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As things stand now, Ice Flame will disappear from Zeth's history having accomplished nothing. That we lived here... What we wanted... It'll end without even a footnote... Will you choose to die here and disappear with the rest of us? Or... Will you live on as proof that we existed?

—Daniel Safety, encouraging Urza Pranaice to find the strength to stand on her own feet.

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Daniel Safety
Japanese ダニエル・セフティ
Romanization Danieru Sefuti
Daniel Safety.png
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Class Brawler, Medic
World The Continent
Affiliation Ice Flame, Zeth
Level limit 39
Skill levels Unarmed Combat Lv1 (?), Adventure Lv1 (?), Medical Treatment Lv1 (?), Throwing Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance VI


Daniel Safety was the son of the Apostle Abert Safety and a founding member of the non-magic user rights group Ice Flame.

Daniel was born at an uncertain point in the past to Abert Safety and an unknown mother. Daniel's mother was the most recent in a long string of women who his father had chosen to test whether or not they met his ideals for a woman and were worthy of serving. While the exact details of Daniel's mother's trials were unknown, she was driven insane by them shortly after giving birth to him, leaving him without a mother. Though Abert was unfazed by her death, he became fond of Daniel and chose to take him along on his travels to find the ideal woman. Daniel loved his father immensely and enjoyed traveling by his side, but, unaware of his nature as an Apostle, became concerned when he remained the same age physically while he himself grew. Believing his father to be sick with an unknown disease, Daniel began training himself to become a doctor in the hope that he would someday be able to find a cure for him.

Later in his life, Daniel settled down with a woman in the magic kingdom of Zeth and began to present his father, who was physically much younger than him, as his son. Following the death of his wife, Daniel joined the anti-mage organization the Pentagon at the urging of his father, where he quickly became a member of the 8 Knights, the eight highest ranking people within the group. During this time, he formed a close friendship with the Pranaice family. Over time, however, the once moderate Pentagon began to shift into a more extremist direction under the orders of its mage-hating leader Nelson Server, leading to its members engaging in highly violent and dangerous operations. Dissatisfied with the direction the group had shifted in, Daniel, along with the members of the Pranaice family, broke away from the Pentagon to form Ice Flame, an organization created under the same principles of attaining equality between magic and non-magic users that the Pentagon was founded with.

Not long after Ice Flame's founding, however, Daniel and the Pranaice family were caught in an ambush set up by the Zeth Security force while attempting a large scale rescue mission. Both of the Pranaice parents, along with their eldest child Bilfelm Pranaice, were killed in the massacre. Though Daniel managed to escape with his life alongside the Pranaice's daughter Urza, he was left severely injured while the trauma of witnessing her family members' deaths caused Urza to lose the ability to move her legs. Soon after this incident, Daniel's father revealed to him that he was responsible for informing the security force of their plans, and had done so as a means of testing Urza's inner strength by forcing her to experience severe trauma. Abert instructed Daniel to assist Urza in recovering from the incident, telling him to remain by her side at all times. Saddened by his friends' deaths and disgusted by his father's actions, Daniel quickly began to care for Urza as if she were his own daughter, and worked tirelessly to aid her in both regaining the ability to walk and in managing the struggling Ice Flame. After a year, Abert lost interest in Urza due to her inability to recover quickly enough, and encouraged Daniel to once again join him in traveling the world. Not wanting to abandon Urza, Daniel begged his father to remain in Ice Flame, which, due to the lack of women who interested him at the time, Abert agreed to.

During the events of Rance VI, Daniel's father rescued the warrior Rance from the slave arena of Zeth's secretary of education Radon Alphone. Daniel disliked Rance's perverted and aggressive behavior, believing him to be a danger to Urza, but allowed him to become a part of Ice Flame per Urza's wishes, assigning him to the White Corps, the group's main offensive faction. After Rance slaughtered the entirety of the White Corps, an angered Daniel was forced to acknowledge his exceptional power and organized him his own squad to lead known as the Green Corps. Daniel continued to support Urza with running Ice Flame by assisting her in organizing missions as well as sporadically providing additional members for the Green Corps.

Following the deactivation of the Maginot Line and the invasion of the monster army led by the Dark Lord Camilla into Zeth, Ice Flame's headquarters became overwhelmed by monster forces. As a final act of protection, Daniel gave the still-paralyzed Urza a chance to escape while he held off the attacking monsters and informed. During this time, a guilt-stricken Daniel revealed to Urza the truth about her parents' deaths and his relationship with Abert, while also encouraging her to stand tall and make her own decisions for herself. In his final moments, Daniel thought back to the time he had spent in his youth traveling with his father, his decision to become a doctor to help him, and how he had used what he had learned to protect and nurture Urza, feeling only pride in the face of death. After the base had been completely cleared of the invaders, Daniel's body was found still standing, with a calm, content expression on his face. Daniel was buried atop a small hill in the forest bordering Ice Flame's headquarters alongside Urza's brother and parents, with the children from Kimchi Drive's orphanage regularly paying their respects to him by placing flowers on his grave.

Personality and Appearance[]

Daniel was an old man with a large, imposing figure and a serious expression on his face at all times. He wore a simple purple shirt with a lab coat along with a small pair of glasses and had a long white beard and a bald head. In his youth, he was shown to closely resemble his father Abert, possessing soft features and wavy silver hair.

