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The Empire of Japan[]

God & Empress[]


Shibagami (c)アリスソフト

Shibagami (柴神 Shibagami)
  • God


Mikado (c)アリスソフト

Mikado (帝 Mikado)
  • Empress

Imperial Conference[]

Nekohira (猫平 Nekohira)
  • Chronically absent from conferences due to unexpected reasons.

Yamashita Rikori

Yamashita Rikori (c)アリスソフト

Yamashita Rikori (山下 利古里 Yamashita Rikori)
  • Army Minister

Ugaki Sakura

Ugaki Sakura (c)アリスソフト

Ugaki Sakura (宇垣 さくら Ugaki Sakura)
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs

Tougou Tsuyoshi

Tougou Tsuyoshi (c)アリスソフト

Tougou Tsuyoshi (東郷 毅 Tōgō Tsuyoshi)
  • Protagonist, Fleet Admiral, and Navy Minister. His wife died in a ship accident.

Navy Admirals[]

Tanaka Raizou

Tanaka Raizou (c)アリスソフト

Tanaka Raizou (田中 雷蔵 Tanaka Raizō)

Yamamoto Mugen

Yamamoto Mugen (c)アリスソフト

Yamamoto Mugen (山本 無限 Yamamoto Mugen)
  • Veteran returned to active duty

Nagumo Keiko

Nagumo Keiko (c)アリスソフト

Nagumo Keiko (南雲 圭子 Nagumo Keiko)

Ozawa Matsuri

Ozawa Matsuri (c)アリスソフト

Ozawa Matsuri (小澤 祀梨 Ozawa Matsuri)
  • Information Warfare Specialist


Akiyama Keiichirou

Akiyama Keiichirou (c)アリスソフト

Akiyama Keiichirou (秋山 敬一郎 Akiyama Keiichirō)
  • Admiral Fleet Advisor to Tougou

Tougou Maki

Tougou Maki (c)アリスソフト

Tougou Maki (東郷 真希 Tōgō Maki)
  • Daughter of Tougou

Koga Hitomi

Koga Hitomi (c)アリスソフト

Koga Hitomi (古賀 ひとみ Koga Hitomi)

Hiraga Tsunami

Hiraga Tsunami (c)アリスソフト

Hiraga Tsunami (平賀 津波 Hiraga Tsunami)
  • Navy Tactical Research Facility Head


Hisashige (久重 Hisashige) (c)アリスソフト

Hisashige (久重 Hisashige)
  • The cat seen lying on Hiraga's head.
  • She's actually the one who talks on Hiraga's behalf while Hiraga herself remains mostly silent.

Gotou Misaki

Gotou Misaki (c)アリスソフト

Gotou Misaki (五藤 ミサキ Gotō Misaki)
  • Navy Secretary

Taira Eichi

Taira Eichi (c)アリスソフト

Taira Eichi (平良 英知 Taira Eichi)

Fukuhara Izumi

Fukuhara Izumi (c)アリスソフト

Fukuhara Izumi (福原 いずみ Fukuhara Izumi)

Colonel Akashi

Colonel Akashi (c)アリスソフト

Colonel Akashi (明石 大佐 Akashi-taisa)
  • Japan's Super Spy
  • More info here.


Haru (c)アリスソフト

Head Maid Haru (女官長 ハル Nyokan-chō Haru)
  • Head Maid
  • More info here.

The Republic of Gamerica[]


Frank Rews

Frank Rews (c)アリスソフト

Frank Loose (フランク・ルーズ Furanku Rūzu)

Green Grass Society[]

Hannah Rock

Hannah Rock (c)アリスソフト

Hannah Rock (ハンナ・ロック Han'na Rokku)

Koo Rosche

Koo Rosche (c)アリスソフト

Koo Rosche (クー・ロスチャ Kū Rosucha)

Carol Kiring

Carol Kiring (c)アリスソフト

Carol Kiring (キャロル・キリング Kyaroru Kiringu)
  • Head of the Kiring Business Conglomerate. She has a tendency to quickly give everybody cute nicknames.

Dorothy Neumann

Dorothy Neumann (c)アリスソフト

Dorothy Neumann (ドロシー・ノイマン Doroshī Noiman)

Fleet Commanders[]

Devil Dwight

Devil Dwight (c)アリスソフト

Devil Dwight (ドゥービル・ドワイト Dūbiru Dowaito)
  • Atlantic Fleet Commander
  • More info here.

