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Keep your dirty hands off my mom! I won't lose! I'll never lose!

—Dark Rance, vowing to protect his mother from all of devilkind.

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Dark Rance
Japanese ダークランス
Romanization dāku ransu
Race Devil
Age / Birth 4 / LP0003
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class 12th Class Devil
World The Continent
Affiliation Feliss, Rance's Children
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv2 (?), Devil Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance VI, Rance Quest, Rance X


Dark Rance is the result of the union between Rance and the Devil Feliss. He was conceived during the events of Rance 5D, making him Rance's first official child in the canonical timeline.

Being a Devil himself, he ages quickly and already possesses a body of a human pre-teen by the events of Rance VI. Because of his birth, Feliss was sentenced to a thousand-year punishment, since a Devil giving birth to a human's child is considered an offense to the race. His initial goal was to kill his father Rance, drag his soul down to the Devil Realm and force him to save his mother.

Dark Rance's true name is unknown, since it is a rule among Devils that if a human finds out his true name, he would be forced to servitude to that particular human, which is what happened to his mother. The name "Dark Rance" itself was a nickname suggested by Sill. However later in the Rance Quest Magnum storyline, when Feliss is meeting and having a conversation with Rance since the events of Rance VI, she starts to say Dark Rance's true name but interrupts herself. She almost accidentally revealed his real name again twice in two different conversations in Rance X, but stopped herself in time.

Although failing to kill Rance, Dark Rance does manage to rescue Feliss. However, the extensive torture and punishment she experienced broke mind and she's an empty shell of her former self. Dark Rance since then has decided to take matters into his own hands and protect his mother himself. 

During the events of Rance Quest, Dark Rance joins the Shepherds and receives the codename and title Vorrücken Krepp, the Obsidian Prince. He then gets captured by Bishop Enron and the Templars, who attempt to kill him. He gets saved by Rance's party.

He eventually gets depressed enough to seek death, until Reset snapped him out of it with a slap.

He later goes on a trip to find his mom, unaware she was with Rance the whole time. He later teams up with a team of Hannies and defeats the Hanny King

Personality and Appearance[]

Dark Rance is very similar to his father in appearance. His face and hair are very alike to his father's. In Rance X, he gained green highlights in his hair. However, this is only in looks since he isn't that similar to him in personality. He also does not show anything of a sex drive like Rance, though this could be explained by his young (physical) age. It could be that he will develop a sex drive like his father's once he has grown up a bit more and/or has sex for the first time, especially since Rance himself didn't develop his sex drive until he was raped at 14 years old. Dark Rance actually despises Rance due to the misfortune he brought to his mother Feliss' life, who he loves very much and does his best to protect. Though he will work with his father if it is to save his mother's life. Rance is also quite forceful with Dark Rance, on one occasion, pushing him out of a tower to toughen him up.

He holds some self loathing, hating his birth since it caused his mother to suffer.

He's very rebellious and hostile towards his father, being also pretty childish and immature. The other members of Devil race showed little respect for him, due to his fretful and insurgent demeanor, and the fact that he's a newborn Devil. Despite this, Regaccio of the Three Devil Princes took a liking for him and is greatly fascinated by him. He claims that he foresees a great future for him and that he has "good eyes".

Despite their completely opposite personalities, he gets along well with his half-sister Reset. He considers her a good kid and is quite protective of her. Reset is quite fond of him as well.


Despite his age Dark Rance is a powerful warrior and swordsman.

Beffiting the son of the powerful adventurer Rance, Dark Rance shows an incredible amount of potential for combat with a naturally great skill for swordplay. Despite his feelings of grudge towards his father, his fighting style has proven to be very similar to that of his despised old man and relies more in brute strength and raw power to strike down his enemies, boosted by feelings of wrath and sorrow. Although being a newborn Devil, Dark Rance has shown unnatural growth in strength and may be the reason why he was given the sword Gram. He has proven to be a strong foe in battle and shown great potential and talent to become a very powerful Devil in the future despite his young age. Even Rance himself silently admits Dark Rance's impressive strength growth.

One of his most notorious traits is that he carries with him the Enchanted Sword Gram, a powerful blade forged by the mysterious blacksmith of the Devil Realm, the Devil Prince Regaccio. The sword has the absurd ability of of converting despair and anger into raw power, growing in size depending on the grief inside one's heart. This ability is frequently given good use by Dark Rance thanks to the constant series of unfortunate events his beloved mother goes through, allowing to grow stronger based on the suffering of his mother.

While he didn't inherit his father's infinite level cap, due to his devil genetics, he may have inherited Rance's ability to increase the level caps on those he sleeps with.


  • He's Rance's first canonical child and son. 
  • Since Devils are not part of the Planner Scenario, Dark Rance is the only one who made irrelevant his heritage of his father's lack of level cap, due to the fact that he doesn't havelevels
  • One of the first nicknames suggested for him during Rance VI was Zenigame(銭亀), which means baby turtle due to being Rance's newborn child but this name was discarded by Rance.
    • This has led to some fans calling "Squirtle" sometimes, since "Zenigame" is the japanese name for the famous Pokémon.
  • Both, he and his sister Reset Kalar have tried to kill their father in the past for bringing misfortune to their respective mothers life.
  • Out of all of Rance's children, he's the one that holds the most resemblance to him.