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Japanese ダリス
Romanization darisu
Race Devil
Sex Female
World The Continent
Affiliation Devils
Appeared in Toushin Toshi, Toushin Toshi 3

Dalis is a green-haired devil, originally introduced in Toushin Toshi. In Toushin Toshi 3, which is set in a parallel universe, she also makes an appearance.

Toushin Toshi[]

Dalis is a cute female devil who resides in a castle in the 7th floor of the Toushin Toshi labyrinth. She was imprisoned by the King Dragon until Custom rescued her by slaying the dragon and retrieving the Sphere of Light. She joins Custom at his request to save Poe from Cergy, another devil who has possessed him. Dalis is strongly attracted to cute girls, and she even possesses Custom for a while in order to have some "fun" with one. When Dalis confronts Cergy in Poe's mind, it is revealed that the two devils have an S&M relationship, with Dalis being submissive. Despite Dalis' pleas for her to come back to her, Cergy says she's bored with Dalis and wants to keep possessing Poe. Dalis then absorbs Cergy so that they'll always be together.

Toushin Toshi III[]

Dalis makes an appearance in Toushin Toshi III as a Devil who makes a contract with Rachel Mamarella in order to free her lover from an apparent insanity that is possessing his mind.

Nakuto manages to cancel the contract using a contract canceler before the deal is finalized and thus, freeing Rachel.

For her failing her job, Dalis received a rather amusing punishment. Devil Cergy then enlists the help of Nakuto to free Dalis in exchange for information on his father.


  • Dalis' name is similar to Dallas, homeland of the progenitors of Toushin City. It is possible that the country was named after the devil as a reference between the games.