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I'm hoping we can lay out all the critical scripted choices the game gives you here.

It appears the top choice is always Accept and the bottom choice is always Decline.


Submit to Gamerica's Demands - ガメリカからの要求に対して[]

How to get:

The 3 events will occur, respectively, during start of turn events on

  • Turn 3
  • Turn 6 - always occurs on Turn 6 if you agreed to the previous demand(s)
    • will occur as the 3rd event if you surrendered Chun to Gamerica on turns 4 or 5
  • The turn after you conquer Chongqing (as early as turn 4, as late as turn 9)
    • will not occur if you reject the tri-alliance on turn 7
    • will not occur on turn 6 (will be delayed to turn 7 instead - immediately after tri-alliance event)
    • will not occur on Turn 10 (1st Vassal State event) or after

By rejecting any of the 3 times OR rejecting the tri-alliance, you will cancel the future demands as well as the 1st vassal state event and skip right to the 2nd Vassal State of Gamerica event (war with Gamerica) after 2 turns.

By accepting:

  • Your ship production costs will permanently rise by 10% - each time up to a total of +30% ship production cost (Note: Your cap for generic events is still 55%)
  • If you accept the demand on the turn after conquering Chongqing, all Chun territories become Gamerican
    • Does not appear to change future events/story
  • If you accept the Turn 3 event, you will not go to war on turn 5. Instead, you'll get the Turn 6 event
  • If you accept the Turn 6 event and do not conquer Chongqing, you will get the 1st Vassal State of Gamerica event on Turn 10 - War with Gamerica will be declared on Turn 12
  • Accepting the surrender of Chun territories to Gamerica after accepting on Turn 6 does not change events. You will still get the 1st Vassal State of Gamerica event on Turn 10 and War with Gamerica on Turn 12
    • To delay war with Gamerica until turn 12 without surrendering Chun and getting that third +10% costs, conquer Chun on Turn 9 or later

Become Vassal State of Gamerica - ガメリカからの要求に対して[]

There are 2 Vassal State of Gamerica events. See the conditions in Submit to Gamerica's demands (previous section)

NOTE: The text for this choice is the same as Submit to Gamerica Demands but the top choice has parenthesis next to it (End of Japan).

  • If accepted: Game over, reload last save.
  • If declined:
    • If it's the first of the 2 Vassal State events, there's no effect, you will get the 2nd one 2 turns later
    • If it's the second of the 2 Vassal State events, Gamerica, Aeris, O'france declare war against you. Gamerica doesn't attack you in the turn they turn red, they start attacking you after that turn.

During the turn that you declared war, all attacks on Gamerican territory counts as a surprise attack (the effect shows up as a weather condition in the Manila 2K and Micronesia). During that one turn, enemy ships are not able to use lasers or aircraft.

  • Bug: The surprise condition does not affect Beijing if you surrendered it to Gamerica

Japanification Plan- 世界日本化計画に[]

Trigger: There are 3 different conditions that can trigger the start of turn event that forces you to accept or reject the Japanization plan:

  1. Conquering Manila 2K
  2. Conquering your 8th star (TsuchiNoKao's note: you can let enemies retake stars, thereby meeting condition 3 before condition 2)
  3. Defeating either UHOS or Aeris (UHOS confirmed, Aeris needs confirmation)
    • Conquering Washington will automatically conquer Manila 2K, which means condition 1 already meets that scenario.

This is a very important choice and it is recommended that you try them both out in multiple playthroughs.

