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Before an organized guide is added, please refer to the raw chat log below.

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The Daiakuji Guide[]

Draft Verison 2.0. Collected by Afker, #Alice_In_Hgameland, Dalnet

Last revised May 4, 2002. Last edited Jan 20, 2006 for clean language

Since it's a direct transcript of conversions, it's going to be very confusing. Read at your own risk (also, not all info gaurenteed to be correct/consistent).

A revised (ie, organized) guide will come out sometime in June if people bug me enough.

Right now there are 3 chapters. Chapter 1 is long. Chapters 2 & 3 are LONG. Chapter 1 was in version 0.1, and chapters 2 & 3 are added in version 2.0. Enjoy!

Development Version

Chapter 1: Basic Background[]

[04:32] <Afker> anyways, so which AliceSoft game shall we discuss today?
[04:32] <Elementasts> Daiakuji XD
[04:33] <Afker> k
[04:33] <Afker> Daiakuji is set in a parallel universe
[04:33] <Elementasts> hmmm
[04:33] <Afker> America is an extreme Feminist society
[04:34] <Afker> Japan just lost WWII
[04:34] <Afker> so there's a American army presence in Japan
[04:34] <Elementasts> hmmm
[04:35] <Elementasts> sounds good
[04:35] <Afker> you grandpa runs the biggest mafia/gangster group in Oosaka
[04:35] <Afker> your name is Yamamoto Akuji
[04:36] <Elementasts> I thought Japan lost?
[04:36] <Afker> so you naturally grew up with the black society
[04:36] <Afker> during the war, you were captured by the Americans
[04:36] <Afker> but after the war, you get to go home
[04:37] <Afker> XCal, you have toshin toshi 2?
[04:37] <Elementasts> aaaah
[04:37] <Elementasts> the evil god thingie
[04:37] <Xcaliberium> and pick if you wanna give good luck or let the bad luck get them
[04:37] <Afker> I played the demo
[04:37] <Afker> it was fun
[04:38] <Xcaliberium> it even has Tentacles and Brother + mom Action
[04:38] <Afker> demo of mamorigamisama
[04:38] <Elementasts> oh man
[04:38] <Xcaliberium> oh and the aliens abductions
[04:38] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:38] <Xcaliberium> wish it were longer
[04:39] <Xcaliberium> never played it
[04:39] <Xcaliberium> what is toshi about?
[04:44] <Afker> ok
[04:44] <Afker> so back to daiakuji
[04:44] <Afker> after you come home to japan
[04:44] <Elementasts> k
[04:44] <Afker> you find that your grandpa left the mafia organization
[04:44] <Afker> his mistress now controls thigns
[04:44] <Afker> and she doesn't like you
[04:45] <Elementasts> where's your grandpa?
[04:45] <Afker> so you get beaten up
[04:45] <Xcaliberium> H the mistress H the mistress
[04:45] <Elementasts> I wanna know what happened to grandpa
[04:45] <Afker> Xcal: you can, but no strong enough yet
[04:45] <Afker> the grandpa just decided to leave or something
[04:45] <H-junkie> u get thrown outta de organization i guess
[04:45] <Afker> yeah
[04:45] <H-junkie> den u gotta start a new org
[04:45] <Afker> not quite
[04:45] <H-junkie> n overthrow ur grandpa's mistress
[04:46] <H-junkie> eh?
[04:46] <H-junkie> not quite?
[04:46] <Afker> you don't start one
[04:46] <Xcaliberium> you join a rival one?
[04:46] <H-junkie> u steal one?
[04:46] <Afker> you find one that's started, and..
[04:46] <Afker> yeah
[04:46] <Xcaliberium> even butter
[04:46] <Afker> mmm
[04:46] <Xcaliberium> err better
[04:46] * Afker realizes that almost sounded like rance 5
[04:46] <H-junkie> ah n crawl from de bottem
[04:47] <Afker> no
[04:47] <Xcaliberium> maybe it is in a different reality
[04:47] <Xcaliberium> of time
[04:47] <Afker> haha
[04:47] <Afker> anyways
[04:47] <Afker> before we go anyfurthur
[04:47] <Xcaliberium> or Rances great great great great great grandson
[04:47] <Afker> let's explain the political system there
[04:47] <H-junkie> woah
[04:47] <H-junkie> deep complicated stuff
[04:47] <Afker> the City of Oosaka is divided into different... county/regions
[04:48] * Xcaliberium is so confused a qaurter seems complex
[04:48] <Elementasts> this will make for even more complicated gaming nights XD
[04:48] <H-junkie> lol
[04:48] <Afker> various organizations control different regions
[04:48] <Afker> of oosaka
[04:48] <Afker> and they would fight each other for control over regions
[04:48] <Afker> there's a city council that oversees the conflicts between organizations
[04:48] <Elementasts> how many regions are there?
[04:49] <Afker> tons
[04:49] <Elementasts> man
[04:49] <Afker> at least 20
[04:49] <Xcaliberium> can you buy nukes? or bio weapons?
[04:49] <Elementasts> thats gonna be a long game
[04:49] <Afker> youc an't buy them
[04:49] <Afker> the americans have the nuke
[04:49] <Elementasts> steal?
[04:49] <Xcaliberium> how about swords?
[04:49] <Afker> can't get it
[04:49] <Afker> nah
[04:49] <Xcaliberium> what timeline?
[04:49] <Afker> this is mob fighting
[04:49] <Afker> right after WWII
[04:49] <Xcaliberium> far future with sabers
[04:49] <Elementasts> tommy guns
[04:49] <Afker> in parallel universe
[04:49] <H-junkie> omg
[04:49] <Xcaliberium> oh
[04:49] <Elementasts> like dose gangsters
[04:50] <Xcaliberium> who won WW2
[04:50] <H-junkie> mob fightin most primitiveof all fightin styles
[04:50] <Afker> US
[04:50] <Elementasts> Feminist America
[04:50] <Elementasts> XD
[04:50] <Afker> yup
[04:50] <Xcaliberium> so in this game US won?
[04:50] <Afker> yeah
[04:50] <Xcaliberium> so how is it parrallel
[04:50] <H-junkie> de diff is US take control of Japan
[04:50] <Afker> US is feminist
[04:51] <Afker> it doesn't completely "control" japan
[04:51] <Xcaliberium> well some much for everything tasting like chicken
[04:51] <Xcaliberium> guess it is choclate now
[04:51] <Afker> but has a strong military presence, and hence heavy influence
[04:51] <H-junkie> but theres sum influence
[04:51] <H-junkie> i c
[04:51] <H-junkie> wait a got heavy military influence in jap too now
[04:51] <Afker> so, there are several organizations right now in oosaka
[04:51] <Afker> city council controls 2
[04:52] <Afker> the Americans stationed at one
[04:52] <Afker> your grandpa's old organization controls most of Oosaka
[04:52] <Afker> there's a river that cuts off 1/3 of oosaka, and that 1/3 is controled by PM
[04:52] <Afker> that's in the east
[04:53] <Afker> to the far west a religious group (we'll just call it the Cult) controls a few regions
[04:53] <Afker> there are a few independent ones
[04:53] <Afker> and a "YMCA" kind of group (not religious or anyting, but just young people service group) controls one region
[04:55] <Afker> so
[04:55] <Afker> after you got beaten up by the old group
[04:56] <Afker> you were found by this YMCA group
[04:56] *** Sp|47 has joined #Alice_In_Hgameland
[04:56] <Elementasts> ok
[04:57] <Afker> they thought you are a random bad guy
[04:57] *** H-junkie has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[04:57] *** Sp|47 is now known as H-junkie
[04:57] <Afker> so you fought them
[04:57] <Afker> and you lost (cuz you just got beaten up by your grandpa's old gang)
[04:57] <Delphox> H-junkie?
[04:57] <Delphox> are you here?
[04:57] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:57] <H-junkie> yep
[04:57] <H-junkie> got dc
[04:57] <Afker> however
[04:58] <H-junkie> damn did i miss nething on daiakuji
[04:58] <Afker> after they brought you back to their HQ, you managed to trick them
[04:58] <Delphox> hey afker?
[04:58] <Elementasts> trick?
[04:58] <H-junkie> ahhh...
[04:58] <Afker> Del: yes?
