Dokuganryuu House

(c)アリスソフト The eyeball to the left is the crest of the Dokuganryuu House.

  • Leader - Dokuganryuu Masamune
  • Principle - No interference for the time being (will not proactively attack, but will fight back if threatened).
  • Military strength - 5/5 (a strong Youkai army number in the tens of thousands)
  • Territories - Ezo, Oshu

After the Great Youkai War, Masamune became the new Youkai King and led many Youkais to the northern unsettled lands to create their own kingdom. The northern environment which is harsh on the humans is rather comfortable to the Youkai.

Originally Youkai and humans were able to get along with each other, but since the war there has been mutual distrust. Masamune believes the wounds of war can only be healed with time, and thus he gathered the Youkai to the north to break off contact with the humans (though some Youkai remained with the humans), hoping one day Youkai and humans can get along once more.

Key characters[]


  • The "Dokuganryuu House" is a reference to Date Masamune. However, the Date family crest has been registered by the Date descendants as a trademark.
  • 独眼流 (what Alice Soft used to replace the "Date" family name) literally means "One-eyed style", but is pronounced the same way as 独眼竜 ("One-eyed dragon"), which is the nickname of Date Masamune.
  • When the player fighting against this house, sometime the enemies may say "Father...I feel a youkai!".This is a clear reference to Gegege no Kitarou series.