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Japanese ドゥルジ
Romanization Do~uruji
AmbivalenZ Druj
Race Duendy
Age / Birth ?
Sex Female
Status Dead
World AZ World
Affiliation Duendy
Appeared in AmbivalenZ


Druj is the fifth of the Six Stars. She is similarly peaceful like Macha and much prefers immersing herself in flora and fauna. She took care of and protected the cowardly Loki as he also does not like fighting which is frowned upon by Duendy.

Her powers are that of illusions and mind captivation. She slowly eats away at someone's mind until nothing is left.

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

She was blackmailed by Deirdre due to her unwilling nature. Apparently she already disobeyed before, but now Deirdre threatens someone she holds dear.

Druj makes use of a moment of weakness to enter into Yura's mind and tries to take control, however Yura locks her in meaning they are at a stalemate for a while until her entire mind has been devoured. She assimilates with the Yura in her mind to become Dark Yura who tries to prevent Shura from breaking the spell.

She is not alone as Loki tries his best, even trying to convince Shura to help Druj which he refuses as it would kill Yura. Shura finds what is needed to break the spell and seperates the two from each other and then destroys Druj.

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  • Druj is a term used in Zoroastrianism. It means falsehood.
    • Its opposite is aṣ̌a which is truth, which can also be seen as existence.
    • Similarly Druj is the opposite and is therefore non-existence. A term which is also used describe Duendy in AmbivalenZ.