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Tutorial (Kikuko route)[]

Daiakuji playthroughs are never the same. So here is just one of my gameflows. There might be other or even better ways to unite japan. I am aiming for Kikuko and will "clear" the start characters (Aoba, Kako, Tomoko, Oosugi, Shimamoto, Yuuko...) and get as many items on my first walkthrough as possible. So next time you start a game it will be much easier. If you want to go for another heroine you can still follow this walkthrough the first seven weeks. The start will be very detailed so you get a better access to this game. This walkthrough covers the first four month. You should be able to do well on your own then. It is really worth spending the time ^_°

There is a big luck factor in this game. I would advise you to reload if things are working out in a too bad way (especialy at the start of the game). This game is really not the easiest one I played!

Consolidating independent districts[]

Month 1 Week 1[]

  • Go to the city council in Haruse (top yellow region). You will meet Tsuki, who is supervising your group. He will raise your group support to 400.000 each month and you are able to attack other regions now.
  • Talk to Aoba and train her (She gets her skill "Mercy")
  • Put Akuji, Aoba & Kako in Heguri
  • Attack & Defend @ Heguri with Akuji, Aoba & Kako (attack with Akuji/Kako and try to capture them)

Well, my two battles in Heguri went out great. I managed to capture all three green female guards and Akuji/Kako were hit only 1x/2x. This is important because we will need Akuji with high HP in Hakua, our next target region.

  • Aoba lv up (I choose to raise her attack)

Month 1 Week 2[]

  • Recruit the elemenary schoolgirl (fifth choice, I think the others are useless and I never use any of them.), her wage is 50 and she collects 150.
  • Make <3 to all three guards (top choice, appear only for female captives). The next time you <3 them they will join you and their salary is cut to half. (You can try to torture them to get money & items. You may get 2000 for example and this will help a lot in this phase. But I think it is better to recruit them. While they are generic characters, they are very good for region management. Plus you can get only 3 or 5 of them every playthrough.)
  • Recruit Shimamoto (3rd event in Midorigaoka)
  • Talk to Tomoko & train her (She gets her skill "Smoke")
  • Put the elementary schoolgirl in Midorigaoka and Akuji, Aoba, Kako, Tomoko & Shimamoto in Hakua
  • Attack & Defend @ Hakua (You should try to capture everyone. If you start with Shimamoto the KI will always use a dog ^_°. You have to hit Nagasaki 3x with Akuji and 1x with another character)

My first two attemps were really bad. Akuji couldn't counterattack Nagasaki once! The third try on the other hand was nearly perfect. I've managed to capture Nagasaki with his three dogs. Akuji triggered a fate point and was hit only 2x (24/65 HP), Shimamoto (21/42 HP).

  • Kako Mirai lv up (I decide to raise her chance to hit)


I won't mention this again. There is a very big luck factor in this game! You should reload if things are going out too bad, because the game can sometimes be really frustrating (unless you depise try & load of course, but then you will have it really tought in this game, so be warned). You should also attack Hakua only if Akuji has 55HP+, because Nagasaki deals 18 damage and has a 90% chance to hit. Rest your wounded characters and fully conquer Heguri first instead.

Month 1 Week 3[]

  • The prostitute trainers Tamanegi, Koharu & Senju are offering you their service (unless you want to build Gal's Burger shops or aiming for Minka you should accept their offer). Accept by choosing the top choice.
  • Make <3 to the female guards and they will join you this time, give the animals to the zoo (bottem choice, you will get a special "fish" item (+ 20 to HP, Attack, Hit, Evade for your wife) after 10x from Hikage, the prison warden), ask Nagasaki to join you (top choice, after three attemps he will agree)
  • Visit the hot springs (event in Kaneshita, it's on the top next to the purple regions), you will stumble into Hajime, a purple haired guy. He will join you the next time you meet him here. Hajime's evasion is great (90), but his attack power is pitiful (2). However he will lv up every time you do. He also has rich parents and will give you 1000 everytime you talk to him when you are tight.
  • Talk to Shimamoto & train with him (He gets his Skill "support hit 10%", the next time you talk to Shimamoto he can reduce your subordinate's salary)
  • Let Akuji, Kako & Shimamoto rest (drag them out of the map), leave Tomoko & Aoba in Hakua and add a guard there, put the other two guards in Midorigaoka (public order will be 110% in both places)
  • Attack & Conquer Hakua


The 3rd week every month is very important. In this phase you are collecting money. It might be also a good idea to take over the shop in Midorigaoka (+150 collectability in Midorigaoka) and fully conquer Heguri this turn (300 can be collected here, put enough people to collect all the money if you do so). However, I choosed a more aggressive strategie.

