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The Empire of Japan[]

Flag of Empire of Japan

The Empire of Japan (日本帝国 Nippon Teikoku) has the oldest history—it is unconquerable by any single nation. Currently, the country is ruled by the empress, Mikado, who was appointed by her superior, Shibagami; and directly commanded under Mikado is the Imperial Conference, which runs the nation. Unfortunately, after prolonged war with The Empire of China, Mikado's nation has suffered a large reduction in national power. But, nevertheless, the country's goal is to unify the universe under The Empire of Japan.

Imperial Conference[]

All decisions of the nation are made in the imperial palace where Mikado resides. Since the empress desires to consider everyone's interests, she often consults advice from the Imperial Conference consisted of four commissioners—Nekohira of internal affairs, Ugaki Sakura of external affairs, Yamashita Rikori of the army, and Tougou Tsuyoshi of the navy. However, only the empress, at her discretion, may make final decisions.


The Republic of Gamerica[]

Flag of Republic of Gamerica

The Republic of Gamerica (ガメリカ共和国 Gamerika Kyōwa-Koku) is an ideal nation dedicated to defending young democracies from The Empire of Aeris's constant expansion. This nation was originally a colony of the latter, but a rebellion, two centuries ago, won it independence. As the embodiment of freedom, equality, and justice, they follow a democratic political system, which holds public elections for selecting the president and the legislators. Nevertheless, four plutocrats manipulate the government behind the scenes.

Green Grass Society[]

Although Frank Roose is the current president, the country is essentially ran by Hannah Rocke, Koo Rothsch, Carol Kiring, and Dorothy Neumann. Each of them are backed by tremendous wealth, and they promote justice as a mean to gain even more; their cabal, in reality, determines the nation's policies.



Canada (カナダ Kanada)

Manilla 2000 (マニラ2000 Manira 2000)

Hawaii (ハワイ Hawai)

The United Human Organization of Soviet[]

Flag of UHOS (United Human Organization of Soviet)

The United Human Organization of Soviet (人類統合組織ソビエト Jinrui-Tōgō-Soshiki Sobieto), abbreviated as the UHOS, revolves around the belief of Sharism (a parody of communism). The nation's formerly ruling monarchy was overthrown by the sharism movement and its leader Katherine who vowed to create an equal society for the people. Now, self-appointed Supreme Chairwoman Katherine and her handpicked government are forging the country into a vessel to spread sharism across the world. Incidentally, not many are aware (alongside her only friend, Mirja) that young Katherine is still attending school.


Devised in large by Katherine, the doctrine of Sharism dictates that everyone must share everything they own. "Rich" and "poor" no longer exist because everything must be shared equally. Sharism also preaches that greed is the source of all evil which must be eradicated to achieve a peaceful and equal community. The newly created national textbook of education is fashioned around these principles, and all citizens are to read and recite from it daily.


The Third Reich of Dokutz[]

Flag of Third Reich of Dokutsu

The Third Reich of Dokutz (ドクツ第三帝国 Dokutsu Daisan-Teikoku) is making rapid recovery ever since the downfall of the previous generalissmo. After twenty-two years of turmoil, the nation is running strong under Fancism, which arose in The Republic Empire of Italin two years ago. Currently, the elected leader is Retia Adolf, renown as the universe's top beauty and genius, who completely reformed the nation into its present glory. Her approval rating is 100%, and her current propaganda minister is Grecia Göbbels.


Initiated by The Republic Empire of Italin's Muccilini Venezia who said, "Why not have cute people in charge since politics is the same no matter who is running it?" This authoritarian political system is run by human idolatry—in other words, whoever the nation votes as the top idol becomes the supreme dictator.


The Republic Empire of Itarin[]

Flag of Republic Empire of Itarin

The Republic Empire of Itarin (イタリン共和帝国 Itarin Kyōwa-Teikoku) is the nation in which the origin of Fancism orginated. A festive fun loving nation led by a carefree leader. After Muccilini has been elected two years ago on a whim, there is a useless barrage of policies just for fun and the military has weakened considerably. Currently all over Japan's Busty Boom.

Black Bikini Party

Policies adopted by Muccilini, a good-looking young woman who became admiral. Her ability to command the fleet went unquestioned, and as a result they are utterly useless on the battlefield.

