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Ending 1 - True Ending 1 (連合艦隊)[]


  • Japanification Plan has no impact to this ending.
    • If you agree to the Japanification plan, you must complete Shibagami's recruitment event before Mikado joins
  • Recruit Shibagami, Retia Adolf, Katherine, Carol Kiring, Eagle Douglas, Mau Mau, Sarah Britten, and Dorothy Neumann
  • Accept the tri-pact with Dokutsu and Italin and complete Doenitz's events before Dokutsu is defeated so she can rescue Retia
  • Make sure to conquer at least 2 among Arabia, Chernob and Hawaii before completing the conquest of UHOS, Aeris or Gamerica
  • Do not recruit Scarlet (capturing Scarlet is fine, just don't select her events after that)
  • Conquer Hawaii/Arabia or Chernobyl and complete the 2 warp gate events before turn 30
  • Invade Canada before USJ
  • Wait for President Loose to activate the one man system before invading Washington
  • Do not capture Eliza Britten in Suez. Instead, trigger Aeris's warp-gate invasion.
  • Complete Mau Mau's events before they expire
  • Complete Retia's event The Conference
  • Select 「邪教の秘密神殿を調査
    • Note that after you select this event, you must defend Chernob against disaster events every turn until you choose the event to fight the last boss, losing a single battle will result in a game over.
  • Fight disaster battles

Clear Bonus: Shira Shimeru (admiral)

Ending 2 - True Ending 2 (Combined Fleet)[]


  • Recruit Scarlet Kiring. (Refuse Japanization Plan)
  • Complete all other conditions for Ending 1
    • With the exception that it is not required to recruit Carol Kiring

Clear Bonus: Astro Panda

Ending 3 - The Best Gift (最高のプレゼント)[]


  • Refuse Japanification Plan.
  • Have Tougou battle Scarlet.
  • After three battles, choose 「一途に愛する」.
  • Do her events before they expire. Do not H other girls(Generic admirals count towards this as well) after start Scarlet Event.

Clear Bonus: Astro Cat

Ending 4 - Date with Everyone (みんなでデート)[]


  • Complete all conditions for Ending 3 with one exception—either do not complete Scarlet's events, or H other girls.

Clear Bonus: Astro Monkey

Ending 5 - Together with Mikado (帝とともに)[]


  • Accept Japanification Plan.
  • Obtain sakura symbols, full Public Peace, in 25+ regions.
  • Conquer all star systems.
  • Do ending event, The Emperor.

Clear Bonus: Astro Dog / Mikado's System Voice

Ending 6 - Towards True Unity (真の統一を目指して)[]


  • Accept Japanification Plan.
  • Do not obtain sakura symbols, full Public Peace, in 25+ regions. (Once a sakura symbol appears, it counts towards the total.)

Clear Bonus: Ship Cost -20%

Ending 7 - World Peace Was Brought (平和になった世界で)[]


  • Refuse Japanification Plan.
  • Take more than 30 turns to conquer Hawaii or Arabia or Chernobyl. (needs confirmation)
  • Make all major countries surrender (Aeris, UHOS, Gamerika, O'France)
  • Note that if you do Scarlett's events choose 「今までどおり」 or just don't do her events.

Clear Bonus: "Love" / Maki's System Voice

Ending 8 - Ultimate Idol (アルティメットアイドル)[]


  • Accept the tri-pact with Dokutsu and Italin.
  • Take over a planet beside a Dokutsu planet or eliminate Gamerica before Dokutsu falls.
    • Technically, it has to be before the event when Goebbels tells Retia she has to escape from Dokutsu. This event usually occurs during the Dokutsu phase 2 phases before they disappear.
    • Simply speaking, this means you have to reach a neighbouring country/conquer Gamerica before Aeris occupies G.Rome, which should be just after turn 27/33, depending on whether you sent Dokutsu the res to delay or not.
  • After Soviet, Gamerica, and Aeris falls, war will begin against Dokutsu. Conquer an adjacent region to Berlin within 30 turns (Around turn 70), or face game over.
  • Afterwards, you'll lose all your territories and be sent back to Japan.
  • Survive three rounds of combat and you're done.
  • Alternatively if you move fast enough, you can just blitzkrieg and invade Berlin before most of the events happen and you will still get the same ending.

Clear Bonus: Habsburg Lady

Ending 9 - We Got Married (私たち結婚しました)[]


  • Complete King Core mode.

Clear Bonus: None