The Empire of JapanEdit


Flag of Empire of Japan

The Empire of Japan (日本帝国 Nippon Teikoku) has the oldest history—it is unconquerable by any single nation. Currently, the country is ruled by the empress, Mikado, who was appointed by her superior, Shibagami; and directly commanded under Mikado is the Imperial Conference, which runs the nation. Unfortunately, after prolonged war with The Empire of China, Mikado's nation has suffered a large reduction in national power. But, nevertheless, the country's goal is to unify the universe under The Empire of Japan.

Imperial ConferenceEdit

All decisions of the nation are made in the imperial palace where Mikado resides. Since the empress desires to consider everyone's interests, she often consults advice from the Imperial Conference consisted of four commissioners—Nekohira of internal affairs, Ugaki Sakura of external affairs, Yamashita Rikori of the army, and Tougou Tsuyoshi of the navy. However, only the empress, at her discretion, may make final decisions.


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