Death Country

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Death Country is one of the provinces of JAPAN. It has the largest Hell Hole  in JAPAN, one so big the Yin Yangs/Diviners of the Hojo House are incapable of closing it, and instead constructed a giant gate locking Death Country away from the rest of JAPAN. It has become a land of Oni, former nobles, criminals, the cursed, the mutated and outcasts. Life expectancy in this land of the forsaken is less than one year.

On the other side of the giant gate lies the province of Mid Earth.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Death Country is a pun on the island of Shikoku of real-world Japan, changing the kanji of "shi" from "四" (meaning "four") to "死" (meaning "death")
  • Although it is unrelated to RanceWorld, the movie of a title with the same meaning exists really.
  • Switching the characters of Shikoku to the homophone Jigoku creates a name with a similar meaning, namely "Hell".
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