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The Empire of Aeris[]


Flag of Empire of Aeris

The Empire of Aeris (エイリス帝国 Eirisu Teikoku) is the World's Strongest Nation. After discovering the warp gates, they conquered many parts of the World map/Star Map through their colonial policy. The current state of the empire is in Decline and Queen Serah Britain is struggling to keep the nation standing.

Queen and Knight Admiral[]

It is the obligation of the queen to spread nobility from generation to generation and subdue the barbaric nations. Queen Sera is presently leading the frontlines voluntary. One whom is noble spirit in the aristocrats has been apointed as Knight admiral of the queen


People from Africa, India, and Parts of Asia who did not submit to the Aeris Empire rule. Large conflicts of racism and injustice have been causing nations to revolt.

South Africa (南アフリカ Minami Afurika)
Heavy racism exist in this Aeris Colony. The nobles and governers office ensure that the locals have been taken for the racial segregation policy.
Shikoku (四国)
Being under colonial rule, but not exactly an Aeris Colony. The Fleets were defeated by Gawatasugaru Vu attacks.
Indiacurry (インドカレー Indokarē)
It has large population and vast starfield, it is cornerstone to the colonial economy of the Aeris empire. Many large companias have invested in the East India Company, and it is a hub for trade in Arabian Sea star.

Malayan Tiger (マレーの虎 Marē no Tora)

Vietnam ( ベトナム Betonamu)
The area covered by dense cloud material in this Aeris Colony that cause large heat and humidity. It has a discomfort Index of 100% to any who are not in the air conditioned part of the ship.
Kenya (ケニア Kenia)
The undeveloped land occupied partly Aeris Empire.
Arabia (アラビア Arabia)