Doumoto Mizuki
Japanese 堂本瑞貴
Romanization doumoto mizuki
BBA Doumoto Mizuki Face.png
Race Human
Sex Female
World Japan (Daibanchou)
Affiliation Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age
This is destiny, you know~

—Doumoto Mizuki


Doumoto Mizuki is a student at Seijou Academy who loves fortune telling. After drawing a particular fortune, Mizuki decided to join the school's swimming club. She's always upbeat and never stops smiling.

During the events of Big Bang Age, Mizuki is about to get raped by some students, but may be saved by Zanma Rouga. When Rouga saves Mizuki, she decides to join Wolf Fang to help Rouga take over Japan.

During the National Chapter, Mizuki first enters the swimming competition in Hawaii where she ends up easily beating her opponents.

Later on, Mizuki and Rouga end up visiting the Stone Circle in Yezo. According to a lucky fortune magazine Mizuki reads, mysterious ruins are a 'lucky chance'. After arriving at the Stone Circle, a bright light appears and Mizuki and Rouga find themselves in a strange new location. There they meet a fairy who, after playing too many tricks on people, has been sealed in the Stone Circle and has to read 9000 people's fortunes to be allowed to leave. Mizuki receives a good fortune from the fairy and Rouga is told his future sees 'great misfortune'. After the event, Mizuki powers up.


Mizuki is a short range fighter who attempts to hit their opponents over the head with a kickboard. She'll also use the kickboard as a shield if she manages to 'dodge' the enemy's attack. After receiving the powerup from visiting the Stone Circle, Mizuki gains the ability to scout, allowing the attacking enemy to be known to the player at any time during battle.

Personality and Appearance[]

Mizuki is a cheerful, upbeat girl, who will always follow her fortunes to the letter. Even if the fortune tells her to 'have sex with a strong person', she'll happily follow it, no matter what. Mizuki has short green hair, with fairly long bangs that partially covers her eyes. As she is a part of the swimming club, she wears a school swimsuit with her last name 堂本 ("doumoto") printed on the front. On her head she wears a pair of diving goggles. On her left arm she wears a bracelet, possibly a watch. Mizuki also has a tan.