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I'm Dangerous Bravo. I've got a job to assassinate you guys...well, It's not really assassination if I'm upfront about it, what should I call it...well, I guess I'm just killing ya.

—Dangerous Bravo, openly declaring his mission to his targets.

Dangerous Bravo
Japanese デンジャラス・ブラボー
Romanization denjarasu burabō
Dangerous Bravo.png
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Assassin
World The Continent
Affiliation Marishiten Assassination Brigade, Angel Army
Level limit 36
Skill levels Short Sword Combat Lv1 (?), Animal Tamer Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance 4.2


Dangerous Bravo is a member of the Marishiten Assassination Brigade. He resembles a stereotypical punk, with a Mohawk-style hairdo and tattered clothing. He is never seen without his pet turtle by his side.

Dangerous Bravo is never seen without his beloved pet turtle.

He has a fairly laid back personality when compared to his teammates, to the point of having friendly conversations with his assassination targets. He also seems to possess a good sense of humor, as he admits that he isn't really assassinating people if he makes his presence known to chat with them. Despite this, however, he is actually incredibly bloodthirsty and tends to laugh insanely when in the heat of battle.

He was hired with the rest of his teammates by the Angel Army in Rance 4.2 to assist in defeating Rance, who was attempting to destroy the organization at the time. He was the third member of the group to fight Rance's party, but he severely underestimated Rance's strength and lost. He later attempted to fight Rance again, this time aided by his teammates Spartan and Jofuka, but once again failed. While gameplay allowed him to die in either of these battles, Dangerous Bravo, along with the rest of his allies, canonically survived the encounter and is still active.


D. Bravo Battler.png

A skilled warrior, Dangerous Bravo is a talented swordsman who utilizes a rapier in combat to great effect. While proficient on his own, his individual skill level is fairly low when compared to other elite fighters on the Continent.

His true strength lies in his bond with his pet turtle, who always fights alongside him. In battle, he rides on his turtle's shell as it spins around at blistering speeds, making him incredibly agile and allowing him to dodge enemy attacks with ease and hit his opponents multiple times in quick succession. This fighting style is entirely of his own creation and allows for him to effectively battle opponents that are much stronger than him due to its unorthodox and unpredictable form, likely making him the second strongest member of the group after Marishiten himself.

He also possesses a strong relationship with his teammates that allows for them to utilize each others' strengths effectively in battle, making them much more deadly as a group. With the combined power of his speed, Spartan's strength and Jofuka's magic, there are few opponents that are capable of beating them.


  • He is the only member of the Marishiten Assassination Brigade with a known last name.