[04:58] * H-junkie concentrates on narrative
[04:58] <H-junkie> doh
[04:58] <H-junkie> u just have to interrupt delphox
[04:58] <H-junkie> lol
[04:59] <Afker> you told them you can make this really good food
[04:59] <Afker> and one of the girls of the YMCA group really likes eating
[04:59] <Delphox> ups sorry H-junkie... ;b
[04:59] <H-junkie> hehe just kiddin XP
[04:59] <Elementasts> XD
[04:59] <Afker> so she released you so you can make them food
[04:59] <Elementasts> hahaha
[04:59] <H-junkie> food?
[04:59] <Afker> but instead, you XXXed them
[04:59] <H-junkie> LOL
[04:59] <H-junkie> dats sum revenge
[04:59] <Afker> and when their leader came back, you XXXed her
[05:00] <H-junkie> hahaha
[05:00] <Afker> and took control of YMCA
[05:00] <Afker> that's the beginning of the story
[05:00] <Elementasts> and then you XXX a whoel lot more XD
[05:00] <Afker> your goal: to rule over oosaka
[05:02] <Afker> basically, you were so good in bed (technically, you didn't do it in bed...), the girls fall in love with you
[05:02] <Elementasts> hehe
[05:15] <Afker> for daiakuji,
[05:15] <Afker> each region needs to be governed
[05:15] <Elementasts> hmm
[05:15] <Afker> in order to collect "Protection Fee"
[05:16] <Afker> also to reduce crime rate
[05:16] <Elementasts> hehe
[05:16] <Elementasts> reduce
[05:16] <Afker> (ie, crime not committed by you)
[05:16] <Elementasts> oh
[05:16] <Afker> the lower the crime rate (safer), the more fees you can collect
[05:17] <Afker> but also depends on the basic "collectibility" of each region
[05:17] <Elementasts> money potential?
[05:17] <Afker> and the "collect ability" of people you stationed there
[05:17] <Afker> yeah
[05:17] <Afker> so collectbility is max money you can get from each region
[05:18] <Afker> but if your ppl stationed there only able to collect 50, then even if collectibility is 500, you'll only get 50
[05:18] <Afker> each region you can have one building
[05:18] <Afker> it can be some crome control thing (one of them do weird radio wave to reduce crime)
[05:18] <Afker> some are vending machines
[05:19] <Elementasts> hmm
[05:19] <Afker> working girl houses
[05:19] <Elementasts> O_o
[05:19] <Afker> "training center"
[05:19] <Afker> etc
[05:19] <Elementasts> I thought this was a combat game?
[05:20] <Afker> combat and govern
[05:20] <Elementasts> k
[05:20] <Afker> turn based
[05:20] <Afker> each turn is one week
[05:21] <Afker> each week you can do one "region action" (like the Rance 5 city action)
[05:21] <Afker> then you can interact with one subordinate
[05:21] <Afker> (train, talk, H)
[05:21] <Afker> (reward)
[05:22] <Elementasts> is it as complicated as Rance 5?
[05:22] <Afker> simpler
[05:22] <Afker> or, in most ways simpler
[05:22] <Afker> each subordinate has this "royality" stat
[05:22] <Afker> also there's a "Royality type"
[05:23] <Elementasts> loyalty?
[05:23] <Afker> yeah
[05:23] <Afker> d-:
[05:24] <Elementasts> k
[05:24] <Afker> types include: "Material Desire", "Love Desire", and "Unconditional"
[05:24] <Afker> "unconditional" reflects bad translation on my part
[05:24] <Elementasts> hehe
[05:24] <Elementasts> maybe slave type?
[05:24] <Afker> it really means the person is serving you out of principle, as opposed to desire
[05:25] <Afker> no
[05:25] <H-junkie> basicly faithful to u
[05:25] <Afker> like a true loyal friend, wife,
[05:25] <Afker> yeah
[05:25] <H-junkie> unwaverin support n loyalty :D
[05:25] <Afker> looks up to you
[05:25] <Afker> yup
[05:25] <Afker> mmm
[05:25] <Afker> Faith would be a better word
[05:25] <H-junkie> i guess love desire is da best den
[05:25] <H-junkie> lol
[05:26] <H-junkie> x , x n more xxx :D
[05:26] <Afker> ok, so for Faith type, the loyalty degree will never decrease, and always at 99 (max)
[05:26] <Elementasts> >:D
[05:26] <Afker> the other two types will decrease with time
[05:26] <Afker> giving rewards (money) will increase loyality
[05:27] <Afker> and for Love desire, you can H them to increase loyality
[05:27] <H-junkie> yea
[05:27] <H-junkie> da best
[05:27] <Afker> but how much it increases depends on your "technique" stat
[05:27] <H-junkie> woah...not so easy eh
[05:27] <Afker> some female subordinates might start as Faith or Material desire, but become Love Desire after you H them
[05:28] <H-junkie> ahhh....hidden catch
[05:28] <Afker> if loyalty is too low, they might simply run off and disappear from your organization
[05:28] <Afker> also, like rance 5, if they die in battle, they die
[05:31] <Afker> you can station your subordinate in regions you control, and regions adjacent to the ones you control
[05:31] <Xcaliberium> what is the game called?
[05:31] <Afker> if you station ppl in enemy regions, or if enemy station ppl in your regions, then you can fight
[05:31] <Afker> Daiakuji
[05:31] <H-junkie> literally means big evil sushi
[05:31] <H-junkie> LOL
[05:32] <Afker> eh
[05:32] <Afker> not sushi
[05:32] <Afker> d-:
[05:32] <Afker> there's a max of 6 ppl per side that can be stationed at a region
[05:33] <Afker> during fights
[05:33] <Afker> it's turnbased
[05:33] <H-junkie> 6 onli?
[05:33] <H-junkie> i tot it was a mob figt?
[05:33] <Afker> the number of turns in a fight is the max number of ppl on either side
[05:34] <Afker> so if you have 4 ppl stations, the enemy has 5 ppl stationed, then there will be 5 turns
[05:34] <Afker> d-:
[05:34] <Afker> each turn you pick one person (you can keep picking the same person)
[05:34] <H-junkie> u noe de game too well if u ask me........
[05:34] <Afker> so one from each side attack each other once
[05:34] <Afker> I played it for weeks during winter break
[05:34] <Afker> solved it twice
[05:35] <Afker> d-:
[05:35] <H-junkie> wow....u conquered oosaka twice?
[05:35] <Afker> yeah
[05:35] <Xcaliberium> never went for that 10 games a day beating it each time
[05:35] <Afker> hehe
[05:35] <H-junkie> lol
[05:36] <Afker> I haven't done half the things I can do with that game though
[05:36] <Elementasts> damn
[05:36] <H-junkie> even tho lord afker didn't do half de things in de game u du have to be so fustrated Elementasts
[05:36] * Xcaliberium falls alseeep
[05:37] <Afker> sorry
[05:37] * H-junkie buries Xcaliberium n sticks a "Dig me up ya hear?" sign on top of de mound
[05:37] <Afker> so, fight either ends when all of one side gets killed
[05:37] <Afker> or if number of turns is up
[05:37] <Xcaliberium> I need some sleep been up for like 29 hours now
[05:37] <Afker> if number of turns is up, then the challenger loses
[05:38] <H-junkie> wait a in de given scenario u gave de whole fight will end after 5 turns?
[05:38] <Afker> characters with HP less than 5 risk being captured by the enemy
[05:38] <H-junkie> i c
[05:38] <Afker> yeah
[05:38] <H-junkie> so its a fast fight kinda hting
[05:38] <Afker> capturing is good
[05:39] <Elementasts> cuz you get ot H?
[05:39] <Afker> cuz you can recruit them, h the females, or turtore them to find out secrets
[05:39] <H-junkie> oooh...torture~
[05:39] <Afker> recruit is improtant
[05:39] <Afker> torture never works in one try
[05:40] <Elementasts> torture = H too?
[05:40] <Afker> have to do it multiple times (multiple weeks)
[05:40] <H-junkie> dats y torturin is enjoyable
[05:40] <H-junkie> never works on de first try
[05:40] <H-junkie> :D
[05:40] <H-junkie> but its a waste of turns i guess
[05:40] <Afker> no
[05:40] <Elementasts> torture also gives you H pics right?
[05:41] <Afker> not really
[05:41] <Afker> depends
[05:41] <Afker> for a few characters, yes
[05:41] <H-junkie> de core charaters?
[05:41] <Afker> but after you get stuff from turtoring, the prisoner dies
[05:41] <H-junkie> wow
[05:41] <Afker> some of the core characters, not all
[05:41] <Elementasts> :(
[05:41] <Elementasts> the prisoner dies?
