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The Continent


A regular red dragon.

A race created by Roven-Pan, the Dragons were the second Protagonist Race, the strongest and wisest beings to ever grace the continent.

They were physically strong, intellectually superior and they had very long lifespans. Dragons were the most perfect creatures to ever exist on The Continent, and their only drawback was that their ability to breed was extremely limited. Their first major enemy was Demon King Kkulf Kkulf, who they managed to defeat after two thousand years of fighting.

Though they were ultimately purged, some Dragons still survived and continue to live on the Continent today.

Dragon's limited breeding[]

Camilla, the only female dragon, was turned into a Dark Lord by Avel.

Dragons are immortal beings, so they live forever unless sealed. With the sole exception of Camilla, there were absolutely no female Dragons. This was done this way by Roven-Pan for two major reasons. To limit Dragonkind's numbers and to cause chaos and disputes between the race for the right to breed with the female dragon. Unfortunately, this wasn't very successful since Dragons were far too wise and smart to war with each other for that right. Instead, Dragons created a strength based system, the strongest Dragon gained the title of Dragon King, and had the breeding rights with the Platinum Dragon, Camilla.

The Platinum Dragon Camilla was the only female Dragon, and thus, the only way for a Dragon to have a pureblood Dragon child would be to breed with her. If any dragon wants the breeding rights and the title of Dragon King, he would have to duel the current Dragon King and win. This was a sacred rule for dragons that could not be violated no matter what and all respected with no complaints. Dragons were very honorable and respectable, no-one ever even considered to go against this rule. If a Dragon wished the rights with Camilla, he would have to get stronger enough to beat the current Dragon King and win in an honorable duel.

The only Dragon King known was Magiihoa and it's even unknown if he even had a predecessor or not, since Dragons were immortals. Dragons are classified between the Original Dragons that exist since the beginning of dragonkind, and the 2nd Generation Dragons that were born from the female dragon Camilla.

When Demon King Avel kidnapped Camilla and turned her into a Dark Lord, it became impossible for the Dragon species to reproduce. Of course this ended with the entire dragon race attacking Avel full force and with his crushing defeat.

The World with Dragons[]

Dragon King Magiihoa.

Many creatures co-existed with the Dragons, including Haniwa and Giants, the Dragons had no real enemies. While the details are mostly unknown, Dragon Kalar and Dragon Poppins existed alongside the Dragons as subspecies.

In the year KuKu2014, Dragon King Magiihoa and his brother Avel managed to kill Demon King Kkulf Kkulf, but Avel sneakily landed the final blow on the Demon King. During the finishing attack, Avel had a large amount of blood spilled on him, which he accidentaly swallowed, becoming the new Demon King. Magiihoa did not wish to fightAvel, and they kept their distance for some time, until Camilla was kidnapped by Avel.

This began the "Final War", the battle that ended the Dragon species, fought over who gets to keep the female dragon. In the year AV0056, Magiihoa overwhelmed Avel and sealed him beneath many spears, his fate is now unknown although it is likely thatPlanner at some point reduced him to a blood pool. Dragon King Magiihoa won. After their victory the Dragons founded the nation of Tron, which represented a world of peace and prosperity in The Continent

Dragons were almost completely exterminated by the Gods.

With the Demon King gone and the dragons with no conflict, pain or sorrow, the world became a perfect utopia with only peace. Unfortunately, this peace enragedLudo-Rathowm who ordered Ragnarok to fall upon the dragon race only a year after the peace was established.

Dragons were deemed as failures, since their united world was too perfect and could not fulfill Ludo-Rathowm's childish desire of entertainment via chaos. A Holy Army lead by 1st class god Ragnarok and 2nd class god La Vaswald descended and annihilated the dragon race.

Dragons in the Current Era[]

A survivor hiding in Toushin Toshi Upsilon.

Some dragons were allowed to prevail and kept alive. They still roam in The Continent, but they don't reveal themselves and choose to remain hidden. There are very few dragons left though and it's very rare to encounter one. Dragon Kalars were completely exterminated though, with the sole exception of Hunty Kalar.

Magiihoa was transformed into a cat that speaks in questions and riddles (KD). Although it is unknown if he was cursed into this form or if he chose to do so in order to preserve energy.

List of Known Dragons[]

  • KD: King of the Dragons Magiihoa. A Ruby Dragon. Takes the form of a riddling cat.
  • Cantel: A white dragon hidden in Toushin Toshi Upsilon. 
  • Harumaki: A Lightning Dragon cursed into a child's form. Currently the pet of Lia Parapara Leazas.
  • King Dragon: A golden dragon who contested with devils in the dungeons under Toushin City.

Additionally, a "Golden Dragon" competed in the 27th Toushin Tournament, before being ultimately defeated by a Golden Hanny. This may be a distinct individual, though its description is similar to that of King Dragon.

List of Known Former Dragons[]

  • Camilla: One of the Elite Dark Lords. Used to be the sole female dragon. A former Platinum Dragon. Sealed during the invasion of Zeth. She was later freed during the events of Rance X.
  • Avel: The 2nd Demon King. Was defeated by Magiihoa and imprisoned, never to be seen again.
  • Noce: A former Earth Dragon that loyally served Demon King Gele. Reduced to a blood soul and later absorbed by Gele, killing him.
  • Shichisei: A former Nephrite Dragon that became Camilla's apostle. Killed during the invasion of Zeth.
  • Hunty Kalar: The only known Dragon Kalar. Now has the form of a human kalar with black hair. 
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List of Half-Dragons[]

  • Hero Helman: The half Human son of Hunty Kalar and Patton Misnarge.