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Dr. Anesthesiologist
Dr. Masuikai
Dr. Masuikai title
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Champion Soft
Release date 1983/07/??
Genre / Rating Real-time SLG? / All-ages
Base price ¥3800
Voice No


Dr. Masuikai was one of the early games coded by the at the time president of Champion Soft and like most BASIC games saw ports to basically all systems at the time: MZ-700, PC-8001MKII, FM-7, X-1 and PC-8801.


As the name suggests, you play the role of an anesthesiologist. You get the option of 3 difficulty modes.

You have to keep the patient properly sedated and alive during the phases of the operation.

You do this by administering drugs to deal with the blood pressure and heating/cooling the body to keep a proper body temperature.
The patient's statistics fluctuate in real-time and you'll have to respond to it accordingly.

One major complaint people have with this game is that in most versions the input scanning is poor which makes you send a lot of people to the afterlife. The main issue is that input can get done quickly, but BASIC's INKEY$ can't process it fast enough. This leads to the buffered inputs being done a bit later, meaning you can't react.