[05:41] <H-junkie> snuff... XD
[05:41] <Elementasts> das bad
[05:42] <H-junkie> too evil
[05:42] <Afker> you can send female captives into training
[05:42] <Afker> working girl training
[05:43] <Afker> there are different levels of working girl
[05:43] <Afker> the higher levels will get you more money
[05:43] <H-junkie> makin prostitution an art
[05:43] <Afker> but takes longer to get to those levels
[05:44] <Afker> on the other hand, the more customers they serve, the less they are worth
[05:44] <Afker> (depreciated)
[05:44] <H-junkie> lol
[05:44] <H-junkie> like a car
[05:44] <Afker> but you can also sell them completely
[05:44] <Afker> sell them out
[05:44] <H-junkie> dats sum badass values de game imparts :P
[05:44] <Afker> cuz there's a max num of working girl you can have
[05:44] <Afker> so sell the onces that don't make as much money
[05:44] <H-junkie> yah
[05:45] <H-junkie> sell de cheap-o sluts
[05:45] <Afker> you sell them to a wealthy ugly guy
[05:45] <H-junkie> they'll onli spread more STDs
[05:45] <Afker> however
[05:45] <Afker> if you marry your childhood sweetheart
[05:46] <Afker> then you won't do turtore (I think), nor have prostitutes
[05:46] <Elementasts> dang
[05:46] <Afker> in taht case, you can send female captives to th Gal-Burger to work
[05:46] <Afker> (it's a fast food place)
[05:46] <H-junkie> lol
[05:46] <H-junkie> kinda soft fer a mafiaso
[05:46] <Afker> one of the things I haven't done yet is to marry her
[05:47] <H-junkie> dun
[05:47] <H-junkie> u gotta be hard n tough to survive de underworld
[05:47] <Afker> also
[05:47] <Afker> like rance 5, each core character can have a "fullfilled" ending
[05:47] <H-junkie> oooh
[05:47] <Afker> if they get that ending, then when you replay the game, they'd be stronger
[05:49] <Afker> each character can learn one special attack through training
[05:49] <H-junkie> dats cool
[05:49] <Afker> some are "amplified damage", "evade up", etc
[05:49] <Afker> my favorite is one that looks like red hammer
[05:50] <H-junkie> wats dat do?
[05:50] <Afker> that's the one that does regular damage, except it'll never kill
[05:50] <H-junkie> ahhh
[05:50] <Afker> so enemy will at least have 1 life left
[05:50] <H-junkie> so u capture all ur enemies
[05:50] <Afker> so you can capture
[05:50] <Afker> yup
[05:50] <H-junkie> ur too kind to be a mafiaso lord afker
[05:51] <Afker> capture is good
[05:51] <Afker> that's how you get most of the core characters to join
[05:51] <H-junkie> in de game sense it it...use everything u can
[05:54] <Afker> I think I covered the basic gameplay
[05:55] <Afker> income/expenditures (protecting fee, salary for subordinates) is calculated at the 4th week of each month I think
[05:55] <H-junkie> at last...sumting ur not sure bout
[05:56] <Afker> either 4th or 1st
[05:56] <Afker> it's been a while
[05:56] <H-junkie> hehe

Chapter 2: "How To Play"[]

Session Start: Fri May 03 00:32:58 2002
* Logging #Alice_In_Hgameland to 'logs\#alice_in_hgameland 5-03.log'
[00:33] <H-junkie> yesh~!!
[00:34] <Afker> hold on, I wanna at least also wait for Elementasts
[00:34] <Elementasts> eh?
[00:34] <Afker> tutorial
[00:34] <Elementasts> k
[00:34] <Afker> getting ready?
[00:35] <Elementasts> how so?
[00:35] <Afker> I'm going to go through first the "how to play" section
[00:35] <Elementasts> ah
[00:37] <Afker> ok
[00:37] <Afker> I'm going to describe the "how to play" section now
[00:38] <Afker> so there, cuz you can also see the same pictures
[00:38] <Afker> after you click on "how to play", a new screen shows up
[00:39] <Afker> with lots of buttons
[00:39] <Afker> the top centered button, don't click on it, plays through all the sections
[00:39] *** kapipo has joined #Alice_In_Hgameland
[00:39] <kapipo> !list
[00:39] <Elementasts> yea
[00:39] <Afker> we will start on the upper left section
[00:39] <Elementasts> I tried that once
[00:39] <Afker> and zig-zag down
[00:40] <Elementasts> wheres H-junkie?
[00:40] <Afker> he was here 7 min ago
[00:40] <Afker> H-junkie: respond
[00:41] <Afker> talk to us, junie
[00:41] <Afker> junkie
[00:41] <Elementasts> :/
[00:41] <Afker> dont' die
[00:41] <Elementasts> DONT DIEEEE
[00:41] <Elementasts> BUHUHUHU
[00:41] <Elementasts> T_T
[00:41] <Elementasts> hehe
[00:42] <Elementasts> I like the music of Daiakuji
[00:42] <Elementasts> fits the setting
[00:42] <Afker> hehe
[00:43] <Afker> so
[00:43] <Afker> the first button on the left
[00:43] <H-junkie> i'm here
[00:43] <Afker> "The very beginning"
[00:43] <Afker> mmm
[00:44] <Afker> wait, it's a bit hard to read... let me parse it
[00:44] <H-junkie> eh?...i'm hete.....
[00:44] <Elementasts> k
[00:44] <Afker> lag?
[00:44] <Afker> anyways
[00:44] <H-junkie> yoo hoo?
[00:44] <Afker> "Good day.  Now is the "How-to Daiakuji" time
[00:44] <H-junkie> no wan can see my text?
[00:44] <Afker> the lecturers are K-Yashi and P-ko
[00:45] <H-junkie> eh?
[00:45] <H-junkie> i dun get it.......
[00:45] <H-junkie> I'M HERE~!!
[00:45] <H-junkie> lol
[00:45] <H-junkie> i c
[00:45] <Afker> H-junkie said "yoo hoo?" at 00:44, right now it's 00:45 for me
[00:46] <Afker> "because Daiakuji is a complicated game, those who are newcomers to simulations games should definitley read this"
[00:46] <Afker> I'm skipping stuff, and summarizing them
[00:46] <Afker> The object of the game, is to unify Oosaka
[00:47] <H-junkie> uh-huh..
[00:48] <Afker> so you conquer lands and expand your territories
[00:48] <H-junkie> eh?
[00:48] <Afker> the way to expand your territories is by fights
[00:48] <H-junkie> K-Yashi.....P-ko?
[00:48] <Afker> by defeating your opponents through fights, you take over their territories
[00:48] <Afker> K-yashi is the guy with green text
[00:49] <H-junkie> lol
[00:49] <H-junkie> serious lag
[00:49] <Afker> P-ko is the girl with purple text
[00:49] <Afker> P: "however, at first you only have 3 girls in your party"
[00:50] <Afker> K: while that's true, it's not impossible to increase your followers
[00:50] <Afker> P: how?
[00:50] <Afker> K: there are different ways
[00:51] *** kazami_hayato has joined #Alice_In_Hgameland
[00:51] <Afker> K: basically, you can capture enemies who you defeated in fights, and bribe them to join
[00:51] <kazami_hayato> ???
[00:51] <kazami_hayato> what is this abour?
[00:51] <Afker> then some stuff I can't translate
[00:51] <Afker> next screen
[00:51] <H-junkie> uh-huh.
[00:51] <Afker> kazami: we are doing Daiakuji tutorial now
[00:52] <kazami_hayato> Z__Z
[00:52] <Afker> the fist thing is to ensure you have enough funds.  fighting requires funds
[00:52] * kazami_hayato goto sleep soon
[00:52] <Afker> to get rid of bad things require funds
[00:53] <Afker> of course paying your followers salary require funds
[00:53] <Afker> next, you need to manage your followers
[00:53] <Afker> if you just leave them there, their loyality will decrease
[00:54] <kapipo> SHINING FINGER SWORD!
[00:54] <Afker> to prevent that, you can give them bonus
[00:54] <Afker> P: and that requries money...