Pros of Japanifiation Plan:

  • Fully pacified planets don't rebel (lower tax and equal rights=happiness)
  • 'Issue bonds' event appears. You can do it twice to get one time payments of 5000 resource
  • Eagle Douglas can be character cleared (and thus receive his command point bonus)
  • More characters can be recruited:
    • Taira Eichi will join and then desert to establish an enemy rebel nation in Manila 2000 after a few rounds.
    • Fukuhara Izumi will join shortly after Taira. If you do her events before Taira defects, she will remain in your army.
    • Rassahara in Malay Tiger who you can get fairly early in your game, has a high CP cap and decent bonuses, and will give you a fairly decent unique ship, the CW Chandler
    • Victory Nelson
    • Charlotte Partheney (you must enter Dokutsu route though, so she won't be available for a normal Japanification run)
  • Cosmetic changes (no impact on gameplay):
    • Planets at max peace levels will have a cute rotating flower (roughly resembling the imperial seal of Japan).
    • Shimeru (Ending 1 clear bonus admiral) will change into a maid dress after an event


  • Production of Resource and Technology points decreases by 33% in all the regions
  • You cannot get the Tange Dog item (unless you delay - see #Delay Japanification decision)
  • Characters who cannot be recruited:
    • Scarlet Kiring
    • Itou Kakka

Other considerations:

  • Japanification plan is required for Endings 5 and 6. Ending 6 gives you the -20% shipping costs new game bonus, which is probably the second best bonus after Love, which requires refusing the Japanification plan (Ending 7)
  • Mikado can be recruited whether or not you accept the Japanication plan, but her recruitment criteria and unit are very different:
    • If you accept Japanification, you will receive Mikado as a permanent commander. She starts at level 1, weaker than Shibagami (who leaves when she joins in either route), but gets stronger than him as she levels and her fixed ship has some carrier power.
    • If you refuse Japanification, she will take 5-6 events to recruit. Mikado will come with a single fixed ship (Space Monster Fugaku), but she will furthermore only fight for you for 3 battles, after which Shibagami will return to replace her (and duplicates up to 3 ships).

Delay Japanification decision[]

As long as you don't meet any of the 3 conditions, you will not be forced to make the Japanification/non-Japanification decision. This means that you can delay the decision until after turn 30, after invading Hawaii/Chernob/Arabia, after the CORE revolt has occurred, etc.

If you delay, there are certain implications for your game: Pros:

  • By delaying entry into the Japanification route, you can take advantage of the period before to gain a head start on income.
  • It is possible to get the first Wish event and acquire the Tange Dog before entering the Japanification route.


  • You are blocked from commanders that are unique to either route until accepting:
  • not able to recruit Mikado+Fugaku with Toluca's scenes, as you would in non-Japanification
  • nor can you recruit Rasshara or Nelson as you would in Japanification route (needs confirmation)

Alliance with Dokutsu and Italin - ドクツ・イタリンとの三国同盟に[]

How to get: After conquering all of Chun Empire or after becoming hostile with Gamerica

  • A number of characters are only recruitable if you accept:
    • Ermi Doenitz (will automatically join with her own special ship on turn 9)
    • Ugaki Sakura
    • Retia Adolf (must also complete Doenitz events before fall of Dokutsu)
    • Eisen Manstein (must recruit Retia)
    • El Rommel (must recruit Retia)
    • Other characters as part of the Ultimate Idol route (VTVN, Trieste, Charlotte Parthenay and a number of generics capturable with the prison ship)
  • Trade with the other members of the Axis lower the production cost of ship by 10% (this expires after your allies are conquered)
  • You must accept the alliance to get either True Endings 1 or 2 or the Ultimate Idol route

Refusing the triple alliance has 1 known advantage:

  • A Pluepet event becomes possible to lower the production cost by 5% (this is a permanent cost reduction, unlike the 10% reduction from the triple alliance)

Wish - 願い事[]

How to: A few turns after war with Gamerica. Might also appear when you get 15 territories or so (unconfirmed).

But will not happen on the Japanification route.

However, this event can occur before entering the Japanification route with no know repercussions. So this is another reason to avoid attacking Manilla 2K early if you're planning to do Japanification.

Strictly speaking, Mikado will offer the wish in Japanification as well, but Tougou will uuse it for storyline events like Mikado acting as his maid, so there's gameplay bonus.

The options are:

  1. I want the national treasure
  2. I want resources
  3. I do not need anything

The rewards are:

  1. Tange Dog ship (CP:0-Hp:30-Radar:240-+40% repair). Later Itou will join you too if you take this choice
  2. 10,000 resources
  3. Just delays the event to a later time

Wish 2 - 願い事[]

How to: Random event after accepting a gift from the first Wish choice. Choice 1 may be the other choice you did not pick the first time around. Just like above, this will not happen on Japanization route.