Eagle Douglas

Eagle Douglas (c)アリスソフト

Eagle Douglas (イーグル・ダグラス Īguru Dagurasu)
  • Pacific Fleet Commander. Strongly believes in the freedom and righteousness of Gamerica and desires to be president to rid the nation of corruption. Also a famed former movie star.

Pacific Navy Admirals[]

David Kahnhawk

David Kahnhawk (c)アリスソフト

David Kahnhawk (デビッド・キャヌホーク Debiddo Kyanuhōku)

Frith Halsey

Frith Halsey (c)アリスソフト

Frith Halsey (フリス・ハルゼー Furisu Haruzē)
  • Mystic and fortune teller who advises the Green Grass Society at various times. Also known as "Solomon's Witch".

Kathy Bradley

Kathy Bradley (c)アリスソフト

Kathy Bradley (キャシー・ブラッドレイ Kyashī Buraddorei)
  • Wild girl who loves sex and war. Foul mouthed and untamed.

Kuchiki Isabella

Kuchiki Isabella (c)アリスソフト

Kuchiki Isabella (朽木・イザベラ Kuchiki Izabera)
  • Japanese Migrant. Wears a headband inscribed, "Overthrow Japan" and leads concentration soldiers against the Japanese Army.

Juni A. Nexon

Juni A. Nexon (c)アリスソフト

Juni A. Nexon (ジュニー・A・ネクスン Junī A Nekusun)
  • More info here (the bottom image).

Lisa Litton

Lisa Litton (c)アリスソフト

Lisa Litton (リーザ・リットン Rīza Ritton)




Deganawidah (c)アリスソフト

Deganawidah (デガナウィダ Deganawida)


Black Horse (c)アリスソフト

Blackhorse (ブラックホース Burakkuhōsu)

Manila 2000[]

Lara Manny

Lara Manny (c)アリスソフト

Lara Manny (ララー・マニィ Rarā Ma'nyi)
  • In the Manila 2000 Defense force
  • More info here.


Giga Macro

Giga Macro (c)アリスソフト

Giga Macro (ギガマクロ Gigamakuro)

Goddess Microlita

The Human United Organization of Soviet[]


Katherine (c)アリスソフト

Katherine (カテーリン Katērin)
  • Chairwoman and holds supreme power.


Mirja (c)アリスソフト

Mirja (ミーリャ Mīrya)
  • Katherine's childhood and only friend

Mir Goepe

Mir Goepe (c)アリスソフト

Mir Goepe (ミール・ゲーペ Mīru Gēpe)
  • Secret Police Chief Directorate

Big Sorge

Big Sorge (c)アリスソフト

Big Sorge (ビッグ・ゾルゲ Biggu Zoruge)
  • Super Spy
  • More info here.
  • Inspired by Richard Sorge, a Soviet spy who informed Stalin of Barbarossa and that the Japanese will not attack Eastern USSR, allowing the Soviet military to send troops to repel the Axis from conquering Moscow.

Lorikov Banra

Lorikov Banler (c)アリスソフト

Lolikov Banra (ロリコフ・バンラー Rorikofu Banrā)

Ryuuko Banra

Ryuuko Banra (c)アリスソフト

Ryuuko Banra


Snow (c)アリスソフト


Field Marshal[]

Juzan Zhukov

Juzan Zhukov (c)アリスソフト

Juzan Zhukov (ジュザン・ジューコフ Juzan Jūkofu)
  • Inspired by Georgy Zhukov, a Soviet general whose' troops conquered the Reichstag during the Battle of Berlin
  • Loves to drink Gamerican cola
  • Russian Army Commander since the old Russian Kingdom

Navy Admirals[]

Lidiya Rokossovsky

Lidiya Rokossovsky (c)アリスソフト

Lidiya Rokossovsky (リディア・ロコソフスキー Ridia Rokosofusukī)
  • Inspired by Konstantin Rokkovosky, a Polish Soviet general whose' troops rapidly entered eastern Germany compared to other Soviet armies.
  • More info here.

