Dark Duck
Japanese 闇鴨
Romanization yami kamo
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Ninja
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman, Dark Wings
Appeared in Rance IX

About[edit | edit source]

Dark Duck is the codename given to an assassin of the special assassination brigade working for Helman, the Dark Wings. Like with most members of the group, his real name remains unknown.

A very proficient sniper, Dark Duck takes down his targets from afar.

A particularly strong member of the group, Dark Duck is an expert assassin specialized as a long-ranged killer, being an incredibly precise sharpshooter. He wields an ultra-ranged crossbow from a distance to take down his targets from afar without giving them a chance to react, similar to a real-life sniper. In addition, his arrows contain a deadly poison from a monster that can quickly kill humans that get hit by his arrows.

In Rance IX, he tried to assassinate Patton but mistook his body double Potauf for the real prince and was stopped by Hanty Kalar, who reflected one of his shots back to him, dying from his own weapon as a result. Someone else later took his position and wears his signature clothes to replace him.

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