Month 1 Week 4[]

  • Recruit the elementary schoolgirl (fifth choice, It is random, if you get the choice to recruit them. It's ok if you don't, you won't really depend on them)
  • We are with 140 in the debt. But this is not a big problem. By clicking the red button on the left-bottom we can borrow 5000. We have to pay 5500 back in parts every month (12 * 450 and 1 * 100) from now on, but this is definitely something you must do!
  • Ask Nagasaki to join you
  • Build a rest home in Midorigaoka (bottom building on the right/cost 1000, it will increase the loyality of the people you stationed there) and a prostitute training pavilion in Hakua (second top building on the right/cost 500, Tamanegi will show you your first prostitute Noemi), Visit Kaneshita and Hajime will join you
  • Talk & Train with Hajime (He gets his skill "Evasion Up")
  • Let Tamanegi train Noemi (Drag the yellow tablet on Noemi)
  • Put the new elementary schoolgirl in Hakua; Akuji, Aoba, Kako, Tomoko, Shimamoto & Hajime in Kofun
  • Attack & Defend @ Kofun (You should kill the ostrich & try to capture the rest, you also need 1 influence point from your first attack)

I have really too much luck ^_^. On my first try I could kill the ostrich and capture the three dogs and two apes. -> All six people lv up. HP: Akuji (56/65), Aoba (3/30), Shimamoto (36/42).

  • Akuji (attack up), Aoba, Kako & Shimamoto (hit up), Tomoko (HP up, she is so bad overall without her "smoke", I think it's the best just to push her HP, so she can receive some beating), Hajime (HP up, Hajime's character clear is to be 20 points better than you in HP, Attack, Hit & Evade. We start working on it.)

The first month is over and if you managed to do all this I would say that you're having a great start. Don't forget to save your game regularly. We start our second month now.

Month 2 Week 1[]

  • Oosugi joins you.
  • Ask Nagasaki again and he will join you this time, put the animals in Zoo.
  • Take over the "withering well" in Hakua, it's a dungeon we want to explore next turn.
  • Talk & train with Oosugi (Akuji & Oousuki get their Skills (Preemtive Strike & Damage 200%/250%))
  • Noemi training 50% (there are three lvl: novice, experienced, master, the higher the lv the more money they can earn)
  • Put Aoba, Kako, Tomoko, Shimamoto, Nagasaki & Hajime in Hakua
  • Attack Kofun with Akuji & Oosugi 2x -> Kofun conquered

Month 2 Week 2[]

  • Satsu joins you.
  • Explore the dungeon in Hakua now. (+500 Money & "special bomb" item, ~ 60 exp, try not to use Nagasaki in this dungeon too much)
  • Talk to Shimamoto & reduce your subordinates salary (Aoba is working for free :P)(correction: randomly lowers the wage of one of your subs by 10 or 20, maz lead to Aoba's, Kako's or Tomoko's salary drop to zero)
  • Noemi can work as a novice prostitute now
  • Let Aoba, Kako, Tomoko & Hajime rest; put Akuji in Heguri; Shimamoto, Nagasaki, Oosugi & Satsu in Danjiri; one female guard in Kofun & one in Hakua
  • Attack & Conquer Heguri
  • Attack Danjiri (Kill the elite Yakuza and capture the ape & woman)
  • Aoba, Kako, Akuji & Oosugi (attack up); Tomoko & Hajime (HP up); Shimamoto, Nagasaki & Satsu (hit up)

Month 2 Week 3[]

  • Invitation from Nozomi to visit Kishin's mansion in Heguri
  • Give the ape to the zoo, send the woman to the prostitute training pavilion (fourth of fifth choice, depends if you can torture or not)
  • Build a moneyshark in Kofun (third building on the left/cost 500, it will provide you with 200 every month from now on), a brothel in Heguri (two prostitutes can work in a brothel)
  • Visit Funai and raise Tamanegi's prostitute training skill (5 -> 6)
  • Talk & Train with Oosugi
  • Make Noemi and the other woman work (drag the red tablet over them)
  • Let Shimamoto rest; Put Akuji, Oosugi, Satsu, Nagasaki, Aoba & Tomoko in Funai; Kako in Kofun (where you built the money shark), and arrange the others to max out your income
  • Attack Funai and kill the two elite yakuza; attack again to conquer funai.
  • Akuji, Oosugi (attack up); Satsu (hit up)

