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Q: How come I'm not getting Money?

A: Areas that are not at full public peace do not generate resources or technology points.

Q: How do I improve Public Peace?

A. Public peace will improve every turn there is an admiral in the area at a rate of 1/8 a turn (whether or not they have a ship equipped). Public peace will not improve with more admirals however the public peace (Peac) skillwill improve by 2/8 a turn and Hanitora will improve by 3/8 a turn. However, some admirals such as Elfhild and Higuchi prevent improvement to public peace in the area where they are stationed in (this takes priority over other public peace skills).

Peac skill commanders: Yamamoto Mugen, Koga Hitomi (before it changes to Berserk), Lydia Rokossovsky, Kurita Asparagus, Muccillini Venice

Q: The Enemies are too Strong!

A: Once you reach Aeris Empire and Hawaii, you'll notice that the Enemies become much tougher. Early in the game you want to take it slow and save resources so you can produce Class 2: Ships.

Enemy troops (with the exceptions of Chun and Yuan) scale based on your star count, so invading a lot early without keeping up on your resources will cause your enemies to get much stronger than you. Try to advance at a rate that lets you accumulate enough tech to research a few of your latest ship options.

Q: How do I invade other planets?

A: Hold shift, click your planet, click the planet you want to invade, select admirals, click the green button at lower right.

Q: How do I recruit this Character...?

A: Once you defeated the character in battle, a new arrow will appear over the general's portrait at the start of the event phase. Some generals have special steps needed to recruit i.e. capture their nation or wait for special events to show to have them join. In case of Mau Mau in Kenya, it's necessary that you DO NOT attack her. For specific recruitment details see the Admiral Stats section.

Kuchiki is another special case, where you can't do her first event until you invade USJ.

Q: Is there any cheat code?

A: Ask a ninja. The last option in the event phase "明石大佐爆参", unlock the super spy Colonel Akashi. From the next turn the last 4 options in the event phase allow you from the top:

  1. steal resources points, from 3k to 30k, it seems to be proportional to the number of star regions controled
  2. steal research points, also proportional
  3. fully repair all your ships
  4. he appear in your fleet when you have to defend a planet (if you have to defend more than one planet, he appear each time) for just one turn

Watch out! By using Akashi, you will invalidate your clear. You will not get the Ending clear bonus or any fish ships from that run.

A: You can use artmoney to edit you resources points and research points.

Q: Can't advance to third event of yamashita rikori?

A: In order to continue Yamashita Rikori's events you must be in a state of war with Gamerica and view three beginning-of-turn events.