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Dio Calmis
Japanese ディオ・カルミス
Romanization dio karumisu
Race Tousho
Sex Male
Class Brawler
World The Continent
Affiliation Dio Calmis
Skill levels Kenpo Lv2 (?), Sword Combat Lv1 (?), Guard Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance IV


Dio Calmis Fighting Stance

Dio in a fighting stance.

Dio Calmis was a Tousho that slept in the floating land of Ylapu, which in reality was the Toushin Toshi linked to Toushin Upsilon. He claimed to be the strongest Tousho ever made and was sealed due to being too dangerous and violent. Prior to his transformation, when Dio was still human, he was a notorious assassin with incredible fighting skills; the mere mention of his name was enough to strike fear. Dio was a sadistic and cruel individual that took great pleasure from killing.

Dio didn't believe in Magic, which was strange since he lived in era dominated by magic. His lack of belief in it somehow gave him an immunity to magic and thus Dio became known as the ultimate assassin of mages. He was sealed by Freak Paraffin, being deemed too dangerous. It is unknown how someone with his character was chosen to become a Tousho in the first place.

During the events of Rance IV, he was reawakened by Bitch Golch, the leader of a Helman Platoon that was exploring Ylapu in search of a Toushin, and was forced to work for them after explosives were hidden in his body prior to being awakened.


Dio Calmis

Dio was the ultimate fighter and no Tousho could match him.

Dio's claims of being the strongest Tousho wasn't just boasting. His ability in physical combat was tremendous, even by Tousho standards. Rance's party fought him several times and was forced to retreat each time, to the point they feared fighting him again. While his strength was truly remarkable, it is unknown if he truly was the strongest Tousho, since Tousho Bastet also claimed to be the mightiest.

During his appearance in Rance IV, Dio defeated several strong opponents. He overcame Rance's adventuring party, made up of such warriors as Rance, Sill Plain, Rick Addison, Leila Grecni, Maria Custard, and others together, forcing their withdrawal. Dio faced another powerful Tousho, Replica Misly, and killed her with ease. Hubert and Freak were also unable stand against Dio. The only one able to effectively combat him was Hunty Kalar, considered one of the world's strongest mages and one of the most powerful characters on The Continent. Even then she needed to make use of Shiranui in order to win, which says a lot about Dio.

He has a Lv2 skill in Kenpo and a Lv1 in Sword Combat and Guard. His level and cap are unknown but are presumably high.

Dio's most unique and impressive talent is his high endurance against magical attacks. Tousho are usually known for being weak against magic due to their low magic resistance, but that isn't a problem for Dio. Magic damage can be reduced with a strong enough mental fortitude and, for some reason, Dio doesn't believe in the phenomenon known as "magic", which allowed him to develop an immunity towards magic itself.

His strength in combat seemed to lack weakness and, given his violent personality, it's no surprise he was put to sleep for being too dangerous.


Rance IV[]

In Rance IV a Helman Squad led by Bitch found his sleeping body and used Shizuka Masou's magical power to re-awaken him, although not before hiding several Puchi Hannies within his body. With the threat of instant-death from the explosives, Bitch convinced Dio to take orders from him.

Replica Misly-Dio Calmis

Dio Calmis easily overpowers Replica Misly.

He fought Rance's party a few times in the Toushin Toshi but they managed to escape from Dio every time.

He later encounter Replica Misly and engaged in a brief fight against the Tousho, but won easily due to his enormous difference in strength.

Eventually, after Bitch was killed by Toushin Upsilon, he murdered Dens Blau and fought against Hubert and Freak Paraffin. Dio overmatched the pair and was about to kill them until Hunty Kalar showed up. Dio underestimated Hunty, laughing at the thought of a Kalar being their "savior," oblivious to Hunty's true strength. He was defeated by Hunty and presumed dead after the fall of the Toushin Toshi


1. Freak, you bastard!

2. My name is Dio Calmis. I'm the strongest tousho.


  • Coincidentally, Dio was born in the year GI0420, the exact same year in which the Dark Lord War broke out.
  • The fact that he doesn't believe in Magic is rather strange, considering that he lived in the era of the Holy Magic Sect and was made a Tousho thanks to the Biometal magic created by M.M Rune. It is possible that he simply sees the art as a branch of science.