Month 2 Week 4[]

  • Kako will drag Kaneda in your office & he joins you (He is a good money collector with wage 100 and collect 300, however he will badmouthing your other subordinates in the same region as him and their loyality will decrease, if he is alone in a region so he can't badmouthing anyone his loyality will drop. You have to put him with one character whose loyality won't drop. Yuuko e.g. is perfect for this job. In Minka's route you would be able to get an item for him, to stop his badmouthing.)
  • Our Money decrease and is at 1150 now.
  • Visit the Nogi residense in Ashiya (I want to go for Kikuko now. You can go for someone else if you want to. If you could follow the wakthrough up to now, your start is very good anyway. Perhaps I would have conquered Ashiya earlier. ^_°)
  • Noemi back to training
  • A guy appeared in Danjiri (We can't conquer this region with 1 attack right now), so we're putting Oosugi & Aoba there; Akuji, Kako, Tomoko, Nagasaki, Satsu & Hajime go to Kaneshita; Shimamoto should stay with Kaneda in Funai for now (You should put a character in each region you control to keep the public order, I won't mention this anymore from now on)
  • Attack Kaneshita and kill the two elite yakuza, attack again & conquer it
  • Defend @ Danjiri
  • Akuji, Oosugi (attack up), Aoba, Satsu (hit up), Tomoko (HP up)

The second month is over and there are only three more independent regions we want to conquer (Danjiri, Kuromon, Nanko). Hinode will be left untouched this walkthrough for Sanada's character clear. Wakame Yakuza(the green group on the map) will start attacking us May 1st week. We still have one month left for preparations.

Month 3 Week 1[]

  • Yuuko joins your group. (She can raise your H-Skill if you make <3 to her. It's also game over if she dies.)
  • Visit general Nogi (2nd time)
  • Talk & Train with Nagasaki (he gets his skill "Mercy")
  • Let Nagasaki rest, Put Akuji, Aoba, Tomoko, Oosugi, Satsu & Hajime in Kuromon; leave Kako in Midorigaoka to raise her loyality. (Don't ever put Kako in Kuromon unless you really want to...)
  • Attack Kuromon (Take down the invincible guy (Kawahara Iori) to 1HP, capture a guy and kill the rest)
  • Kawahara Iori will offer Kuromon's surrender and we accept (upper choice). (if you refuse you can make him a subordinate or his girlfriend a prostitute, however accepting will chara clear Iori & his girlfriend Shizu)
  • Satsu (attack up); Hajime (HP up)

Month 3 Week 2[]

  • Torture the captive (if you can't just kill him or reload)
  • Tsuki your supervisor in the city council tells you that he needs 500 within one month for bribing (don't forget this)
  • Visit general Nogi (3rd time)
  • Talk & Train with Oosugi
  • Noemi lv up
  • Let Akuji, Oosugi rest; Leave Aoba, Kako, Tomoko in Midorigaoka (you should know by now why...); Put Satsu, Nagasaki & Shimamoto in Danjiri (to get 1exp when you attack it)
  • Attack & Conquer Danjiri
  • Akuji (HP up), Oosugi (attack up)

Month 3 Week 3[]

  • Torture the captive (2nd time)
  • Visit general Nogi (4th time)
  • Talk & Train with Oosugi
  • Change Noemi to "work"
  • Put Akuji, Oosugi, Aoba, Kako, Nagasaki, Satsu in Nanko; max out your region collectability (1130 total)
  • Attack Nanko & kill the two yakuza
  • Akuji (evasion up (I want to chara clear Hajime this walkthrough, so I will raise Akuji's evasion up to 70. If you raise other stats too much, there is a high chance, that Hajime might not able to cath up. Don't bother with it if you don't want to, it is better just to raise attack, hit & a little HP in this case)); Oosugi, Kako (hit up); Aoba (attack up); Satsu (HP up)

Month 3 Week 4[]

