The Republic of Gamerica[]

Flag of Republic of Gamerica

The Republic of Gamerica (ガメリカ共和国 Gamerika Kyōwa-Koku) is an ideal nation dedicated to defending young democracies from The Empire of Aeris's constant expansion. This nation was originally a colony of the latter, but a rebellion, two centuries ago, won it independence. As the embodiment of freedom, equality, and justice, they follow a democratic political system, which holds public elections for selecting the president and the legislators. Nevertheless, four plutocrats manipulate the government behind the scenes.

Green Grass Society[]

Although Frank Roose is the current president, the country is essentially ran by Hannah Rocke, Koo Rothsch, Carol Kiring, and Dorothy Neumann. Each of them are backed by tremendous wealth, and they promote justice as a mean to gain even more; their cabal, in reality, determines the nation's policies.



Canada (カナダ Kanada)

Manilla 2000 (マニラ2000 Manira 2000)

Hawaii (ハワイ Hawai)