[00:54] <Afker> next screen
[00:54] <Afker> next is area management
[00:55] <Afker> once you control a territory but have no crime control, it'll become a lawless land
[00:55] <H-junkie> daiakuji tutorial
[00:56] <Afker> wow
[00:56] <Afker> H-junkie has series lag
[00:56] <Afker> a 4 min lag maybe
[00:57] <Afker> to run your organization, youcan build various infrastruftures, control businesses and shops, and sometimes take care of incidents that arise
[00:58] <Afker> <don't take my typing as translation word for word btw.  I'm just grabbing what I recognize, and make stuff up about them>
[00:58] <Afker> there are lots of other jobs to do to control the areas
[00:58] <kazami_hayato> hmmm
[00:58] <kazami_hayato> k
[00:58] <Afker> if you andle them well, your organization becomes stronger
[00:59] <Afker> defeat your enemies
[00:59] <Afker> expand territories
[00:59] <AfkServ>  04 (  03 TDCC   04)   T rigger: 04 (  03 Chiho I love you!!!   04)   S ize: 04 (  03 10.9kb   04)   D escription: 04 (  03 Tsumamigui basic gameplay guide version 0.3) Requesting:(See In Ao <AliceSoft game> and words_worth_disc_02.part05.rar   04)   R ecord CPS: 04 (  03 10.9kb/s by AznMTboy   04)   S ends: 04 (  03 0/unlimited   04)   Q ueues: 04 (  03 0/5   04)   D ownloads: 04 (  03 91   04)   04ォ~ 03 {  04 UPP  03 }  04~サ
[00:59] <Afker> then you'll be able to unify Oosaka
[00:59] <Afker> that's the basics
[00:59] <Afker> next button: the top right one
[00:59] <Afker> How to get money (basic chapter)
[01:00] <Afker> next screen
[01:00] <bakabaka> SHINING FINGER SWORD!
[01:00] <Afker> the numbers in green and circled, is the collect ability of each character
[01:00] <Afker> they are added up to a sum that's shown below
[01:01] <Afker> so second row
[01:01] <Afker> the left is the sum of collect ability of all characters
[01:01] <H-junkie> isn't dat good?
[01:01] *** bakabaka has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[01:01] <H-junkie> hey.its u wif de serious lag~!!
[01:01] <Afker> to the immediate right, in yellow box, is the sum of the Helping Fund 
[01:02] <Elementasts> hehe
[01:02] <Elementasts> XD
[01:02] <Afker> really bad lag you have there
[01:02] <H-junkie> its neva ME XD
[01:03] *** Guest29197 is now known as Cyath
[01:03] <Afker> so, the yellow box has the max you can collect from that district
[01:03] <Afker> as you can see, in this district, your characters can collect a max of 200 protection fees
[01:04] <Afker> but the district itself only allows 100 to be collected
[01:04] *** bakabaka has joined #Alice_In_Hgameland
[01:04] <Afker> next screen
[01:04] <Afker> the top character
[01:04] <Afker> has collect ability of 100
[01:04] <Afker> while salary is 200
[01:05] <Afker> the second person, the girl, has collect ability of 100 also, but salary is only 20
[01:05] *** bakabaka has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[01:06] <Afker> K-yashi says: the top guy is an example of a non-economical follower, and the bottom person is an example of economical follower
[01:06] <Afker> P-ko point out that, in the case of the top character, you'll see that he has high battle skills, so still worth it
[01:07] <Afker> <in the background is the monthly finance screen>
[01:07] <Afker> the 500 that got circled, isyour current budget
[01:07] *** kapipo has quit IRC ( )
[01:07] *** kazami_hayato has quit IRC ( )
[01:07] <Afker> the big red button at bottom left is to apply for loans
[01:08] <Afker> at the beginning of the game you should apply for loans
[01:09] <Afker> when doing finances, you should consider firing those who has low collect ability and no battle skills
[01:09] *** Xcaliberium has joined #Alice_in_Hgameland
[01:09] <Xcaliberium> Hello ALl
[01:09] <Xcaliberium> Hello All
[01:09] <Afker> good timing
[01:09] <Xcaliberium> me cable works again aya
[01:09] <Afker> we are in the middle of the tutorial
[01:10] <Xcaliberium> sweeet
[01:10] <Afker> someone can send you the log later
[01:10] <Xcaliberium> k
[01:10] <Afker> run the game
[01:10] <Afker> click on the big "How to play" botton
[01:10] * Xcaliberium just wonders why the evil mistress girl gets raped
[01:10] <Xcaliberium> k
[01:10] <Afker> the doctor guy use drugs and took over the organization
[01:11] <Afker> the huge ogre guy is his follower
[01:11] <Afker> anyways
[01:11] <Afker> you should keep those who have low collect ability, but high battle skills
[01:12] <Xcaliberium> oh
[01:12] <Xcaliberium> k me is there
[01:12] <Elementasts> Ssssh
[01:12] <Cyath> dammit
[01:12] <Afker> other thigns to consider are law enforcement abilities, and loyality types
[01:12] <Afker> hi Cyath!
[01:12] <Cyath> now i really want to play daiakuji...
[01:12] <Cyath> only 5 more hours to go
[01:12] <Afker> you alreayd have to CD image
[01:12] <Afker> are you on 98 or XP?
[01:13] <Afker> 30 min and the 98 friendly version will be done
[01:13] <Afker> the big red button on the bottom right is the fire follower button
[01:13] <Afker> in case you really don't have money to keep them around
[01:13] <Afker> next screen (third one not counting the title)
[01:14] <Afker> you can take over shops and businesses in districts
[01:14] *** Disconnected
[01:14] *** Looking up your hostname...
[01:14] *** Checking Ident
[01:14] *** Got Ident response
[01:14] *** Attempting to rejoin...
[01:14] *** Rejoined channel #Alice_In_Hgameland
[01:14] *** Topic is 'Daiakuji online-tuturial, 12:30 PST in this channel | Comment, discuss, and share AliceSoft games ( ) here, or other innovative H-games | Timers 1 hour+ please | no harassing people '
[01:14] *** Set by Afker on Thu May 02 22:28:22
[01:15] <Afked> >_<"
[01:15] <Afked> the top is after to take over the blue-roof house 
[01:15] <Afked> the middle shows the stats before you take over
[01:15] <Afked> (if you haven't taken over it, the icon for that business will be red)
[01:15] <Afked> anways, you can see that before you took over the "long house", its background is red
[01:16] <Afker> as you can see, in this district, your characters can collect a max of 200 protection fees
[01:16] <Afker> but the district itself only allows 100 to be collected
[01:16] <Afked> and it contributes 0 yen
[01:16] *** bakabaka has joined #Alice_In_Hgameland
[01:16] <Afker> next screen
[01:16] <Afked> omg
[01:16] <Afker> the top character
[01:16] <Afker> has collect ability of 100
[01:16] <Afker> while salary is 200
[01:16] <Afked> bad lag on this server
[01:16] <Afked> I'm seeing text I typed a long time ago
[01:17] <Afker> the second person, the girl, has collect ability of 100 also, but salary is only 20
[01:17] <H-junkie> hmmmm.......
[01:17] *** bakabaka has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[01:17] <Afker> K-yashi says: the top guy is an example of a non-economical follower, and the bottom person is an example of economical follower
[01:18] <Afker> P-ko point out that, in the case of the top character, you'll see that he has high battle skills, so still worth it
[01:18] <Afker> <in the background is the monthly finance screen>
[01:18] <Afker> the 500 that got circled, isyour current budget
[01:18] *** kapipo has quit IRC ( )
[01:18] *** kazami_hayato has quit IRC ( )
[01:18] <Afker> the big red button at bottom left is to apply for loans
[01:18] <Afker> at the beginning of the game you should apply for loans
[01:18] <Afker> when doing finances, you should consider firing those who has low collect ability and no battle skills
[01:18] *** Xcaliberium has joined #Alice_in_Hgameland
[01:18] <Xcaliberium> Hello ALl
[01:18] <Xcaliberium> Hello All
[01:18] <Xcaliberium> me cable works again aya
[01:18] <Afker> good timing
[01:19] <Afker> we are in the middle of the tutorial
[01:19] <Xcaliberium> sweeet
[01:19] <Afker> someone can send you the log later
[01:19] <Xcaliberium> k
[01:19] <Afker> run the game
[01:19] <Afker> click on the big "How to play" botton
[01:19] * Xcaliberium just wonders why the evil mistress girl gets raped
[01:19] <Xcaliberium> k
[01:19] <Afker> the doctor guy use drugs and took over the organization
[01:19] <Xcaliberium> oh
[01:19] <Afker> the huge ogre guy is his follower
[01:19] <Xcaliberium> k me is there
[01:19] <Afker> anyways
[01:19] <Elementasts> Ssssh
[01:19] <Afked> "Ping"
[01:19] <Afker> you should keep those who have low collect ability, but high battle skills
[01:19] <Afker> other thigns to consider are law enforcement abilities, and loyality types
[01:20] <Afker> hi Cyath!
