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Divine Magic is a type of magic typically used by priests or clerics, but can be employed by regular adventurers if they have the aptitude for it.

As a Skill Level, it's totally different to regular magic, you could have Magic LV2 but have no ability with Divine Magic, or be a LV2 Divine Magic user and have little to no grasp of other rudimentary spells.

Even though it's called "Divine Magic", it holds no exclusive pact with members of the clergy or followers of a certain faith, anyone born with the innate talent can channel it. The use of Divine Magic is typically for healing and purification, which is why many adept users of this art typically join the church to spread their abilities in banishing the undead or healing the ill.

Name Target Description
Healing Single Unit A spell that treats light wounds. "Pain, pain, fly away!"
Healing 2 Single Unit A spell that treats more dangerous wounds.
Healing 3 Single Unit A spell that treats even heavier wounds.
Full Restore Single Unit The strongest basic single-target healing spell. "Pain, pain, make it all fly away!"
Recovery Rain Everyone A divine light rains down, healing the party.
Recovery Rain 2 Everyone A downpour of restoration heals the party.
Great Restore Everyone An extraordinary spell that heals all allies in exchange for the health of the caster. Causes massive fatigue.
Status Restore Everyone A spell that expends the health of the caster to heal status ailments, (poison, weakening, etc.) of the party.
Resurrection Single Unit A spell that restores completely incapacitated allies.
Purify Single Unit A spell created solely to eliminate the undead. It will instantly kill any undead target.
Stone Wall Everyone Increases the defense of the party by 20%. The effect can be stacked.
Iron Wall Everyone Increases the defense of the party by 40%. The effect can be stacked.
Magic Barrier Everyone Requires charging for two turns and then creates a massive invisible barrier around the party, safeguarding everyone from almost any magic-based attack.
Barrier Everyone A spherical barrier envelopes the party, safeguarding everyone from almost any physical attack.
Sequence Shuffle Everyone A spell that messes with the passage of time, allowing the turn order of attacks to be recalculated.
Divine Breaker Wave Everyone An immense and fearsome spell that cuts the HP of all enemies by exactly half. A LV2 spell.
Monster Sealing Ward Single Unit Requires four talented priests to cast the spell in unison. Wrapping the target in an immense light and causing a violent electromagnetic storm, this spell seals away the target into a different space.

One of the few ways to deal with a Dark Lord without having to break the Invincibility Field.

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