Devils are the "anti-Gods" that serve the Devil King Rathowm, who wishes to replace the Creator God Ludo-Rathowm and rule the world.

Diverse in form and size, live in the Devil Realm and act as agents of Rathowm. Their primary goal is to take Souls from humans and the Reincarnation Cycle so that Rathowm's mass can be increased while Ludo-Rathowm's mass is decreased. The Gods have taken note of this and now wage many campaigns against the Devil species.

As they are not part of the Planner Scenario, Devils can bypass a Dark Lord's Invincibility Field. However in practice, Dark Lords tend to be a lot stronger than Devils that are summoned to the surface. The Three Devil Princes are actually stronger than the Demon King, but they reside in the Devil Realm as rulers and do not come to the surface. By making contracts with mankind and stealing their souls to give to the Devil King, the power of the Devil King increases while that of the Gods wanes.

When on the Continent, Devils tend to act inconspicuously, as the AL Church and its many templars believe Devils are a foul race that must be purged at all costs. Devils secure souls in a variety of ways, a common method is making a pact with a human, in which the Devil uses great magical energy to grant the wish of a human in exchange for their soul. Another more simple method is literally grabbing the soul before it passes on and pulling it back to the Devil Realm, but this is very situational and a Devil needs to be quite lucky to be able to do such thing. Thousands of years ago, the Devil Geppei, friend of Emperor Ishimaru Fujiwara, came up with a much more cunning plan; he allied himself with the rising Emperor, created a religion called the Tenshi Sect, and convinced Fujiwara to make it the main religion of his empire. The practices and rituals of the Tenshi Sect devote the human soul to the Devils and Rathowm, so all followers of this religion automatically join Rathowm's mass upon death. Fujiwara's empire was crushed before Tenshiism could take root on the Continent, though it's still the dominant religion of JAPAN. It's worth to note that human whose soul was taken by a Devil is not hurting or bringing any negative outcomes for the human. Devils only take their souls after they die naturally and, once a human dies, being taken to the Devil King or to the Creator God makes no difference to them. Souls being stolen by Devils is something that only Gods are affected by.

Devils are very durable, human weapons typically do little to them, but they can be killed. A Kalar with a polluted soul will eventually transform into a Devil, where she is assigned a new name and rank.

Devils can be impregnated by humans, but this is uncommon(and actually almost impossible unless it's a special dimension or space). If this were to happen it is seen as a punishable offense in the Devil Realm.

Where Devils come from[]

  • The first Devil, Rathowm, was born from leftover souls that were part of Ludo-Rathowm's body being used to create the Three Supreme Gods.
  • The second Devil, Tero Ettienno, was created out of Rathowm's own body.
  • The Three Devil Princes were born from Tero Ettienno.
  • Devils may be born from mating between Devils. However a tainted soul is required in the process.
  • Devils may be born from mating between a Devil and a Human. However this is against the laws of the Devils with harsh punishments.
  • Kalars whose soul became corrupted will turn into Devils.
  • Humans who have performed many evil deeds may become Devils.

Devil Social Hierarchy[]

The Devils follow a strict hierarchy, and a lower ranked Devil must obey orders from a higher ranked Devil. Tero Ettienno is the only Devil without a rank, as she is the wife of the Devil King and also considered an extension of the Devil King's body.

Devils may be promoted or demoted in rank depending on their performance/deeds. One classic example is Feliss, who was demoted from Rank Six (an elite) to Rank Nine, worked her way up to Rank Seven, then as a criminal got demoted to Rank Eleven.

  • Rank Zero (零階級) - The Devil King, Rathowm
  • Special Rank (特階級) - The Three Devil Princes, ruling the Devil Realm together with the Devil King
  • Rank One ~ Rank Three - Direct subordinate to the princes, each of them is given land in the Devil Realm to govern. They supervise the Devils of Rank Four and below.
  • Rank Four ~ Rank Eight - These Devils are tasked with collecting souls, and are the typical Devils seen in the world. Kalars who turn into Devils start as Rank Eight.
  • Rank Nine ~ Rank Eleven - Lower class Devils residing in the Devil Realm. They include Devils who can't collect souls and have no special abilities, or Devils who have yet to proven their worth.
  • Rank Twelve - Newly born Devils start as Rank Twelve.

Known Devils[]


  • The Tenshiism is a religion created by the Devil Geppei to help collecting souls.
  • They are sometimes confused with Dark Lords, since these are usually translated as Demons as well, but they are an entirely different thing.