Mallon Kondratenko

Mallon Kondratenko (c)アリスソフト

Mallon Kondratenko (マロン・コンドラチェンコ Maron Kondorachenko)

The Third Reich of Dokutsu[]

Retia Adolf

Retia Adolf (c)アリスソフト

Retia Adolf (レーティア・アドルフ Rētia Adorufu)
  • Fuhrer, Idol, and biggest genius of the world.

Grecia Göbbels

Grecia Göbbels (c)アリスソフト

Grecia Göbbels (グレシア・ゲッベルス Gureshia Gebberusu)
  • Propaganda Minister

Field Marshals/Fleet Admirals[]

El Rommel

El Rommel (c)アリスソフト

El Rommel (エル・ロンメル Eru Ronmeru)
  • The Desert Fox, large military achievements

Eisen Manstein

Eisen Manstein (c)アリスソフト

Eisen Manstein (アイゼン・マンシュタイン Aizen Manshutain)
  • The Steel Brown Bear

Navy Admirals[]

Ermi Dönitz

Ermi Dönitz (c)アリスソフト

Ermi Dönitz (エルミー・デーニッツ Erumī Dēnittsu)


VTVN (c)アリスソフト


Trieste Stettin

Trieste Stettin (c)アリスソフト

Trieste Stettin (トリエステ・シュテティン Toriesute Shutetin)


Nontsich Himmler

Nontsich Himmler (c)アリスソフト

Nontsich Himmler (ノンツィヒ・ヒムラー Nontsihi Himurā)

The Republic Empire of Itarin[]

Muccilini Venice

Muccilini Venice (c)アリスソフト

Muccilini Venice (ムッチリーニ・ベニス Mutchirīni Benisu)

Yuri Julius

Yuri Julius (c)アリスソフト

Yuri Julius (ユーリ・ユリウス Yūri Yuriusu)
  • Only competent Admiral.
  • More info here.


Pietro (c)アリスソフト

Pietro (ぴえとろ Pietoro)
  • Former leader of the Itarin Republic

The Kingdom of O'france[]

Louis LXXX/Louis the 80th

Louis LXXX (c)アリスソフト

Louis LXXX (ルイ80世 Rui Hachijū-Sei)
  • Absolute pacifist
  • More info here.

Louis LXXXI/Louis the 81st

Louis LXXXI (c)アリスソフト

Louis LXXXI (ルイ81世 Rui Hachijūichi-Sei)
  • Cousin of Louis the 80th who takes over after Paris is freed from Dekutsch rule once Berlin falls
  • Pretty much the opposite of his cousin
  • More info here.

Charlotte Partheney

Charlotte Partheney (c)アリスソフト

Charlotte Partheney (シャルロット・パルトネー Sharurotto Parutonē)

Vichy (ブィシー Vishī)

French Commander accompanying Charlotte (Probably generic).

The Empire of Aeris[]

Sarah Britain

Sarah Britten (c)アリスソフト

Sarah Britten (セーラ・ブリテン Sēra Buriten)
  • The 38th Queen of the Aeris Empire, Noble and Loving of her people

Mary Britain

Mary Britten (c)アリスソフト

Mary Britten (マリー・ブリテン Marī Buriten)
  • Sarah's sister

Eliza Britain

Eliza Britten (c)アリスソフト

Eliza Britten (エリザ・ブリテン Eriza Buriten)
  • Previous Queen, mother of Sarah

John Lawrence

John Lawrence (c)アリスソフト

John Lawrence (ジョン・ロレンス Jon Rorensu)
  • Parody of Lawrence of Arabia
  • A strong general and a Guardian of the Queen

Victory Nelson

Victory Nelson (c)アリスソフト

Victory Nelson (ヴィクトリー・ネルソン Vikutorī Neruson)
  • Parody of Horatio Nelson
  • Another Strong general of the Same rank whose has sworn allegiance to the Queen

Claude Montgomery

Claude Montgomery (c)アリスソフト

Claude Montgomery (クルード・モントゴメリー Kurūdo Montogomerī)
  • Parody of Bernard Montgomery
  • Another one of the Guardian Knights. Lover of Eliza Britain, former queen of Aeris.
  • More info here.


