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Dorothy Neumann
Japanese ドロシー・ノイマン
Romanization doroshī noiman
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Republic of Gamerica


Possibly inspired by John Neumann.


Recruitment: Conquer Canada before USJ, then take over Gamerica. A special event at the top of the list in Event Phase will be available after automated events in Canada, choose it for her.

In CORE route (taking over USJ before Canada), you simply have to beat CORE. Automated events will take place, until Tougou decides to go on a vacation to Canada, and ends up meeting Dorothy and the Canadians. A battle against space monsters will then occur, and victory results in Dorothy, Deganawida and Black Horse joining you.

Command Points: 390

No Skill

Level 0

Aircraft +20%
Laser +20%
Missile +20%
Cannon +20%


  • Growth +4%


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