  • Hajime receives a letter from his parents (Finaly!!! We do need this guys money badly xD)
  • Our income is 2040 while our expenses are 1820. Our economy starts to get better. We have 340 right now.
  • Torture the captive (3rd time, If you get an item it will be the "Hanijipo" There is a fixed order in wich you get the items from tortured captives. Characters using this item will be revived if they die, while the item disappears. It does not work on Akuji, Satsu or Yuuko thought.)
  • Raise Tamanegi's training skill in Funai
  • Talk & Train with... you guess it?^^ Hajime (He gives us 1000)
  • Start training Noemi again
  • Let Akuji, Nagasaki rest; Aoba, Kako & Tomoko will stay in Midorigaoka; Oosugi, Satsu, Hajime & Shimamoto are in Nanko
  • Attack Nanko & Conquer it

The third month is over. We managed to take over all the independent regions around Wakame Yakuza. Our economy is stable and with full rested characters we are well prepaired to fight against Wakame now. You can abuse Hajime and get 1000 from him every week if your money is tight. This will make the game really easy in the financial aspect. However, I consider this a bug and won't call him for money again. While you could attack Wakame Yakuza earlier in "my" opinion it is the best to take over the independent regions first.

  • In case couldn't follow this walkthrough and haven't conquered all the regions mentioned yet, do it later. Rest your characters now and prepare for Wakame's attack the next week!

Fighting the Wakame[]

Wakame Yakuza is the green group on the map. Is has a few very interresting characters Ichihashi Ran, Kaga Motoko, Tsujiya Haruko, Kaga Tarou & Morita Ai. They all have their own chara clears, can be captured and become your subordinate/prostitute (check the character clear section for more infos). And if you followed the walkthrough you will also know the reason why I've raised/kept the attack from Akuji (32), Oosugi (42), Satsu (28) Nagasaki (18) now :)

Month 4 Week 1[]

  • Shimamoto will remind you to give Tsuki the money, there is Chaos in Kuromon (I suggest to take care of the public order only if there is chaos (you get an old man to join you, wage 0/ collect 50/ good order management) or on the third week to collect the full money)
  • Meet Tsuki in Haruse and give him the money (- 500)
  • Talk & Train with Oosugi
  • Motoko Kaga will definietly attack your homebase with 5 other Yakuza. It's scripted so you can prepare your defense. She is your childhood friend, secretly loves you and is one of your potential wifes (her chara clear is to get married with you). You can't have her & her father as a subordinate thought. Because we're aiming for Kikuko this walkthrough, we will capture her and she sadly has to work as a prostitute. (It's really heartbreaking to send someone who loves you in the training pavilion. Later when you inspect her training, she also starts crying ;_;)
  • Akuji, Aoba, Kako, Tomoko & Satsu are placed in Ikoma; Oosugi, Nagasaki Hajime & Shimamoto will defend Midorigaoka (We will take the first strike, Wakame will start to attack us this turn anyway)
  • Attack Ikoma. Morita Ai (35 HP) defends this Region with four other Yakuza. She is a very good mid range fighter and also the key to the dungeon in Kofun. Capture her & kill the rest, if Akuji has 32 attack you just have to hit her once ;) (You can attack Ikoma again to get more influence & conquer it later, but this is just a waste of money. Once you take over Senri all Wakame regions will become under your control anyway.)
  • Defend in Midorigaoka. Kaga Motoko (45 HP) attacks with three elite yakuza (42 HP) and two woman shooter (20 HP). Capture Motoko (1 Hit with Oosugi), the two women (1 hit with Nagasaki) and kill the rest.
  • We're also getting attacked by five yakuza in Funai. Accept the defense but don't send anyone to fight, our one female guard will loose anyway. Our influence in Funai decreases two points. (if you don't accept the defense you can save 100, but you will also loose three influence points instead.)
  • Akuji (evasion up); Kago, Oosugi (attack up); Tomoko, Satsu, Hajime (HP up)


  • If you want to get Kaga Motoko to become your subordinate don't capture her when she attacks you in Midorigaoka. The third time she attacks you, her father will capture her. Now capture her father & and torture him until he tells you that she is captured in Senri. After taking over Senri you can select a special event there to rescue her. She will become your subordinate. To marry her talk to her a few times.

