat to get to the next level.

You can unlock Ending menu after you defeated the boss at dungeon level 150. You can still proceed to the next level if you want to complete your doll parts.

Battle Format[]

(c)アリスソフト Battle Screen

1. The Yellow blocks below the red button displays number of turns until the enemy escapes. If you didn't manage to kill it before the blocks used up, the monster will be gone and you only gain half the Experience points from the battle without any extra points from collected items.
2. Next to the red button is the enemy's name, its level, attack power, and health points.
3. The Number above the sword Icon is the Corruption of your weapon. When it reaches 100%, your weapon will be unusable and you can't attack during your turn. The only possible way to attack when your weapon is fully corrupted is when your doll's attack triggers, but it has a really small damage.
Corruption will increase by 2 + Max[0,(YourCurrentLevel-EnemyLevel)] points everytime you attack.
4. Below the Enemy Hit points bar is the number of Doll Equipments this enemy might drop. Only gal-monsters have this feature. It is highly reccomended to collect all of these items before venturing further into the dungeon with different type of gal-monsters.
5. The blocks above the blue button is number of turns it would take to escape - it will show up when you decide to escape (Click the Blue Button or press Esc to escape). You won't get any experience for the battle that you have escaped from.
6. Next to the Blue Button is your health bar, name, level, attack power, and health points.
7. On the Bottom Right corner are Special attacks Buttons, requiring Milk.

Each turn there are several automatic actions:

-Hero's attack-[Stun]-[Doll's attack]

-Enemy's attack-[Counter strike]

Hero's attack and Enemy's attack are automatic actions that happen each turn, until additional conditions remove them. [Stun], [Doll's attack] and [Counter strike] are random attacks that depend on hero's skills or doll's equipment. [Counter strike] does not happen if enemy was channeling his skill during his turn. [Stun] and [Doll's attack] do happen when hero's weapon is fully corrupted (so take notice of spending charges on your doll's items). If enemy succede in Ambush, then first Hero's attack is skipped ([Stun] and [Doll's attack] still have a chance to happen). If hero succede in [Stun], then next Enemy's attack is skipped.

Hovering your pointer above the Escape or Special Attacks button will pause the battle until you actually use the button or put your pointer away from them.

Some enemies might employ various Special attacks, some of which requires them to 'charge' and give up their turn(s) in the process:

  • Poison - Instant - Suffer (1%*MaxHP) damage at every Battle turn and Exploring step you take.
  • Exp Drain - Instant - Suffer a loss of EXP (possibly equivalent to the damage of the enemy).
  • Regeneration - Auto - Enemy will recover a bit of his HP at every turn.
  • Defend - Instant - Enemy cannot be damaged by normal attacks. This moves will last throughout the battle until either you or him escapes from the battle. The are several ways to kill the enemy using Defend. First one is by using Milk. Second - scoring a Critical hit, it will bypass the defense, but won't remove it. And last one is to score an Interrupting hit, it will remove the defense, but won't damage the enemy this turn.
  • Triple Strength - 1 turn charge - Enemy will do triple damage.
  • Back Attack - 1 turn charge - Enemy will attack your doll.
  • Area Attack - 1-2 turns charge - Enemy will hit both you and your doll.
  • Increase Power - 3 turns charge - Enemy increases its power enormously, usually changes his form in the process. Rare.
  • Instant Death - 3 turns charge - Enemy instantly kills you. Rare (level 128+).


To heal yourself press "O" button while on Dungeon Exploration screen. While your character is healing, your doll is losing her hit points. At first she loses an amount of hitpoints, equal to her level (because of this, it is better not to use heal if you still have enough HP). Then she loses an amount equal to HeroDamage/(5+Bonus), where HeroDamage is amount of HP restored to hero, and Bonus is the number of items that help recovering (looks like a flower).