South Africa[]

South-Africa Governor

South-Africa Governor (c)アリスソフト

South-Africa Governor (南アフリカ総督 Minami Afurika Sōtoku)

Palpuna Coloured

Palpuna Coloured (c)アリスソフト

Palpuna Coloured (パルプナ・カラード Parupuna Karādo)


Elder Ninikato

Elder Ninikato (c)アリスソフト

Elder Ninikato (長老 ニニカト Chōrō Ninikato)


Monster Princess Toluca (c)アリスソフト

Toluca (怪獣姫 トルカ Kaijūhime Toruka)
  • Controls Gawatasgar Vu, the massive monster of Shikoku and can communicate with it


Clione Al Iman

Clione Al Iman (c)アリスソフト

Clione Al Iman (クリオネ・アルイメン Kurione Aruimen)
  • Indo-curry's Governor.
  • More info here.

Saffron Veda

Saffron Veda (c)アリスソフト

Saffron Veda (サフラン・ヴェーダ Safuran Vēda, Hindi language: भगवा वेद [Bhagavā Vēda])

Agni Pushan

Agni Pushan (c)アリスソフト

Agni Pushan (アグニ・プーシャン Aguni Pūshan, Hindi language: अग्नि [Agni])

Malayan Tiger[]


Rasshara (c)アリスソフト

Rasshara (ラスシャラ Rasushara)

Việt Nam[]

Femu Beko

Femu Beko (c)アリスソフト

Femu Beko (フェム・ベコ Femu Beko)


Mau Mau

Mau Mau (c)アリスソフト

Mau Mau (マウマウ Maumau)
  • Kenya's Queen.
  • Name is a reference to the Mau Mau Uprising which kicked off the Kenyan independence movement in the 50's.
  • More info here.


Behonma (c)アリスソフト

Behonma (ベホンマ Behonma)



Harma (c)アリスソフト

Harma (ハルマ Haruma)
  • Arabia's Princess.
  • More info here.

The Chung Empire[]

Emperor Xiu

Emperor Xiu (c)アリスソフト

Emperor Xiu (シュウ皇帝 Shū-kōtei)


Linhua (c)アリスソフト

Linhua (リンファ)


Lanhua (c)アリスソフト

Lanhua (ランファ)


Hanitora (c)アリスソフト

Hanitora (ハニトラ)

Other countries[]

The Nordic Union[]


Alwilda (c)アリスソフト

Alwilda (アルビルダ Arubiruda)


The Kingdom of España[]

Felipe España

Felipe España (c)アリスソフト

Felipe España (フェリペ・イスパーニャ Feripu Isupānya)

Rosa España

Rosa España (c)アリスソフト

Rosa España (ローザ・イスパーニャ Rōza Isupānya)

The Empire of Soap[]


Mell (c)アリスソフト

Mell (メル Meru)
  • Said to be behind the control of the space monsters.
  • More info here.

The Empire of Azteca[]

Quetzal Hanny

Quetzal Hanny (c)アリスソフト

Quetzal Hanny (ケツアルハニー Ketsuaruhanī)


Nozomi (c)アリスソフト

Nozomi (のぞみ Nozomi)



Alps (c)アリスソフト

Alps (アルプス Arupusu)


Visber (c)アリスソフト

Visber (ヴィスベル Visuberu)

Gua Maral

Gua Maral (c)アリスソフト

Gua Maral (コアイ・マラル Koai Mararu)


King CORE [Emperor Core]

???(c)アリスソフト King CORE (キングコア Kingu Koa)


???(c)アリスソフト McKinley (マッキンリー Makkinri)


???(c)アリスソフトTruman (トルーマン Toruman)

Princess [King Core]

???(c)アリスソフト Princess (プリンセス Purinsesu)

Space Monsters[]

Eazauna (エアザウナ Eazauna)
  • Most Famous monster.
  • Doesn't have the disaster attribute, no bonus damage for Shibagami if he's used
Gawatasugaru Vu (ガワタスガル・ビゥ Gawatasugaru Vu)
Fugaku (富嶽)
  • Monster that roams between Siveria, Japan, and Micronesia.
Zalamander (ザラマンダー Zaramandā)
  • Buried in Scandinavian ice planet. Roots and tentacles are known to attack humans.
Nigayomogi (ニガヨモギ Nigayomogi)
  • Monster that can create hallucinations.
Virginia (バージニア Baajinia)
  • A man-made space monster project abandoned due to low funds, rebooted by King CORE

Official characters trailer (JP)[]


Daiteikoku Character Trailer