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World of Eve


The Dragons of the World of Eve are one of the oldest and strongest species in existence, with powers and mastery of magic far surpassing other creatures. Such abilities include teleportation, telepathy, shape-shifting, soul manipulation and extra-sensorial abilities among others. They are an technically an exclusively female race much like the Kalars, but their powers allow the more experienced among them to be hermaphrodites. Though at the dawn of humanity they were the undisputed rulers of the world, they have since disappeared and are now only spoken of in legends, with the main theory arguing that they left for other worlds.


A black dragon in its normal form

Though that may be the case for some, many dragons have instead willingly ceded control of the world to humanity under the decree of the dragon queen Qu Dragon (QD for short) millenia ago and have simply lived inconspicuous among the fascinating humans thanks to their shape-shifting. Additionally, they are forbidden from any direct interference into the affairs of men and only ever use their powers in very limited scopes or for personal convenience.


Dragons originally mainly lived in what is now known as Humpty, peacefully living among the different islands under the rule of QD. One day, an expedition of humans led by the great hero Arthur arrived to Humpty during their search for a new continent to call home, and Arthur started negotiating with QD until he could be authorized to pass through with his followers. However, QD instead teased him with ridiculous requests until Arthur dueled her. Impressed by the stubborness of humans and somewhat smitten with Arthur himself, QD allowed the humans to pass and even joined the expedition with a few other dragons, who were colletively known as the Witches of the Round Table.

The Witches of the Round Table helped the new human countries prosper and even reproduced and gave birth to dragon-human hybrids, however QD eventually decided that if humans were to achieve their potential, they could not rely on dragons any longer and ordered dragons to disappear from view.

Known Dragons[]

Known Half-Dragons[]