The Nordic Union[]

Flag of Nordic Union

The Nordic Union (北欧連合 Hokuō Rengō) was a former Pirate nation. Have Vikings, hairy men and women living in the Scandinavia star region

The Kingdom of España[]

Flag of Kingdom of Espana

The Kingdom of Espana (イスパニア王国 Isupānya Ōkoku) is ruled by the Heridatory Monarch System. A nation of passionate lovers. Reduced to civil war after quarrels regarding prince Felipe's numerous affairs over the years.

The Soap Empire[]

Flag of Soap Empire

The Soap Empire (ソープ帝国 Sōpu Teikoku) is an independent state that continued to exist in the shadow of the great power domination. The primary star Toriko, creats a swarm of monsters to activate a "Forbidden Box" on the planet.

  • Mell - Said to be behind the control of the space monsters.

The Empire of Aztec[]

Flag of Empire of Aztec

The Empire of Aztec (アステカ帝国 Asuteka Teikoku) is a nation populated with the hannies.

  • The king: Quetzal Hanny
  • The "goddess": Takeda Nozomi
  • The elder hannies
  • The Aztec hanny soldiers
  • The hanny soldiers


Mongol, an undiscovered star system will appear if you capture Hawaii, Arabia or Chernob before turn 30. The Yuan will immediately occupy Chun Empire territories whether they were conquered or not, or given to Gamerica.

Space Monsters[]

Large monsters living in space. The current strength of humans cannot repel them and damage is equivilent to a natural disaster.

  • Eazauna "Most Famous monster"
  • Gawatasugaru Vu "Monster controled by the Abori Monster Princess"
  • Fugaku "Monster that roams between Siveria, Japan, and Micronesia."
  • Zalamander "Buried in Scandinavian ice planet. Roots and tentacles are known to attack humans"
  • Nitayomogi "Monster that can create hallucinations"
  • Virginia "Man-made space monster"