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Divine Magic (神魔法, kamimahō) is a special power that uses the internal energy of the user to produce various miracles. While conventional Magic focuses primarily in offensive uses for combat, divine magic is typically associated with healing and purification techniques. Those versed in divine magic are capable of treating wounds and disease to a great extent, although even the strongest healers have their limits and some form of conventional medicine is sometimes required to handle deeper wounds. For instance, even legendary users are incapable of restoring missing organs or limbs, nor are they capable of treating physiological conditions like vision impairment.

While the vast majority of incantations in the field are focused on healing, a handful of offensive spells, such as the Divine Decomposition Wave, exist. Additionally, there is also a subset of purification spells crafted as a means of eliminating the blasphemous Undead. These spells are pathetically weak when employed against any living being but ridiculously effective against the forces born from Death Magic, capable of obliterating powerful undead with a single strike.

The art of Divine Magic is a benevolent blessing granted by the Gods to humanity through the AL Church. In order to channel it effectively, practitioners need to both possess the innate talent and aptitude to wield it, as well as accept a baptism from a priest of the church. Because of its godly origins, the field is closely tied to the religion, with most of its practitioners being connected to the church in some way. One does not strictly need to be affiliated with the church to make use of it, however. Since the AL Church is the most popular human religion in The Continent, even regular civilians or adventurers are able to wield it if they have the faith and were baptized at some point. On the other hand, even those naturally talented as priests are incapable of channeling it if they were never exposed to the Church's doctrine, as in the cases of Kibako or Noah Hakobune during her adventuring days.

As a skill, it is entirely independent from the regular magic employed by most mages; one could be a master of one while being completely inept at the other.

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In the fourth year of the RA Era, divine magic became a dying art following the Divine Anomaly; the mysterious disappearance of all divine interference within the mortal realm and the collapse of the AL Church that followed. Because the field itself was a divine blessing, the loss of contact with the Gods as well as the end of the Church's operations made it impossible for new practitioners to be born. Those that were already blessed before the anomaly retained the ability to perform divine magic, but the crisis of faith brought on to many by the desolation of the Church, combined with the inability for new users to be created, has made the skill extremely rare and projected to disappear from the world entirely within a matter of years. The loss of such crucial power sparked a medical revolution as humanity was forced to find ways to treat the wounded through rudimentary means, a practice that had been largely neglected due to the over-reliance on the divine.

Known Users[]

Divine Magic Lv3[]

Divine Magic Lv2[]

Divine Magic Lv1[]

Divine Magic Lv0[]

Name Target Description
Healing Single Unit A spell that treats light wounds. "Pain, pain, fly away!"
Healing 2 Single Unit A spell that treats more dangerous wounds.
Healing 3 Single Unit A spell that treats even heavier wounds.
Full Restore Single Unit The strongest basic single-target healing spell. "Pain, pain, make it all fly away!"
Recovery Rain Everyone A divine light rains down, healing the party.
Recovery Rain 2 Everyone A downpour of restoration heals the party.
Great Restore Everyone An extraordinary spell that heals all allies in exchange for the health of the caster. Causes massive fatigue.
Status Restore Everyone A spell that expends the health of the caster to heal status ailments, (poison, weakening, etc.) of the party.
Resurrection Single Unit A spell that restores completely incapacitated allies.
Purify Single Unit A spell created solely to eliminate the undead. It will instantly kill any undead target.
Stone Wall Everyone Increases the defense of the party by 20%. The effect can be stacked.
Iron Wall Everyone Increases the defense of the party by 40%. The effect can be stacked.
Magic Barrier Everyone Requires charging for two turns and then creates a massive invisible barrier around the party, safeguarding everyone from almost any magic-based attack.
Barrier Everyone A spherical barrier envelopes the party, safeguarding everyone from almost any physical attack.
Sequence Shuffle Everyone A spell that messes with the passage of time, allowing the turn order of attacks to be recalculated.
Divine Breaker Wave Everyone An immense and fearsome spell that cuts the HP of all enemies by exactly half. A LV2 spell.
Monster Sealing Ward Single Unit Requires four talented priests to cast the spell in unison. Wrapping the target in an immense light and causing a violent electromagnetic storm, this spell seals away the target into a different space. One of the few ways to deal with a Dark Lord without having to break the Invincibility Field.