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Dark Lord War
majin sensō
Holy Magic War
seima sensō

The Dark Lord War (also called the Holy Magic War) was a conflict between the unified forces of humanity, represented by the Holy Magic Sect, and the Demon King and his Dark Lords.

The war lasted a total of 32 years and ended in catastrophic failure for humanity's side and the collapse of the Holy Magic Sect after its leader's death.

Even though Toushin could match or even surpass Dark Lords in combat, they couldn't pierce trough their Invincibility Field. They were perfectly aware of this and instead tried to seal Dark Lords and sporadically regain territory. But even after many years of war, neither sides gained any ground at all.

M.M Rune eventually went mad in rage and power after humans revolted against him during the war and he ordered toushin to attack all the "barbarians" and Dark Lords alike. The barbarians was the way Rune called humans unable to use magic and that were not living in a toushin toshi. He was eventually betrayed and assasinated, which resulted in the downfall of the sect and the crushing defeat of the sect.

The Holy Magic Sect[edit | edit source]

The Five Aces of the Holy Magic Sect.

With the creation of Toushin, godly machines capable of fighting on equal ground with Dark Lord, M.M Rune grew ambitious to take down the Demon King once and for all.

A total of 31 years were spent into the construction of specialised Toushin and Tousho as a preparation for the holy war.

The war breaks out in the year GI0420 and the sect counts with 19 Toushin and the twentieth in construction, and five more were planned and scheduled for production.

M.M Rune's intention was very clear, the 24 Toushin were made from the key members of the Sect and the most powerful human mages to match the Dark Lords. One Toushin for each Dark Lord and the remaining four members of the 5 Aces meant to take down the Elite Four Dark Lords.

M.M Rune was tasked with the objective of taking down the Demon King Gi himself with the ultimate toushin M.M.

Known Commanders in the War[edit | edit source]

Toushin Δ (Delta)[edit | edit source]

Toushin Delta.

The 4th Toushin to be constructed, Toushin Delta was one of M.M. Rune's most trusted and respected Toushin, it repelled Dark Lord assaults a total of 13 times.

It looked very priest-like, wearing a cylindrical hat and a long robe that fell down from its shoulders, it was incredibly sturdy.

It met with the Black Magic Dark Lord Ithere when he attempted to invade Toushin Toshi Delta, and successfully kept him at bay.

Presently, the remains of Toushin Toshi Delta are buried beneath the 8th segment of the Maginot Line, a key location. The mana battery recovered from Delta is being used to generate power for Zeth's defenses.

Toushin Ζ (Zeta)[edit | edit source]

The 6th Toushin to be constructed, Toushin Zeta (Ζ) was famous for its part in a fierce 7-year battle against Dark Lord Babora, the fight ultimately ended in a massively destructive suicide attack that took out Toushin Toshi Zeta and reduced Babora to a Demonic Blood Soul. Babora did not revive until 310 years after the Dark Lord war was over.

The victory over Dark Lord Babora was an immense morale boost for supporters of the Holy Magic Sect, and encouraged faster production of more specialized Toushin Toshi.

Toushin Zeta is currently on display as a centerpiece in the Zeth Royal Museum, but it is inactive due to the loss of the Metal Mummy behind it.

Toushin Θ (Theta)[edit | edit source]

The "Golden Goddess" fighting Dark Lord Noce.

The 8th Toushin to be constructed, Toushin Theta was a solid gold construct with feminine features, it was nicknamed the Golden Goddess. She was on par with the elite four Dark Lords.

As a human, she was one of the Five Aces, Rune's most trusted comrades, she was the only female member of this group. It's said that during the Dark Lord War, it engaged in a fistfight against Dark Lord Noce that lasted a total of 70 days.

Lasting against Noce for so long earned it a place in legend.

Of all the Toushin, Theta was one that boasted great popularity and renown.

Toushin Λ (Lambda)[edit | edit source]

Toushin Lambda was easily able to overpower Dark Lord Garutia.

The 11th Toushin to be constructed, Toushin Lambda was the most powerful of all active Toushin.

As a human, he was one of the Five Aces, one of Rune's most trusted comrades.

With a bodily frame adaptated from an Earth Dragon, Lambda was the largest of all Toushin ever created, surpassing even the wildest expectations of the Holy Magic Sect

Combat-oriented in design, it could take on multiple Dark Lords at once with ease and was capable of defending itself at all angles. It had blades jutting out of its back, a set of sharp metal fangs, complete body armor and glowing red eyes. On par with the elite four Dark Lords.