[01:20] <Afker> you alreayd have to CD image
[01:20] <Afker> are you on 98 or XP?
[01:20] <Afker> 30 min and the 98 friendly version will be done
[01:20] *** Afker has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[01:20] <Xcaliberium> 1000 dollar house is for?
[01:20] *** kazami_hayato has joined #Alice_In_Hgameland
[01:20] *** kapipo has joined #Alice_In_Hgameland
[01:21] <AfkServ> testing
[01:21] *** bakabaka has joined #Alice_In_Hgameland
[01:21] *** bakabaka has left #Alice_In_Hgameland
[01:21] <kapipo> !list
[01:21] <kapipo> SHINING FINGER SWORD!
[01:21] <H-junkie> o man.laggin like hell.....
[01:21] <Elementasts> Afker
[01:21] <AfkServ> someone respond to me now
[01:21] <Xcaliberium> ??
[01:21] <AfkServ> so I can see how the lag is
[01:21] <Elementasts> what does the bottom red button do?
[01:22] <AfkServ> [01:13] <Afker> the big red button on the bottom right is the fire follower button
[01:22] <AfkServ> [01:13] <Afker> in case you really don't have money to keep them around
[01:22] <AfkServ> [01:13] <Afker> next screen (third one not counting the title)
[01:22] <AfkServ> [01:14] <Afker> you can take over shops and businesses in districts
[01:22] <AfkServ> [01:14] *** Disconnected
[01:22] <Elementasts> hmmm
[01:22] <Elementasts> pls go on
[01:22] <AfkServ> I'm gong to say "Ping", and someone say "Pong" right after
[01:22] <AfkServ> so I can test the lag
[01:22] *** Sp|47 has joined #alice_in_hgameland
[01:22] <Elementasts> pong
[01:22] <Elementasts> oh man
[01:22] <AfkServ> Ping2
[01:22] <Elementasts> pong
[01:22] <Elementasts> pong
[01:22] <Elementasts> pong
[01:22] <Elementasts> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
[01:22] <Elementasts> hehe
[01:22] <Elementasts> XD
[01:22] <AfkServ> ok
[01:22] <AfkServ> afker is on a laggy server
[01:22] <AfkServ> I mean
[01:22] <H-junkie> i have a 1 min lag at least now.......
[01:22] <AfkServ> yeah
[01:22] <Elementasts> not really
[01:22] <Elementasts> I got both instantly
[01:22] <Elementasts> both pings
[01:22] <Sp|47> o damn....i'm laggin..
[01:22] <AfkServ> Afker didn't see the pong
[01:22] <AfkServ> hav'ent seen the pon yet
[01:23] <Xcaliberium> pong?
[01:23] <AfkServ> he just heard himself say "Hey Cyath"
[01:23] <AfkServ> pong
[01:23] <AfkServ> to xcal
[01:23] <Xcaliberium> your ping reply is 2seconds
[01:23] <AfkServ> that's afkserv
[01:23] <AfkServ> not afker
[01:23] -NickServ- The nick  Afked  is not registered.
[01:23] <Sp|47> ping?
[01:23] <AfkServ> you know it's lagging when you are seeing stuff yourself said 8 minutes ago in the buffer
[01:23] <AfkServ> pong
[01:23] <Sp|47> pong?
[01:23] <AfkServ> wait
[01:23] <Sp|47> ping pong
[01:23] <AfkServ> now h-junkie just said o man, laging like hell
[01:23] <AfkServ> but both of us got it
[01:23] <AfkServ> afker and afkserv
[01:24] <Elementasts> can you resume the tutorial with the part about the red buttong at the right?
[01:24] <AfkServ> maybe h-junkie and after are on the same laggy server
[01:24] <AfkServ> sorry
[01:24] <Xcaliberium> that is fire people he said
[01:24] <Elementasts> yes
[01:24] <Xcaliberium> use it to get rid of people you don't want
[01:24] <Elementasts> but I didnt catch the htings after that
[01:24] <AfkServ> or if you don't have enough moeny to pay everyone
[01:24] [Sp|47 PING]
[01:24] <Elementasts> ok
[01:24] <Elementasts> go on
[01:24] <AfkServ> pong to sp}47
[01:24] <AfkServ> ok
[01:24] <AfkServ> so you alrady heard the next screen?
[01:24] <Sp|47>  [ 12N ]  CTCP  12PING   14reply  from   12AfkServ  : 39.276 seconds 
[01:24] <Elementasts> what next screen?
[01:24] <Sp|47> dats bad
[01:24] <AfkServ> so, before you take control of the "long house", it contributes 0 yen to the max collectability of the district
[01:25] <Sp|47>  [ 12N ]  CTCP  12PING   14reply  from   12Afked  : 1 minute, 19.294 seconds 
[01:25] <Elementasts> wait
[01:25] <Sp|47> dats worse XD
[01:25] <Elementasts> do you want us to go to the next screen now?
[01:25] <AfkServ> yeah
[01:25] <Sp|47> go on, to next screen
[01:25] <Elementasts> k
[01:25] <AfkServ> after the monthly finance
[01:25] <Sp|47> i got all dat u say milord
[01:25] <AfkServ> lemme repeat what I said above
[01:25] <H-junkie> yay
[01:25] <H-junkie> not laggin now
[01:25] <Sp|47>  [ 12N ]  CTCP  12PING   14reply  from   12H-junkie  : 22.332 seconds 
[01:25] <AfkServ> [1:16am] <+Afked> the top is after to take over the blue-roof house
[01:25] <AfkServ> [1:16am] <+Afked> the middle shows the stats before you take over
[01:25] <AfkServ> [1:16am] <+Afked> (if you haven't taken over it, the icon for that business will be red)
[01:25] <AfkServ> [1:16am] <+Afked> anways, you can see that before you took over the "long house", its background is red
[01:25] <AfkServ> [1:16am] <+Afked> and it contributes 0 yen
[01:25] <Afked> yeah
[01:25] <Afked> the server caught up
[01:25] *** Sp|47 has quit IRC (Quit: irc N  7.26a + 7.0 for mIRC (2001/04/07 02.00) )
[01:25] <Afked> not laggy anymore
[01:25] <Xcaliberium> [H-junkie PING reply]: 2secs
[01:26] <H-junkie> whooOooo~
[01:26] <H-junkie> at last
[01:26] <Afked> but after to take control of it
[01:26] <H-junkie> go on :]
[01:26] <Afked> it contributes 150 yen to the collectability of the district
[01:26] <Afked> so on the lower one, you see max collectability is 100yen
[01:27] <Afked> actuall, it's 100`0000 yen
[01:27] <Elementasts> is there any way to know how much collectibility a building will contribute before you buy it?
[01:27] <Afked> no
[01:27] <Afked> or
[01:27] <Afked> save and load
[01:27] <Afked> cuz it's fixed
[01:27] <Elementasts> k
[01:27] <kapipo> SHINING FINGER SWORD!
[01:27] <Elementasts> go on pls
[01:27] <Afked> and on the top you see total is 150'0000 yen
[01:28] <Afked> I'm jsut going to call it 150
[01:28] <Afked> 250, sorry
[01:28] <Afked> typo
[01:28] <Afked> now
[01:28] <Afked> look at bottom left
[01:28] <Afked> two Kanji are circled
[01:28] <Afked> that term means "take over"
[01:29] <Afked> it's in the district action area
[01:29] <Afked> to the left is the name of the thing, and the right (the circled words) is the action you want to take
[01:29] <Afked> so, even though diff districts will have different businesses, you can always find the option to take over them
[01:30] <Afked> cuz they'll all have that circled term there
[01:30] <Afked> so maybe screenshot that and learn it
[01:30] <Elementasts> hehe
[01:30] <Xcaliberium> hehe now which screen would you be on
[01:30] <Afked> you need to have stationed followers in a district in order to take control over businesses there
[01:31] <Afked> next screen
[01:31] <Xcaliberium> next screen of which screen?
[01:31] <Afked> there are 4 levels of law-enfourcement level
[01:31] <Afked> under the top right button inside "how to play"
[01:32] <Xcaliberium> k
[01:32] <Afked> this screen deals with law enforcement levels, which is the bottom right corner of those district screens
[01:32] <Afked> so, there are 4 levels
[01:32] <Afked> blue is "Good"
[01:32] <Afked> green is "Normal"
[01:32] <Afked> red is "Worsening", I'm calling it "Bad" for short
[01:33] <Afked> and red is "Lawless", I'm calling it "Chaos" for short
[01:33] <H-junkie> eh?
