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Custom Admirals[]

In patch v1.02, Alicesoft has allowed the user to create their own custom Admirals for the game. The process is simple and does not need any programming knowledge at all.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using the English fantranslation patch, Custom Admirals for the Japanese version will NOT work properly. You will have to manually fix them yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Custom admirals are loaded at the beginning of each NEW GAME. Therefore, if alterations are made, or new custom admirals added mid-game, it will have no effect on your current game.

What you need []

To create a custom Admiral, you will need a text editing program (Notepad works fine) and a graphics editing tool (you will definitely need something more powerful than MS Paint. Perhaps Paint.NET) You will need a total of 4 files in a folder. If you don't have a file it seems the game defaults to using blanks or set values, so it's better to have them all. For our example character, let's call him Rance.

Rance.png (340 x 600 pixels)
Rance_s.png (136 x 100 pixels)
Rance_m.png (40 x 30 pixels)

The graphics can actually be other formats like bmp or jpg(*) but I use png for consistency. Put them in the same folder as the name of the individual character.

(*)not recommended due to inability to preserve background transparency

To use your custom admirals, you will need to finish the game at least once [Empress End, together with Mikado] and create a folder named 'UserCharacter' in your savedata folder (there is a shortcut in game directory. Shortcut may not link properly, can be found in "Documents\AliceSoft\大帝国" folder).Then place character info in their own individual folder (See bottom of page for example pictures). There should be an event option on very bottom of event phase (if you have the game over event it is the 2nd last one) where you can receive a random 2 admirals at a time in your list. You can repeat this event as many times as you want until you have received all of them.

Sample txt file

名前=五十嵐 亮 (Name. Japanese characters only! Do not use english letters Able to use English alphabets(English Patched). Only holds 12 letters. Use @ for spaces.)
性別=0 (Gender. 0 for male, 1 for female)
レベル=1 (starting level, goes from 0~10. Note that there is a bugged aspect to this)
特性変化=2 (increase per level up. e.g if you're original stat is 10% and this stat is 2%, at level 3 you will have 16% bonus in the slot. Possible value of 0~10.)

スキル=女殺し (Skill. A list can be found here or here. Note that some skills are buggy and do not work.)

特性1=索敵 (Bonus attribute for slot 1. The complete list of values are "全性能","全攻撃","HP","索敵","航空","レーザー","ミサイル","鉄鋼弾." You can also lock slots. In that case the value for the field would be 特性1=変更不可)
特性値1=10 (Value of bonus. Possible value of -100 (negative penalties) to 100.)

特性2=レーザー (Slot 2)

特性3=鉄鋼弾 (Slot 3)

特性4=HP (Slot 4)

(Character description. Unimportant and you do not need all 6 lines here if you aren't using them all.)

Dir=360 (Command Points can be set up to 999)
<remember to have line break here>

Note: You cannot use more than 8 lines of Description and no more than 30 characters per line, else it gets cut off.

If you are too lazy to edit txt file manually, there is a program that will automatically create them for you. Download here:

English Version

Make the following changes to your character file Japanese -> English

All Stats (全性能) : Stats (Only usable in v0.06 and above)
All Attacks (全攻撃) : Attack
HP : HP (Note: Copy paste directly. It requires special characters)
Radar (索敵) : Radar
Aircraft (航空) : Aircraft
Laser (レーザー) : Laser
Missiles (ミサイル): Missile
Cannon (鉄鋼弾): Cannon

Admiral skills must also be changed to their English forms e.g "GTac."

Custom Admiral names may use English letters, but do this at your own risk, as they might be unrecognized by the game.

Misc Notes[]

While it is possible to completely lock out ship slots from being used, you cannot "lock a ship" into a slot like certain storyline characters e.g Sarah Britain, Coyote.

There is a bug in the game which causes the game to not read the Starting Level stat and instead default to Level 1. This seems to be triggered by invading Micronesia or Manila 2000. Because of this, you should either recruit all your admirals before attacking Gamerica or not use any starting level other than 1 for your admirals, unless you don't mind.

Certain skills, as noted before, do not work on custom admirals. They are 凶戦士 (Hitomi)、忍法 (Colonel Akashi) and 頭脳操艦 (Yubari)

There are apparently some other skills that are listed as "buggy" but I do not have specifics. They are 敏腕P、G、死の9番は半角、女殺しⅡ

Sample Admirals[]

A list of pre-made User Admirals. Feel free to add your own if you find/make any!

Japanese Version:

level god viris:
Mouri Teru:
Isoroku from Rance series:
Kira Yamato from Gundam SEED,
Shiho Hahnenfuss from Gundam Seed,
Senhime (rance):
Masou Shizuka from Rance:
Kameira from Rance:
Anise from Rance:
Beat Blades Haruka, Alice:
Generic female admirals:
Uesugi Kenshin from Rance:
Core route violated heroines:
Yoshika Miyafuji (Strike Witches? NSFW):

Hoshizora no Memoria custom admirals:

A huge unorganized list of related materials.

TokiNoKimi's Sample Admiral pack (Vaan (FF12), Oda Nobunaga (SW2), Amuro Ray (Gundam), Adol Christin (Ys):

TokiNoKimi Admiral pack 2 (Kouji Kabuto (Mazinger Z), Kino (Kino no Tabi), Kira & Athrun (Gundam Seed):

TokiNoKimi Admiral pack version 2 (Estelle Bright (LoH VI), Aigis (Persona 3) and all of the 8 above):

Wonderwice Custom Admirals: (Individual), (All-in-one)

Kurokawa Kirara (Tenkuu No Yumina) and Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass) by AkakiMajyo:,

English Version:

2 Marisas and Sakuya from Touhou (folder). The English character description in one of the admiral files doesn't actually work, I was just testing it to see if it did.

TokiNoKimi Admiral pack for English Version (Akane (999), Castile (Phantom Brave), Cordelia (Atelier Rorona), Rorona (Atelier Rorona)):

TokiNoKimi Admiral pack for English Version version 2 (Yggdra (Yggdra Union), Undine (YU), Milla (Tales of Xilla), Aigis (Persona 3), Kino (Kino's Journey), Alice (Monstergirl Quest) and all 4 above:

Pokemon Admiral Pack [WIP]:

Renny Pack:

Ushiromiya Battler from Umineko (STac, +150 stats all 4 slots) :

Daiteikoku characters (Yamashita Rikori, Gotou Misaki, Akiyama Keiichirou):

Reinhard von Lohengramm from Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (totally overpowered, very useful for hard battles):

Axis Powers Hetalia Admirals Germany & Japan (Ludwig Beilschmidt & Kiku Honda):

Noire [ Hyperdimension Neptune ] [ Feel free to edit its data. ]

IF-chan [ Hyperdimension Neptune ] [ I made If-chan's image transparent, but it seems a little bad i think. Likewise, feel free to edit its data ]

Purple Heart [ Hyperdimension Neptune ] [ NB : I named it Neptune, sorry ]

Admirals Pack(Kenshin, Shizuka from SR; Touhou characters; FSN & Tsukihime characters; Aegis from Persona 3; CC, Kallen and Lelouch from Code Geass)