Month 4 Week 2[]

  • Shimamoto gives you 5000 (He will do this whenever you are at war with either Wakame Yakuza, Faith Group or Momoyama Pair(PM) and you have < 1000. There is a second time where he gives you 4.750 but sadly not a third ^_°)
  • Make <3 to Morita Ai (after three times she will join you); Send the woman captives and Kaga Motoko to the pavilion to become prostitutes (there is nothing else you could do with Motoko once you captured her)
  • Talk to general Nogi. He will give his two bodyguards Ootani Yoshitsugu & Nobi Hikari to you.(Two quite good melee fighters, their loyality never drops and they cost you nothing)
  • Talk & Train with Oosugi
  • Koharu will tell you that Motoko is still a virgin and will take over her training. Noemi lvl up, start training Motoko
  • Attack the five invaders in Funai with Akuji, Oosugi, Kako, Nagasaki & Tomoko (try to capture the women and kill the others)
  • Attack Sakai with Satsu, Otani, Nobi & Aoba. Capture Tsujiya Haruko (30 HP, 1 hit with Satsu) and I managed to capture the other two yakuza, too.
  • Aoba, Oosugi, Nagasaki (attack up); Akuji (evasion up), Kako (hit up), Tomoko (HP up)

And the rest...[]

I've decided to stop the starting tutorial here. By now you should be familiar with the game mechanics and to do well on your own (I doubt anyone would get the same gameflow anyway. This is just a way how the start of a game can look like). I will give you a short summary about the upcomming events and a few points you should note instead.

  • If you conquer Senri, you will also take over all Wakame regions
  • One month after the war starts, Ran will hire Dr. Suteki and his bodyguard Dekao. One month later the doctor will take over Wakame and makes Asami a drug addict [CG]. You should wait until these events occurs. (In case you conquer Senri before, you are able to get Ran. However, you will lose Aoba and won't be able to get Asami, who you need for Oosugi's character clear.)
  • The faith group (purple) on your left is your next target. They will get more and more believers and gain influence over regions without fighting. You have to prevent this by attacking their members. The war with them starts.
  • Ehavilla, the WIME doctor will ask you to cooperate with them. You should refuse (bottom choice), because Hajime will try to rape the girl she gives to you and die!
  • The faith group has the following interesting characters: The futanari leader Yume, Tsukigase Nene (black haired leader), Komiya Youko (red haired leader), Toki Haruka, Tsutsui Asagao and Noyama Meguru. You should definitely recruit Nene in your first walkthrough for Shimamoto's character clear.
  • Conquering Shikina will give you the control over all faith regions.
  • About January the next year you have to duel six characters from Momoyama (Peach Mountain), you have to win this duel or it's game over (Put your six combatants in Midorigaoka a week before). Winning the duel will allow you to choose one of these: "take over Koube", "demand Linda an apology", "get 5.000 (5 million Yen)" and "do nothing"
  • PM will attack you and the war with them starts. PM has 9 characters with their own character clear.
  • When you manage to take over enough PM regions or after some time passes the city council will give the regions you conquered back to them. (I suggest you to take your time here.)
  • You decide to attack the city council and to change the Mayor. (Again it's the best to do this on the last week. You get more time for city management e.g.)
  • The election phase with Yuuko or Satsu. (I would choose Yuuko, because this is her character clear)
  • After that you can attack PM again and this time fully conquer them.
  • Conquering Hirakata and taking over the PM head quarter will give you control over all PM regions.
  • UIMII will invite you and you have to attack them to finish the game (bottom choice)

I hope this tutorial will help you a little to enjoy this fantastic game. ^_^

~ Vju


Kikuko's route[]

The walkthrough above has given you instructions to go through her route. Keep talking to Nogi Shigehiko. After numerous visits, a dialogue choice shows up. One of them gets you Kikuko. Forgot clearing condition, probably automatic when clear game.

Motoko's route[]

Follow the instructions to marry her.

Minka's route[]

Visit her 4 times to raise affection. After defeating the Wakame, she'll ask you to make a choice. Abandon the dirty life and you'll be able to marry her (which places a notable of handicap on you for the rest of the game).

Henri's route[]

You need to clear Minka first, then when starting a new game one of the options will replace Minka with her. Then keep visiting her until she disappears. You'll find a dungeon, get to the bottom to have the choice to save her or get some item(?) and lose her.

Satsu's route[]

You need to clear all the other heroines first (not sure if include Henri). Then when starting a new game you'll be given the choice of getting her route.

== Defeating Ippatsu == Some tips to help defeat Ippatsu:

  1. Get the Bnny Mask item to reduce his damage
  2. Increase levels
  3. Increase attack power
  4. Increase accuracy

External link[]

If you can't understand Japanese, download some Japanese translator programs (ex. Atlas) to use, else you can use some Japanese translator online websites or tools (ex. Google Translator tools).