  1. I want resources/I want the national treasure
  2. I do not need anything


  1. 10,000 resources/Itou-sama join (only if you took national treasure at first choice ?) - 570 CP, no bonus, Diplomacy
  2. Gain nothing immediately/The Empress will ask you again on a later date?

Japan-Soviet Non Aggression Pact - 日ソ不可侵条約に[]

How to get: Turn after Dokutsu invades Russia

  • If you want to enter Ultimate Idol, this is usually accepted since you can't get to Western Europe through Soviet, since the so-called White Hole will block the path to Moscow. In Adolf's route Dokutsu will take care of the Soviet themselves, if you manage to break through in the South.
  • Non-aggression pact would allow you to focus and beat up either the Gamerica or the Aeris.

Paying Off Debt - 負債の肩代わり[]

How to: When taking the far left planet of Aeris's India region, Arabic planet

  • Accepting will allow Clione Al-Iman to be recruited and a loss of 10,000 resources

Civil War within Espana - イスパニアをどうする?[]

How to: Own a territory next to Espana(Ise-Shima) (Will not appeared in Dokutsu Route?)

  1. Assist Felipe
  2. Assist Rosa
  3. No relations with either


  1. Felipe will assist you in the invasion and will be recruitable in the Event Phase.
  2. Rosa will assist you in the invasion and will be recruitable in the Event Phase.
  3. Espana will stay neutral forever. Note that because Espana will never send ships to invade you even if they become "hostile" (red), there is no real reason to choose this.

Both Felipe and Rosa has an ability that deals extra damage to members of the opposite gender. Because there are a lot more male enemies than female, Rosa is probably a better choice (and she also has a H-scene, which Felipe obivously does not). However, both of them are not good compared to a lot of other admirals you can get.

Suppressing sharism and capturing (or meeting) a sharist (共有主義者を取り締まりますか?)[]

How to: Take over Laguri, then watch the scene where Big Sorge converts a lot of Japanese in Planet Japan to Soviet views and causes and uprising.

A turn or two later a new event in the Event Phase will become available that lets you deal with Equality Ideologists. It will be at the top of the Events list and has an "!" on it.

NOTE: Will happen twice - if you delay the event for more than 2 event phases, you will get a game over. It doesn't appear to matter which answer you choose.

You will have a start of turn event 2-3 turns after conquering Moscow that is very similar. After this start of turn event. You will have the option to recruit Ryuuko Banra (you might have to select the first option for this). If you don't wait in Moscow and invade Russian Plains immediately, you will lose the opportunity to recruit Ryuuko.

The Decision... - 判決は…[]

How to: Once taking over the territory where Katherine is present

  1. Imprisonment
  2. Innocent


  1. Will not be able to get Katherine, Mirja,or Mir Goepe
  2. Will be able to get Katherine, Mirja,or Mir Goepe / Remaining Soviet territory will surrender to you

Consider manipulating the Fugaku monster - 富嶽の操縦を検討する[]

How to:

  1. After the first Divine wind rite chose Investigate Fugaku - 大怪獣富嶽の調査 in the event phase before conquer Shikoku
  2. After conquer Shikoku date princess monster 4 times for unlock the event in the event phase


  1. Investigate
  2. Dont' investigate


  1. If we supported the Empress Japanification plan, despite trying japanese espers, attempts to control Fugaku fail.
  2. If we opposed to the Empress Japanification plan, the next turn "Attemp interaction between the Empress and Fugaku" (帝と富嶽の対話を試す) can be used in the event phase - see Mikado's section in the Admiral page for more details

Let Koo manage part of the budget of the Navy - 海軍予算の一部[]

How to: event with Koo Roscha in the event phase

  1. Let her manage
  2. Don't let her manage


  1. Give 10k resources to Koo, doing more events with Koo get the money back plus a 100% net profit
  2. Don't give any resources