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Each planet in Daiteikoku has a building slot and a set of options that you can build there. There are 2 notable exceptions:

  1. Since Berlin can only be conquered in the Ultimate Idol route and doing so ends the game, there is no building menu there.
  2. You start with and cannot lose Japan. The building you start with, Great Repair Shop is unique, in that it gives a 80% healing effect instead of the normal 40% Repair building and cannot be changed.

You can change a building in any territory you've conquered for a TEC fee that scales with your tech level (see the ships page for details on tech levels. Before patch 1.02, buildings could not be changed for TEC.

If an enemy conquers a planet you own, the building will be destroyed, and you will have the ability to choose a new building when you retake it.

  • See the Fish Market section for interactions with the new game bonus and duplicate fish.

When you automatically acquire a planet without conquering it (by conquering the capital of a nation), building(s) will be automatically built in those star system at random and you will not receive any fish from fish markets.

Buildings by territory[]

Special building Planet
Civil Defense Corps A Boa Chongqing USJ Andromeda Paris Chernob
Electric City Vietnam Nanjing Gatesland Paris Moscow
Breast Shrine Kanada Suez London Jaian Chernob
Panty Ruins Shikoku Turko South Africa Katheringrad Amazon
Eroge Company Vietnam Hawaii Great Rome Russian Plains Amazon
Curry Wolf Micronesia Chicago X Indo Curry North colonies (Scandinavia) Ise Shima

Full list of locations[]

For a list of planets and what buildings are available and fish can be obtained, see the locations page.

Types of buildings[]

Fish Market[]

  • Will give you an animal/fish ship (each planet has a unique fish - see Locations for each fish and their stats)
  • A fish market will give you a fish if you build the fish market after conquering the territory. You will not get a fish if the planet was automatically acquired (by taking an faction's capital) nor will your receive one if you change the building in the territory later on
  • You will receive a fish even if you are retaking the planet after losing it to an enemy.
    • Because of this, it can be strategic to farm fish ships from certain planets by allowing the enemy nations to reconquer the territory repeatedly. This is a particularly attractive option for the following territories in the early game:
      • Clione in Laguri (0CP and 90 aircraft)
      • Manatee in Rabaul (15CP ship with 45 laser and 90HP)
      • Whale in Shikoku (0CP ship with 240HP)
      • Micronesia, Beijing and Siberia, although not as great, can also be farmed, since you will likely be stalling against an enemy there. Remember, conquering gives more EXP than defending, so if you are just waiting around, farming fish and EXP is preferable to negligible income.
  • When 8 fish markets are built an event becomes available that unlocks the Orca ship for research (A Good Harvest)
  • For the purposes of your second game fish bonus, you will only receive fish that you actually received, even if it was built the second time you conquered the planet. Having the fish market is not enough.

Great Repair Shop[]

  • +80% HP recovery per turn to all ships in the region (Japan only)

Repair Shop[]

  • +40% HP recovery per turn to all ships in the region


  • Doubles Resource income


  • Doubles Technology income

Civil Defense Corps[]

Building a Civil Defence Corporation building gives you an event to recruit Volun Teer.

Each subsequent D. Corp built will power up Volun Teer's unit.

Electric City[]

You will receive an event to get a ship at 1 building and 3 buildings, see ships from buildings

Panty Ruins[]

You will receive an event to get a ship at 3 buildings and 5 buildings, see ships from buildings

Breast Shrine[]

You will receive an event to get a ship at 3 buildings and 5 buildings, see ships from buildings

Eroge Company[]

Building all 5 Eroge Companies will allow you to recruit Hanny the Admiral, who has a 960CP cap.

Military Base[]

  • Defensive purpose and allows you to relocate your troops from other starfields
  • Will allow you to switch units from the zones of battle as opposed to being locked in combat.
  • Works only at adjoining planets

Male Gym[]

  • +20% exp to all Male admirals worldwide

Women Gym[]

  • +20% exp to all female admirals worldwide

Curry Wolf[]

  • Curry Wolves unlock the random (low priority) beginning of turn event, "Curry's a Big Hit". The only condition for the "Curry's a Big Hit" event is to own a Curry Wolf. However, there are various ways to up your rewards and probability of getting the event.

The "Curry's a Big Hit" start of turn event will repeat, as a low priority start of turn event.


The chances of the event occurring are based on:

  • Other higher priority events
  • The number of curry wolf buildings you own

Since it's not a high priority event, it will get pushed off if other events take priority.

However, even if the event can occur, it will have a # of curry wolves / 40 chance of occurring. So the more curry wolves you build, the more it will happen.

Curry girl events[]

Like other buildings, building Curry Wolves will give you event options::

  • 2 curry wolves unlock the event with curry girl serving you delicious curry => event "Curry Wolf" (see below)
  • 3 curry wolves => event : "Curry Wolf II" : H-Scene
  • 4 curry wolves => event : "Curry Wolf III" : nothing apparent
  • 5 curry wolves => event : "Curry Wolf IV" : H-Scene

The only effect comes from the 1st curry girl event (2 buildings). It will double all your income from the Curry's a Big Hit start of turn event.

First time it occurs[]

The first time the event occurs, you will receive 1/2 rewards. So instead of 10,000 res (20,000 with 1st curry girl event), you will only get 5,000 (10,000 with 1st curry girl event).

However, there is also a higher probability that the start of turn event will trigger for the first occurrence. Instead of # curry wolves / 40, the first time will trigger with a chance of # / 20.