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Combat System

EXP - Experience.Edit

Experience is needed for leveling up
Each time your character levels up, you can choose to increase Attack (+3), Hit (+4), Evasion (+2), HP (+5) or Luck (+1). The left number is Current EXP gained. The right number is Levelup EXP. If Current EXP gained is higher than Levelup EXP, any excess experience will simply disappear.

EXP is mainly gained through battles:

  • It is split among participants - all characters get the same amount, as a fraction of the total for the battle.
    • Note that getting more characters increases your turns in battle, however, so you can still gain more attacks and thus overall exp with more characters
  • It is based on attacks and kills:
    • Successful attack = 10exp
    • Successful kill = 50exp
      • Ostrich gives 150exp for getting killed instead
    • Note that although capturing an enemy denies exp, it has many other uses

Characters can also gain EXP by training with Akuji.

  • Characters will get half of their current level's EXP to a maximum of 100. This can overflow into the next level.
  • Exception is training with Oosugi, in which case both Oosugi and Akuji gain a fixed 70 EXP increase.




There are three types of Range:

  • Short range (近) - have an increased chance to follow through with an attack after getting hit (see stamina section)
  • Medium range (中) - hit short range first, preventing them from continuing the attack unless they successfully counter
  • Long range (遠) - hit both short or medium range first, preventing them from continuing the attack unless they successfully counter

Because of the increased counter for short range, this in effect creates a rock, paper, scissors relationship.


Skills are normally acquired by training with a character. All skills are for use in battle.

Additionally, some skills can be upgraded. Upgradeable skills have a 1/3 chance of being upgraded when you train the character.

HP - Health Points.Edit

If a character's HP is reduced to zero, he/she will die. If a character isn't stationed anywhere, they regain 50% of their max HP per turn.


Stamina is used to perform attacks (1 SP) and skills (2 SP). 1 SP is recovered per turn if a character is stationed in a region, even if they engaged in battle. 3 SP are recovered if a character is not stationed anywhere.

Stamina is also used to calculate counter in Daiakuji. (Unlike Daibanchou, there is no hidden counter stat). The counter rate is the chance of following through with an attack even after getting hit.

  • Counter rate = current stamina / max stamina
  • For short range characters (not medium), there are 2 calculations,
    1. using the standard counter rate
    2. if 1 fails, then a second calculation with a fixed 30% chance


Luck gives you a chance that enemy won't attack. Each occurrence (25% random chance) costs you 1 Luck. Luck can only be recovered when a character has full HP and Stamina (1 per turn).


The amount of damage a character does with their normal attack.


The character's accuracy.


The character's ability to dodge attacks.

Type & AdvantageEdit

Your chances to hit go up by 30 when your have Advantage against enemy's Type.
There are 9 different types: Yamamoto clan, Gangster, Man, Woman, Cultist, Animal, Foreigner, Mysterious, and Fantasy.

Daiakuji political system

Political System


The character's ability to keep the peace in the region they are stationed in.


The amount of money the character earns while stationed in a region. Note that characters cannot earn more than the region's total income limit.

Important note: Income from a territory is earned on the last week of the month. Station your characters to receive income on the 3rd week of the month for this stat to matter. It does not appear to have any effect during the other 3 weeks.


How much the character takes as payment.


The character's current loyalty. When it drops to zero, he will disappear.
Can be restored by H'ing characters or giving them additional payment. Some facilities and items can also slow or restore some loyalty.

Loyalty TypeEdit

There are four Loyalty Types: Duty (仁義), Lust (愛欲), Greed (物欲), Coercion (脅迫).
Loyalty of characters with Duty and Coercion never drops.
Characters with Lust usually require less payment than the ones with Greed.

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