A brooding man who was deeply concerned for the future of Zeth, Daniel had lost nearly everything that was important to him to tragedy throughout his life, resulting in him carrying himself with a level of somber severity that caused him to appear to be aloof and intimidating to others. He was highly distrustful of outsiders and expressed concern whenever Rance forcefully recruited an unknown person into Ice Flame without either his or Urza's permission. He seemed to dislike mages in particular due to the unimaginable amounts of anguish they had caused the second class citizens of Zeth, but he nonetheless chose to follow along with his organization's belief in an eventual peace between both magic and non-magic users, allowing him to tolerate the presence of mages within it. Despite these qualities, Daniel was above all else a compassionate and caring person who put the safety of others far above his own and consciously chose to put on a stoic and unfeeling persona in order to avoid worrying his allies. His compassion shone through in his final moments, where he gave his life to protect Urza and the other members of Ice Flame without hesitation.

Daniel devoted the later years of his life to ensuring the recovery and protection of Urza.

Daniel had an extremely close relationship with Ice Flame's leader Urza Pranaice. While he had been close friends with Urza and her family when they were all involved with the Pentagon, their relationship reached a new level after the two of them became the sole survivors of a massacre that killed Urza's family. Unable to have a child with his own wife, Daniel came to see Urza as his own daughter and devoted the remainder of his life to taking care of her in her weakened and traumatized state. Daniel was rarely ever seen far from Urza's side, acting as an advisor, a confidant and a doctor all at once to her and expressing extreme concern for her well being whenever he believed she was in danger. When Urza was required to leave Ice Flame's headquarters, Daniel would carry her on his back in a device of his own invention. Daniel's final act was done to ensure Urza's safety, and it was because of this sacrifice that Urza was finally able to overcome her previous trauma and regain the ability to walk, showing just how deeply it had moved her.

Daniel in his youth traveling with his father, Abert.

Daniel's relationship with his father Abert was somewhat complicated. While Daniel deeply loved and respected his father, to the point of training to become a doctor in order to discover a way for him to be able to age normally, Abert frequently manipulated him without his knowledge in order to assist in testing the women who he believed fit his ideals. It was a direct result of Abert's actions that Daniel lost his close friends and Urza was left disabled, causing Daniel to become conflicted about whether or not he should have continued following his father. In spite of this, Daniel never stopped caring for Abert, to the point of nostalgically thinking back to their time together during the moments before his death.

Daniel held a firm dislike of Rance due to deeming his rude and unpredictable behavior as a potential threat to Urza's well-being. While he reluctantly acknowledged that the warrior's excellent strength was vital to assisting Ice Flame in achieving its goals, he made careful efforts to keep him away from Urza as much as he could. Despite this, Daniel seemed to have a strong understanding of how the warrior's mind worked, and took advantage of his perverted nature by advertising lessons on Zeth history and society as meetings with a cute girl, much to Rance's frustration.


Daniel was a highly talented and very versatile man who possessed both a strong mind and body. He had a high Level Cap of 39, which he had successfully reached by the end of his life, and a large and powerful physique that allowed him to remain a formidable and deadly fighter even into his old age. His skill as a warrior was highly regarded by all who knew him, with even Rance expressing hesitance in approaching Urza initially out of fear of having to fight him. Daniel's great power was proven during his last stand defending Ice Flame's headquarters from invading monsters, where he left a literal mountain of corpses in his wake before finally falling.

In combat, Daniel was a skilled practitioner of kenpo, a powerful martial art that allows the user to redirect attacks back at their enemies. In addition to his kenpo ability, Daniel's extensive knowledge of physiology due to his medical background allowed him to instantly pinpoint the weak points of his foes, resulting in him being able to completely immobilize and defeat a monster in a single strike.

Already a powerful close quarters fighter, Daniel was capable of throwing several iron balls with enough power and precision to defeat a monster in a single strike.

Besides his close combat fighting ability, Daniel was also extremely talented at throwing objects with both precision and power, and always carried a series of small metal balls with him to launch at his enemies. While the balls were small in size, the strength and accuracy with which Daniel threw them resulted in them being able to pierce through bone, making them highly potent as weapons. During his final battle, Daniel was able to of fire a barrage of these balls from all directions at once without losing any of their effectiveness, further proving his skill with them.

Outside of his fighting abilities, Daniel was an accomplished and talented doctor. While he initially entered the world of medicine in order to find a cure for what he believed to be a disease that was keeping his father from aging, he would go on to use the skills he developed to assist countless second class citizens who had been injured due to the cruelty and corruption of the upper class. He was also quite skilled as a teacher, as he shared his medical knowledge with several volunteers who would go on to make up the ranks of Ice Flame's Black Corps, such as Prima Hononoman. His most notable patient was Urza, who he diligently watched over and took care of to ensure that she would one day walk again.


  • Daniel was very likely the only offspring of an Apostle to have ever existed, as most Apostles are singlemindedly devoted to their Dark Lord master, and Dark Lord females are naturally infertile.
  • Daniel was initially intended to be a middle-aged man, but was eventually made elderly in order to create a more striking physical contrast with Abert.