Dulrugar is the first, the strongest of The Six Stars. Her cruelty is unmatched by anybody except perhaps her mother Deirdre. She has very long, straight blond hair, and wields a whip. She attacks with her whip, her claws, poison gas, and her hair (which has poison in it too).

She has fought against Shura many times in the past. In the 1930's, she was the one responsible for seducing Hitler and caused the Holocaust. She most likely fought Shura during WWII also.

In 1994, Deirdre instructed Dulrugar to fight Shura in an abandoned buliding. Despite her cruelity, she begged for her life when Shura defeated her. She managed to paralyze Shura through poison before she died, allowing Deirdre to deal grave damage to Shura immediately after.

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