[01:33] <H-junkie> 2 red?
[01:33] <Afked> ?
[01:33] <Afked> only one red
[01:33] <H-junkie>  < 06+Afked > red is "Worsening", I'm calling it "Bad" for short
[01:33] <H-junkie>  [  4:45pm  ]  < 06+Afked > and red is "Lawless", I'm calling it "Chaos" for short
[01:33] <H-junkie>  [  4:45pm  ]  < 04@H-junkie > eh?
[01:33] <kapipo> SHINING FINGER SWORD!
[01:33] <Afked> oh
[01:33] <Afked> yellow
[01:33] <H-junkie> i c
[01:33] <Afked> yellow is Bad
[01:33] <Xcaliberium> yellow then red
[01:33] <Afked> red is chaos
[01:33] <Xcaliberium> k
[01:34] <Afked> if a district is Bad, then you only collect half the money you are supposed to get
[01:34] <Xcaliberium> how do you station guys
[01:34] <Afked> if it's chaos, then you can't collect anymoney from there
[01:34] <Afked> that's in different section
[01:34] <Afked> in addition
[01:34] <Xcaliberium> k
[01:35] <Afked> if a district is "Good", then in the district event options, you can pick a "Increase HelpFund (Collectability) Movement)
[01:35] <Elementasts> what does that look like?
[01:35] <Afked> which will increase the base collectability of that district (but you need to have ppl stationed in that district to do it)
[01:35] <Afked> if it's available, it'll always be the first option I think
[01:35] <Elementasts> ok
[01:35] <Afked> I'll let you know if it shows up
[01:36] <Afked> next screen
[01:36] <H-junkie> will de ppl stationed there have affect on de Increase HelpFund (Collectability) Movement)?
[01:36] <Afked> ok, I see it
[01:36] <Afked> H-junkie: don't think so
[01:36] <H-junkie> i c
[01:37] <Afked> the top you see effect of after the Increase HelpFund Movement, and below that you see the stats before
[01:37] <Xcaliberium> what are the numbers in the Green and yellow boxes mean?
[01:37] <Afked> the base collectability went from 110 to 120, and total went from 260 to 270
[01:37] <Xcaliberium> nm
[01:37] <Elementasts> wait
[01:37] <Elementasts> where'd you get the 110?
[01:37] <Afked> of course, not highlighted, you see the sum of your followers' collect ability is only 170, so total money you get is  still 170
[01:38] <Afked> the midde
[01:38] <Afked> before
[01:38] <Afked> the top is after
[01:38] <Elementasts> yes
[01:38] <Elementasts> but where is the 110 from?
[01:38] <Afked> below
[01:38] <Elementasts> I see where it is
[01:39] <Afked> if you follow the pink double-arrow from 120
[01:39] <Elementasts> where are you getting it from?
[01:39] <Afked> it'll point you to 110
[01:39] <Elementasts> Afker
[01:39] <Elementasts> I SEE it
[01:39] <Xcaliberium> it is there as an example
[01:39] <Elementasts> but I dont know
[01:39] <Elementasts> what gives that 110 to you
[01:39] <Afked> that's the basic collectability of the district
[01:39] <Afked> each district has a different base collectability
[01:39] <Elementasts> ah
[01:39] <Elementasts> ok
[01:40] <H-junkie> lol
[01:40] <Xcaliberium> does it cost more money/month to have guys for Defense/Attack?
[01:40] * H-junkie knocks Elementasts head
[01:40] <Afked> total collectibility = base of the district + any additional contributions from businesses you took over
[01:40] <H-junkie> baka
[01:40] <H-junkie> pay attentiojn in class
[01:40] <Afked> Xcal: ?
[01:40] <Afked> it cost money to do fights
[01:40] <Xcaliberium> for the green boxed number I had 970
[01:41] <Xcaliberium> is that bad or good
[01:41] <Afked> that's good, except it's capped by the yellow
[01:42] <Afked> basically, what you get is the max out of the green and the yellow
[01:42] <Afked> so it's best in terms of money to have the two equal
[01:42] <Elementasts> actually thats bad
[01:42] <Afked> so you can put your guys else were and collect from other districts
[01:42] <H-junkie> dez ka
[01:42] <Elementasts> because your concentrating on one district
[01:42] <Xcaliberium> oh so if yellow is 300 and green is 600 then all me get is 300+300
[01:42] <Elementasts> spread out your people a bit more
[01:42] <Afked> allyou get is 300
[01:42] * Xcaliberium has only 1 district
[01:43] <Afked> green is the max your ppl can collect
[01:43] <Xcaliberium> oh
[01:43] <Xcaliberium> so 300 yellow is max anything over is a waste
[01:43] <H-junkie> yellow is de max de district can provide
[01:43] <Afked> the yellow is the max that can be collect from the district
[01:43] <Afked> it's like, green is how many bullets you have, yellow is how many targets
[01:43] <Afked> assume you never miss, and one bullet kills one target
[01:43] <Xcaliberium> so all the extra is sorta wasted
[01:43] <Afked> how many target can you kill
[01:44] <Afked> yup
[01:44] <Xcaliberium> well not used
[01:44] <Xcaliberium> k
[01:44] <Xcaliberium> that helps so much
[01:44] <Afked> yeah, we might've covered that before you showed
[01:44] <Afked> d-:
[01:44] <Afked> anyways, enxt screen
[01:44] <Afked> cyath: the win98 friendly version is done
[01:45] <Afked> oh, and it's recommended you play the game with rich win on
[01:45] <Afked> turn on richwin first, then NJStar
[01:45] <Elementasts> ITS A MUST
[01:45] <Elementasts> @_@
[01:45] <Afked> richwin allows a file to be created and then opened so you can see CGs in the cg gallery later
[01:45] <Elementasts> unless you want to keep taking screenshits
[01:45] <Elementasts> hehe
[01:45] <Afked> next screen
[01:46] <Elementasts> what do I pick now?
[01:46] <Afked> actuall, go back there
[01:46] <Afked> you will see the kanji for "Increase HelpFund Movement" there
[01:46] <Elementasts> go back?
[01:46] <Afked> not highlighted
[01:46] <Afked> the screen we were at
[01:47] <Elementasts> what it look like?
[01:47] <Afked> but it's in the the background
[01:47] <Elementasts> ah
[01:47] <Afked> that thing
[01:47] <Elementasts> the one on top?
[01:47] <Afked> it's usually the first option
[01:47] <H-junkie> hmmm.....
[01:47] <Elementasts> the top option?
[01:47] <Afked> when it's available
[01:47] <H-junkie> i c
[01:47] <Elementasts> the one with 7 characters?
[01:47] <Afked> in any district that has law enforcement status
[01:47] <Afked> what 7 characters?
[01:48] <Elementasts> the Increase help fund thingy
[01:48] <Elementasts> is it the one with 7 jap characters?
[01:48] <Afked> in any district that has status Good, it should be the first option
[01:48] <Afked> oh
[01:48] <Afked> yeah
[01:48] <Afked> 7 kanji characters
[01:48] <Elementasts> k
[01:48] <H-junkie> lol
[01:48] <Afked> I thought you were talkinga bout 7 people characters
[01:48] <Afked> d-:
[01:48] <H-junkie> Elementasts wants to be dead sure :]
[01:48] <Elementasts> yes
[01:48] <Elementasts> I cannot afford mistakes
[01:48] <Afked> i got confused cuz I only saw 4, and one of them is a dog
[01:48] <Elementasts> I might miss a CG :p
[01:49] <Afked> below the option
[01:49] <Elementasts> hehe
[01:49] <Afked> ok, we go zigzag
[01:49] <Afked> so now we are at second button on the left
[01:49] <Afked> "Maintaining Loyality"
[01:49] <Afked> during the Follower phase
[01:50] <Afked> you can use follower commands to give htem bonus, and/or h the girls, to increase loyality
[01:50] <Afked> initially that's a good idea, but after a while (when you have over 30 followers for example), it becomes inefficient
[01:51] <Afked> and then you should build a Retreat
[01:51] <Afked> you can see the retreat building in the background
[01:51] <Elementasts> but its 1 thousand
[01:51] <Afked> it's the bottom right option
[01:51] <Afked> yeah
[01:51] <Xcaliberium> 1000 dolla house
[01:51] <Afked> that's what P-ko is complaining about
[01:51] <Afked> d-:
[01:51] <Afked> if you build a Retreat in a district
[01:51] <Elementasts> So..big!
[01:52] <Afked> actually, its "Ex... Expansive <with exclaimation suffixes>!!"