Family Poruko

Male folk orginated from the Rome star region. Look like very cute pigs. 8% Men are etnic Poruko

Family Iberian

Men folk are very large pigs. 2% Men are Iberian

The Kingdom of O'france[]

Main article: The Kingdom of O'france

Flag of Kingdom of O'France

The Kingdom of O'france (オフランス王国 Ofuransu Ōkoku) is a state hereditary monarchy ruled by Kings. A victorious Nation after the first space war, but since the country was used as a battlefield, the current King leans toward the extreme anti-war pacifism. The emergence of the Pacifism party will greatly reduce armaments.

The Empire of Aeris[]

Flag of Empire of Aeris

The Empire of Aeris (エイリス帝国 Eirisu Teikoku) is the World's Strongest Nation. After discovering the warp gates, they conquered many parts of the World map/Star Map through their colonial policy. The current state of the empire is in Decline and Queen Serah Britain is struggling to keep the nation standing.

Queen and Knight Admiral[]

It is the obligation of the queen to spread nobility from generation to generation and subdue the barbaric nations. Queen Sera is presently leading the frontlines voluntary. One whom is noble spirit in the aristocrats has been apointed as Knight admiral of the queen


People from Africa, India, and Parts of Asia who did not submit to the Aeris Empire rule. Large conflicts of racism and injustice have been causing nations to revolt.

South Africa (南アフリカ Minami Afurika)
Heavy racism exist in this Aeris Colony. The nobles and governers office ensure that the locals have been taken for the racial segregation policy.
Shikoku (四国)
Being under colonial rule, but not exactly an Aeris Colony. The Fleets were defeated by Gawatasugaru Vu attacks.
Indiacurry (インドカレー Indokarē)
It has large population and vast starfield, it is cornerstone to the colonial economy of the Aeris empire. Many large companias have invested in the East India Company, and it is a hub for trade in Arabian Sea star.

Malayan Tiger (マレーの虎 Marē no Tora)

Vietnam ( ベトナム Betonamu)
The area covered by dense cloud material in this Aeris Colony that cause large heat and humidity. It has a discomfort Index of 100% to any who are not in the air conditioned part of the ship.
Kenya (ケニア Kenia)
The undeveloped land occupied partly Aeris Empire.
Arabia (アラビア Arabia)

The Empire of Chun[]

Flag of Empire of Chun

The Empire of Chun(中帝国 Chun Teikoku) used to be one of the greatest empire. Having lost in the First World War, the empire diminished heavily and fell behind in technology. Currently, Chun Empire is trying to assail Japan again for its former glory.

  • Emperor Shuu- Ruler of the Chung Empire
  • Rinfa- North Army Commander of the Chung Empire
  • Ranfa- South Army Commander of the Chung Empire
  • Hanitora- Emperor's girlfriend/Spy


The Nordic Union[]

Flag of Nordic Union

The Nordic Union (北欧連合 Hokuō Rengō) was a former Pirate nation. Have Vikings, hairy men and women living in the Scandinavia star region

The Kingdom of España[]

Flag of Kingdom of Espana

The Kingdom of Espana (イスパニア王国 Isupānya Ōkoku) is ruled by the Heridatory Monarch System. A nation of passionate lovers. Reduced to civil war after quarrels regarding prince Felipe's numerous affairs over the years.

The Soap Empire[]

Flag of Soap Empire

The Soap Empire (ソープ帝国 Sōpu Teikoku) is an independent state that continued to exist in the shadow of the great power domination. The primary star Toriko, creats a swarm of monsters to activate a "Forbidden Box" on the planet.

  • Mell - Said to be behind the control of the space monsters.

The Empire of Aztec[]

Flag of Empire of Aztec

The Empire of Aztec (アステカ帝国 Asuteka Teikoku) is a nation populated with the hannies.

  • The king: Quetzal Hanny
  • The "goddess": Takeda Nozomi
  • The elder hannies
  • The Aztec hanny soldiers
  • The hanny soldiers


Mongol, an undiscovered star system will appear if you capture Hawaii, Arabia or Chernob before turn 30. The Yuan will immediately occupy Chun Empire territories whether they were conquered or not, or given to Gamerica.

Space Monsters[]

Large monsters living in space. The current strength of humans cannot repel them and damage is equivilent to a natural disaster.

  • Eazauna "Most Famous monster"
  • Gawatasugaru Vu "Monster controled by the Abori Monster Princess"
  • Fugaku "Monster that roams between Siveria, Japan, and Micronesia."
  • Zalamander "Buried in Scandinavian ice planet. Roots and tentacles are known to attack humans"
  • Nitayomogi "Monster that can create hallucinations"
  • Virginia "Man-made space monster"