Daiteikoku is a conquest simulation game (SLG) published in Japan by AliceSoft in 2011. It is the third game in AliceSoft's loosely connected "Dai" series, preceded by Daiakuji and Daibanchou.

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Release date April 28, 2011
Genre / Rating SLG / 18+
Base price 8500
Voice Partial
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Daiteikoku (literal translation: "Big Empire") is set as an anime sci-fi parody of World War II. Players follow an extensive cast of characters engaged in an interstellar space war through a story rife with historical deviancy, tropes, and amorous encounters.

Rated 18+, Daiteikoku features numerous erotic scenes between the protagonist, Tougou Tsuyoshi, and the game's female cast. (No yaoi scenes are depicted in this game.) The player obtains access to erotic "H" events by completing objectives and visiting characters repeatedly. Skipping most erotic content in the game is possible by not selecting pink shaded "H" events, as marked.

The game's soundtrack was released as Alice Sound Album Vol. 21. A drama CD tie-in, Daiteikoku drama CD kinkyū sakusen!~ Sakuramau onsen ryokan nite, was released with certain copies of the game.



An unofficial fan translation of 35% completion published in 2012—found here—remains the most developed English translation to date.

As of June 14, 2019, no further news regarding English translation has been made known.

Fan productionEdit

The fan-driven English translation project was established on June 23, 2011, consisting of work from a number of translators with differing styles. Before its abandonment, the project reached 35% completion published on March 10, 2012, in a downloadable release. A number of translators attempted to revive the project, but no further publications have been made. 

MangaGamer enters licensing partnershipEdit

At the 2015 Anime Expo, English eroge publisher MangaGamer announced a licensing partnership with the game's original publisher, AliceSoft.[1] With this partnership, MangaGamer holds official rights to translate and localize AliceSoft games, including Daiteikoku, to the English market.

MangaGamer has made no announcement concerning the translation of Daiteikoku. The company displays their project status on the project status page of their official blog.

Another team of translators proposed a new fan translation effort three months after MangaGamer's acquisition.[2] However, after discussion with MangaGamer's in-house translator Arunaru, fan project leader ArtresLayfon announced the termination of the project before it could begin.[3] ArtresLayfon offered the impression that their team's efforts were "rendered obsolete" by the possibility of a future release.


full Chinese translation which builds upon two previous partial translation efforts was released on April 07th, 2018.

Story synopsisEdit

Daiteikoku synopsis image

Long before the universe united, its many planets were inhabited by small human factions. Nations were established, yet navigation to other regions in the universe—essentially making contact with others—was impossible. Such travels at the time would have required hundreds of years.

However, The Empire of Aeris soon discovered strange bodies scattered throughout the universe. Upon further research, they learned these, hence called "warp gates," enable one to instantly move from one location to another. This advancement allowed many regions, previously isolated from each other, to begin making contact—thus beginning the Age of Discovery.

Over time, major powers were established through conquests, destructions, and submissions. The current universe is the very result of this.

It is now 939 A.D, and conflicts continue. At the summit is The Empire of Aeris, the world's largest nation, still at large due to their warp gate technology. They vow to unite the universe and restore peace to the world. In contrast, The Empire of Japan—the world's oldest nation—is nearly ruined after prolonged wars with The Empire of Chun. But, unable to bear the death of the previous minister and numerous veteran admirals, the Empress (Mikado) takes drastic measures. She appoints Tougou Tsuyoshi, a renowned, unorthodox admiral, in charge of the nation's navy, which must be rebuilt from practically scratch. Mikado has an eye for potential men, and she believes Tougou Tsuyoshi has what it takes to protect The Empire of Japan.

Downloadable content Edit

AliceSoft later published Daiteikoku feature patch 1.02. The updates included pre-battle scouting, changeable tech buildings, the option to start a new game+ with previously collected "fish-class" ships, emergency repairs, and custom admiral creation—as well as new ships and events.

Official trailersEdit

Daiteikoku Gameplay Trailer

Daiteikoku Gameplay Trailer


Daiteikoku Character Trailer

Daiteikoku Character Trailer


Daiteikoku Story Trailer

Daiteikoku Story Trailer


Daiteikoku OP (English Subbed)

Daiteikoku OP (English Subbed)



Announced September 2012, a figurine of Mikado is announced for January 2013.

Figurines of Retia Adolf were announced for Feb 2012 and July 2013.


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