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Daiakuji foreplay 2
Daiakuji: The Xena Buster
Type OVA
Episodes 8
Status Finished
Aired Nov 27, 2003 to May 27, 2005
Producers Green Bunny
Genres Hentai, Action
Duration 30 min.
Rating Rx - Hentai


The anime adaptation based upon Alicesoft's first game in the Dai Series, Daiakuji. The overall series consists of six total episodes, featuring two special episodes that are additions to the plot. The anime adapts a slightly different, modified version of one of the routes in the original game, without shying away from the adult featured content the series is known for. The overall premise of the story is very similar to that of the game.


Former juvenile delinquent and POW Solider, Yamamoto Akuji noticed that the world is a totally different place after his release from prison. He experiences Osaka as something very new and strange after he got out of prison. During his imprisonment, the hierarchical structure flipped upside down, making it a world where the women dominated over men. Militia, churches, businesses and private businesses are operated by a female figure. Men were powerless, being controlled and enslaved by the women in Osaka. Being angered by the situation, Akuji and his partner Satsu begin their payback by teaching the stuck-up women in Osaka a little lesson...


  1. Why? Why? Daiakuji
  2. The Return of Daiakuji
  3. Fight Back
  4. Battle of Lusty Nuns
  5. Forbidden Lust - Yumi God
  6. Sexy Freedom Fighters
  7. Last of Inabella
  8. Sat-chan's Story

Various Characters[]