[01:52] <Afked> then for characters stationed in that district, each turn their loyality will increase a bit
[01:53] <H-junkie> wow
[01:53] <H-junkie> dats worth 1 k
[01:53] <Afked> I personally found that one retreat is enought for the entire game
[01:53] <Afked> just put the 6 ppl with lowest loyality there
[01:53] <Afked> and update every week
[01:53] <H-junkie> hmmmm......gotta juggle a bit
[01:53] <Afked> yeah
[01:54] <Afked> but it will have a net increase effect
[01:54] <Elementasts> eh?
[01:54] <Afked> more increase for the 6 that are stationed there, than all the decreases from the 50ish of the rest combined
[01:54] <H-junkie> 50ish?
[01:54] <H-junkie> wats dat mean XD
[01:54] <Elementasts> Afker
[01:55] <Elementasts> can you rephrase that?
[01:55] <Afked> so even if all of them start at 40 loyality, by juggling each week, you can eventually raise all to 80~90's
[01:55] <H-junkie> i c
[01:55] <Afked> even if you have 60 followers
[01:55] <H-junkie> now i comprehend
[01:55] <Afked> ok
[01:55] <Afked> next
[01:55] <Afked> go zigzag
[01:55] <Afked> so at second on the right
[01:55] <Afked> battle
[01:56] <Afked> for characters that have long or mid range attacks, they get to attack first
[01:56] <Afked> of course, if both are long or both are mid range, then they still attack simutaneously
[01:56] <H-junkie> u mean u n ur enemy?
[01:57] <Afked> the guy with long range attack first
[01:57] <Afked> whoever that is
[01:57] <Afked> cuz the other guy need to move up to attack
[01:57] <H-junkie> so if both r long or mid both attack together?
[01:58] <Afked> probablity of you counter attacking depends on your remaining stamina
[01:58] <Afked> counter attack means you got hit by long range, and go on to attack the enemy
[01:59] <H-junkie> counter attack onli works against long ranged attacks?
[02:00] <Afked> I think when you are counterattacking, your chance to hit the enemy is higher also, but not very sure
[02:00] <Afked> next screen
[02:00] <Afked> each character has a base element/characteristic
[02:00] <Afked> or alignment
[02:00] <Afked> mmm
[02:01] <Afked> need a better word
[02:01] * Afked things
[02:01] <Afked> thinks
[02:01] <Elementasts> wait
[02:01] <Afked> k
[02:01] <Elementasts> what about the picture
[02:01] <Elementasts> where AKuji
[02:01] <Elementasts> had the numbers 2 and 8 under him
[02:01] <Afked> one has stamina 2 and the other 8
[02:01] <Afked> the 2 probaby said "ouch"
[02:02] <Afked> the 8 says something like "I'm not finished yet!"
[02:02] <Afked> to show that the more stamina, the more likely your character will counterattack
[02:02] <Elementasts> ah
[02:02] <Elementasts> k
[02:02] <Afked> I'll call the thing alignment until I find a better term
[02:03] <Afked> so, you can see the character's alignment to the left of his/her name
[02:03] <Elementasts> type?
[02:03] <Elementasts> character type
[02:03] <Afked> and K-yashi is pointing to alignment/type with his hand 
[02:03] <Afked> the one being highlighted is a pink icon
[02:03] <Elementasts> girl-type?
[02:03] <Afked> yeah
[02:04] <Afked> lemme go down the legend, htough it's not really important, since it's all in pictures
[02:04] <Afked> the first one
[02:04] <Afked> green mountain,
[02:04] <Afked> is the Yamamoto clan
[02:04] <Afked> (yama is mountain)
[02:04] <Afked> next, the knife, is Gangster/Yakuza
[02:04] <Afked> then it's Guy
[02:04] <Afked> then Girl
[02:04] <Afked> then Cult ppl
[02:05] <Afked> then Animal
[02:05] <Afked> then Foreigner (pretty much the Americans)
[02:05] <Afked> then "Misterious Creatures" (the text says Living Creatures, but I think robots are also included)
[02:05] <Afked> last, the Hanny icon, is Fantasy
[02:06] <Afked> mmm
[02:06] <Afked> maybe the robots were Fantasy... oh well
[02:07] <Afked> at the bottom of the character status, you see a row of icons.  the ones enabled, are the once you are good at fighting
[02:07] <Afked> when you fight those you are good against, your chances to hit go up by 30
[02:07] <Afked> so take that into consideration when you are fighting
[02:07] <Elementasts> what's the difference between Fantasy and Mystrious ?
[02:08] <Afked> dunno
[02:08] <Afked> next screen
[02:08] <Elementasts> k
[02:09] <Afked> the circles highlighted for both ppl are the same
[02:09] <Afked> it's shows the person's range
[02:09] <Afked> in this case,both are "Close" range
[02:09] <Afked> when attack range are the same, you get simutaneous attacks
[02:10] <Afked> you see an example
[02:10] <Afked> of two iddentical character types, with identical hp, fighitng
[02:10] <Afked> the first row, both have 30 hp
[02:10] <Afked> both have attack power of 20
[02:10] <Afked> so in the end both end up with 10
[02:10] <Elementasts> wait
[02:10] <Afked> ok
[02:10] <Elementasts> why are the white characters above them different?
[02:11] <Afked> the one on the left says "friend"
[02:11] <Afked> the one on the reight says "Foe"
[02:12] <Afked> the second row
[02:12] <Elementasts> oh
[02:12] <Afked> this probably only apply to close range characters
[02:12] <Afked> so both have 10hp left, both have power of 20
[02:12] <Afked> they attack
[02:12] <Afked> only one dies
[02:12] <Afked> whoever attack first survives
[02:12] <Afked> I think by attack first it means were assigned first
[02:12] <Elementasts> oh
[02:13] <Afked> (you know in each round either you assign character to fight first, or enemy does it first)
[02:13] <Afked> I think for mid and long ranges, both would die, since they both receive damage after they have fired
[02:13] <Afked> or at elast for long range
[02:13] <Afked> maybe mid range is same as close range...
[02:14] <Afked> next
[02:14] <Afked> we go zigzag
[02:14] <Afked> so 3rd button on the left
[02:14] <Afked> Level Up
[02:14] <Afked> Exp A/B
[02:14] <Afked> A is current exp
[02:14] <Afked> B is exp needed total to level up
[02:15] <Afked> when you level up, the extra exp are simply wasted
[02:15] <Afked> so even if you have 200 exp when you only need 100 to level up
[02:15] <Afked> once you level up, it resets to 0
[02:15] <Afked> so haveing A much greater than B is wasteful
[02:16] <Afked> also, not covered here, is htat B increases when you level up
[02:16] <Afked> so each time you need more exp to levelup
[02:16] <Afked> right side, deals with training
[02:16] <Afked> you can train followers in the Follower phase
[02:17] <Afked> they'll receive B/2 rounded down amount of exp
[02:17] <Afked> so you see if B is 95, you get 47 (from 0)
[02:17] <Afked> and if B is 10, you get 5 (form 0)
[02:17] <Elementasts> is that the combat training?
[02:17] <Afked> yeah
[02:18] <Afked> to clarify,
[02:18] <Afked> say someone's current exp is 30/100
[02:18] <Elementasts> wait
[02:18] <Elementasts> then what does the politicla training do?
[02:18] <Afked> after trainign, it'll become 80/100 (30 + 50)
[02:18] <Afked> later
[02:19] <Afked> and if you train once more from 80/100, then it becomes 130/100
[02:19] <Elementasts> k
[02:19] <Afked> actual level up happends at the very end of each week
[02:19] <Afked> zigzag, to third on the right "Recovery"
[02:20] <Afked> Recovery of Health
[02:20] <Afked> If someone is stationed at somewhere, health does not recover
[02:20] <Afked> if not stationed, then in one turn will recover 50% of max HP
[02:21] <Afked> so it's good idea to control losing of HP at 50%
[02:21] <Afked> Stamina recovery:
[02:21] <Afked> followers stationed at places recover one bar of stamina per turn/week
[02:21] <Afked> non-stationed characters recover 3 per week
[02:23] <Afked> hold on
[02:24] <Afked> brb
[02:30] <Afked> ok, where was i...