In addition, the Toushin Toshi linked to Lambda was the largest and grandest of them all, if the Toushin Toshi were floating islands, then Toushin Toshi Lambda was a vast and majestic floating continent.

Toushin Omega was never activated during the war.

Toushin Ω (Omega)[edit | edit source]

The 24th Toushin to be constructed, Omega is the ultimate Toushin, it has the most offensive capabilities and specializations ever fitted to a Toushin. Toushin Toshi Omega was designed to deal heavy weapons damage, and was more of a specialized military base than the other Toushin Toshi.

It was originally designed to retrofit Freak Paraffin, but Freak was afraid of the idea of losing his sense of self and individuality, backing out at the last minute, as a result, M.M Rune had it sealed beneath the ground.

With a skull-like face and a generally disturbing appearance, Toushin Omega would have been a terrifying force, had it ever been activated.

The Dark Lords[edit | edit source]

Demon King Gi started the war against the Sect.

During Gi's era, Gi's policy in particular was debatable and questioned by many Dark Lords. Unlike previous Demon Kings like Gele or Nighcisa, Gi barely acted against humanity at all and opted for a non-interfering policy. It's not that he was nice towards human, but more that he didn't care about them and thought it was better for them to worry about their own problems, rather than toy with humans.

However when the Holy Magic Sect started building the toushin, many Dark Lords insisted that he couldn't just watch anymore and let the Sect grow stronger until they overpower them. When 19 Toushin were finished and while constructing #20, he started the war in the year GI0420, without allowing the Sect to be fully prepared. The sudden and surprising outbreak of war between the Monster Realm and the Holy Magic Sect slowed the production of the final four Toushin, three of them were scrapped and #24 was never activated because the man it was built for ended up rejecting it due to fears of losing his ego.

Despite the fact that he started the war, Demon King Gi himself decided to stay out of the conflict, ordering his Dark Lords to "do as they please". It is also very likely that Dark Lords that were human-friendly, such as La Hawzel or Silky, didn't take part in the war unless their territories were attacked. The same thing can be said about apathetic Dark Lords like Kamilla or Masuzoe.

Confirmed Participants in the War[edit | edit source]

Dark Lord Noce[edit | edit source]

He fought in a long and sturdy fight against toushin Theta and is also known that he took active part in the war, possibly as a way to train himself. He betrayed Dark Lord Lexington and killed him in Toushin Upsilon.

He rampaged so much in the war that he was known as the Toushin Destroyer. 

Dark Lord Lexington[edit | edit source]

He took active part in the war and was Noce's rival. They were in constant competition over how many toushin they could crash. He was probably a very powerful combatant, but was back stabbed by Noce while fighting Toushin Upsilon.

Dark Lord Garutia[edit | edit source]

Was seen fighting against Toushin Lambda along with his apostles. Probably a hard fight for him.

Dark Lord Ithere[edit | edit source]

Met toushin Delta in an attempt to invade his toushin toshi but was repelled by the toushin. Wether he took an active role or not is not confirmed.

Dark Lord Babora[edit | edit source]

Fought against toushin Zeta and was ultimately reduced to a blood soul in the fight. He was the only dark lord that was killed by the toushin during the war.

The Aftermath[edit | edit source]

With the death of Rune came a repeat of magic-user persecution and the mass destruction of the magical technology brought about by the Holy Magic Sect.

Ultimately, the reign and feats of the Holy Magic Sect faded into obscurity, and nobody really knows it existed anymore.

The Holy Magic Sect represented an age of magical and technological superiority, they had incredible creations that were lost to time or destruction by the "Sect Deniers", who refused to acknowledge that the world was ever dominated by Magic. They made it their duty to destroy all evidence of the Holy Magic Sect and to make public knowledge of it vanish. Books were burned, people were killed, technology was utterly destroyed, enough technology was lost for it to be considered a dark age of the Continent. Mankind entered a 400-year period of recession into a more uneducated state. In truth, the persecution of all things affiliated with the Holy Magic Sect was started by the Goddess ALICE, who had used her influence as deity of the AL Church to convince many people that the Sect was an evil force and all traces must be purged.

But not everything was lost, Zeth uses recovered Toushin Mana Battery systems to power the kingdom and Maginot Line defenses, and some Toushin Toshi still fly around in the air, just waiting for explorers to come and investigate the secrets they may hold.

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