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A Demonic Blood Soul.

The Demonic Blood Soul, or Makekkon, is what a Dark Lord becomes after being killed.

It is a small red pearl that glistens and varies in size. The orb itself contains all the raw data of the Dark Lord, including their name, level cap, skills and personality. It is in fact a condensed form of the Demon King blood that resides within a Dark Lord, and acts as a last ditch effort of immortality, it cannot be broken by any weapon, not even Nikkou or Chaos.

As long as a Blood Soul exists, the Dark Lord can revive. Often Apostles of fallen Dark Lords will preserve the Blood Soul and seek out a method of revival. 

It would appear that leaving a Blood Soul long enough will eventually cause it to resurrect the Dark Lord without a host, though how long it takes and how exactly this occurs is unknown and it seems to vary depending on the Dark Lord.

The only method of destroying the Blood Soul is to get the Demon King to erase it from existence entirely. The Demon King can use powerful magic to format the Blood Soul, wiping it of all personality information. After that the Blood Soul ceases to exist entirely and the original Dark Lord ceases to exist completely.

If a mortal consumes a Blood Soul, then one of two things will happen. The living being that consume it will either overwrite the Blood Soul and become a new Dark Lord, destroying the previous in the process, or the Dark Lord within the Blood Soul will overwrite the body of the one that consumed him and then resurrect. The outcome depends on the mental fortitude of whoever consumed the Blood Soul and the mental fortitude of the original Dark Lord, being a clash of wills between two beings. If a new Dark Lord is formed through this method, the new Dark Lord created inherits the Apostles from his predecessor. Any living being can consume a Blood Soul.

Dark Lords can consume Blood Souls from other deceased Dark Lords, but it's suicide since the Dark Lord would absorb an incommensurate amount of power from the Demon King within it's own body and if he can't overcome the will of the previous Dark Lord, it would result in his instant death. Surviving to such a process would require a terrific amount of mental fortitude and force of will after going through exuberant pain and even then he will eventually collapse and die after a while, however, it would greatly empower the Dark Lord for that short period of time.

Dark Lords that are Demonic Blood Souls count as "alive" and, thus, members of the 24 dark lords that the Demon King can create. As a consequence, the Demon King must also reformat a blood soul if he wishes to create more Dark Lords.

Known Demonic Blood Souls[]

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  • DD: Defeated by the El party. Absorbed by Blood Memories.
  • Medusa: Defeated by Rance and his allies. Status unknown.
  • Kayblis:


  • There are only two known successful cases of people consuming a blood soul and becoming a Dark Lord, Pi-R and Abert Safety.
  • Prior to the release of Rance X, Babolat was stated to have been killed in the explosion caused by Toushin Zeta overloading its mana battery in the first Dark Lord War, only to resurrect from his blood soul roughly 300 years later. This was eventually changed to him simply being buried alive for the same duration of time.