[02:30] <Afked> so it's optimal to control stamina use to 4 per turn
[02:30] <Afked> Luck Recovery:
[02:31] <Afked> when health and stamina are fully recovered, luck will recover one point per turn
[02:32] <Afked> luck isn't that important a stat, so recover it when you are free, but don't worry too much
[02:32] <Afked> ok, next
[02:32] <Afked> zigzig to 4th on the left
[02:32] <Afked> "Increasing Ppl"
[02:33] <Afked> you can capture enemies who's health is less than 10
[02:33] <Afked> at the end of hte battle
[02:34] <Afked> the lower the health, the more likely to capture
[02:34] <Afked> I personally find that 5 and below is pretty reliable
[02:34] <Afked> 1 health is definitly able to capture, but 0 is death
[02:34] <Afked> there are characters who you can't capture also
[02:35] <Afked> with the "Take it easy" special attack, you'll never reduce enemy's health to below 1, so it's very handy with capturing
[02:35] <Afked> so characters with the "Take it easy" skill is really important
[02:35] <Afked> in the pictures
[02:35] <Afked> the first enemy with HP 2 got caputred "Ok"
[02:36] <Afked> the second one with health 8 run away (though it is capturable)
[02:36] <Afked> the third one wiht health 30 also escaped "Too bad" (could not be caputred)
[02:36] <Afked> everyone still with me?
[02:37] <AfkServ> ?
[02:38] *** Afked is now known as Afker
[02:38] *** Disconnected
[02:38] *** Attempting to rejoin...
[02:38] *** Rejoined channel #Alice_In_Hgameland
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[02:38] *** Set by Afker on Thu May 02 22:28:22
[02:38] <AfkServ> mmm
[02:38] <AfkServ> what's the last thing you guys heard from me
[02:38] <AfkServ> or, from Afked
[02:40] <Afker> anyone still here?
[02:41] <Xcaliberium> me is
[02:41] <Afker> k
[02:42] * Xcaliberium only 1 problem with game Xcali can't make enough money to live
[02:42] <Afker> (-:
[02:42] <Afker> that'll be covered later too
[02:42] <Xcaliberium> I am always redlining
[02:42] <Xcaliberium> every month I lose like 400
[02:42] <Afker> we zigzag to battle skill
[02:42] <Xcaliberium> and 100 from every time me get attacked
[02:43] <Xcaliberium> k
[02:43] <Afker> each character can have 1 special skill.
[02:43] <Afker> this skill is fixed for special characters (those who have eyes(
[02:43] <Afker> and is random for generic characters (those who don't have eyes)
[02:44] <Afker> initially none of htem have special skills (with the exception of mercenaries)
[02:44] <Afker> they'll obtian their skill the first time you train them
[02:45] <Afker> you can tell waht skill a person has by looking at his battle status display, it's located on the top right, right next to the attack range character
[02:45] <Afker> you can seed it in the screen
[02:45] <Afker> the icon that got highlighted
[02:45] <Afker> the red hammer thing is "take it easy" skill.  the best in the game
[02:46] <Afker> some skills cna be ranked up
[02:46] <Afker> a lower rank skill will have a blue dot in the icon
[02:46] <Afker> and when it rank up, the dot turn gold, as you can see in the screen
[02:47] <Afker> skills that have no dots cannot be ranked up (like the "Take it easy skill"
[02:47] <Afker> you rank up the skill by keep training the person (it shows up randomly)
[02:48] <Afker> zigzag to second to last on the left
[02:48] <Afker> to get more money (building chapter)
[02:48] <Afker> octupus house is those traditional japanese eatary places
[02:48] <Afker> makes you some money per month
[02:49] <Afker> next is automated money-loan machine (shark...)
[02:49] <Afker> earns you more money
[02:49] <Afker> next is working girl Training House
[02:49] <Afker> it doesn't make you money, but it'll train prostitutes
[02:50] <Afker> there's this Training Skill points stat, the higher it is, the faster you train
[02:50] <Afker> different girls tran at different rate too
[02:50] <Afker> to increase training skill poitns, you need to visit a particular district's event
[02:51] <Afker> "Oruta Ero" is the name of the place
[02:51] <Afker> next screen
[02:51] <Afker> the top left is working girl House
[02:51] <Afker> you send working girl you've trained to these houses.  each house can hold 2
[02:52] <Xcaliberium> and they make you money?
[02:52] <Afker> depending on the value of each working girl, they'll make you diff amount of money each month
[02:52] <Afker> yes
[02:52] <Xcaliberium> that loan shark does it make money?
[02:52] <Afker> the higher the value, the more popular they are, so the more ppl they'll service each month
[02:52] <Afker> loan shark make syou money
[02:52] <Xcaliberium> which makes more loand shark or eatry
[02:53] <Afker> only thing htat doens't make money is training house
[02:53] <Afker> ?
[02:53] <Afker> oh
[02:53] <Afker> loan sharks makes more
[02:53] <Xcaliberium> 500 is the cost is that monthly?
[02:53] <Afker> no
[02:53] <Xcaliberium> or a 1 time thing
[02:53] <Afker> it's coat to build
[02:53] <Afker> 1 time
[02:54] <Afker> the money each working girl make is directly porportional to their value
[02:54] <Xcaliberium> k what if I buy 1 building next turn buy a different 1
[02:54] <Afker> since higher the value, more customers
[02:54] <Xcaliberium> then go back to orignal do I have to pay again?
[02:54] <Afker> not porportional, but more like polymonial
[02:54] <Afker> yes
[02:54] <Afker> cuz you took out th eoriginal
[02:54] <Xcaliberium> oh ok
[02:54] <Afker> each time you build/change, you pay
[02:54] <Xcaliberium> my monthly costs right now is 1280
[02:55] <Xcaliberium> and I make 680
[02:55] <Afker> higher value, more customer.  each customer pay the value, so it's like n^2
[02:55] <Afker> you need to expand
[02:55] <Afker> more land, more money-makers
[02:55] <Xcaliberium> hehe
[02:55] <Afker> next is GalBurger
[02:55] <Xcaliberium> not easy tho
[02:55] <Afker> a chain-store restaurant
[02:56] <Xcaliberium> if I take over a place I lose money quicker
[02:56] <Xcaliberium> k galburger
[02:56] <Afker> you can only build it after you marry someone (and marrying that someone will also shut down all your prostution activities)
[02:56] <Xcaliberium> really?
[02:56] <Xcaliberium> then this galburger better make alot of money
[02:56] <Afker> by sending girls to work at Galburger, it becomes more popular
[02:57] <Afker> the more popular it is, the more each chain store makes
[02:57] <Xcaliberium> oh ok
[02:57] <Afker> max popularity is 40
[02:57] <Xcaliberium> basically it takes the prosties and gives them real jobs
[02:57] <Afker> 40 will make you 400 each store
[02:57] <Afker> yeah
[02:57] <Afker> also
[02:57] <Afker> prostitutes' value decrease by 1 for each 100 ppl they serve
[02:57] <Afker> though 1 is lowest value
[02:58] <Afker> so you need to keep fresh stocks of them to keep money rolling
[02:58] <Afker> whereas gal burger is easier
[02:58] * Xcaliberium thinks AFKer should send money thingie so he can learn game better and not die 20 turns into game
[02:58] <Afker> last but not least, Atomic Power Plant
[02:58] <Afker> send?
[02:59] * H-junkie is AFK, died....  悠-n-v-i-s-i-o-n・
[02:59] *** H-junkie is now known as H-junkie[away]
[02:59] <Afker> the powerplant makes you 20000 per month
[02:59] <Afker> you can only build one
[02:59] <Afker> and it's expansive to build
[02:59] <Afker> and you won't be able to build it until you go through a very long dungeon (like 13 or 17 levels),
[03:00] <Afker> and you won't have access to the dungeon until after very late in the game (after you take out Peach Mountain goup, which is after you take out City Council)
[03:00] <Xcaliberium> is it that dungeon in the top middle of map it has a cave
[03:00] <Afker> 'no
[03:00] <Xcaliberium> oh
[03:00] <Afker> it's in one ofhte independent zones surrounded by PM territory
[03:01] <Afker> the south region, there's a nuclear blast zone filled with radiation
[03:01] <Afker> south east on the map
[03:01] <Xcaliberium> yeah I noticed that
[03:01] <Afker> zigzag
[03:01] <Afker> to last item on the right
[03:01] <Xcaliberium> neat little swirly thing like a whirlpool
[03:01] <Afker> Law Enforcement
[03:01] <Afker> yeah
[03:02] <Xcaliberium> will a high law enforcement get rid of those blue thingys that attack girls in my town
[03:02] <Afker> Amoung the initial members, Aobara (the blue haired girl) has the best Law Enforcement ability
[03:02] <Afker> blue thingys?
[03:02] <Xcaliberium> blue birdlike monsters
[03:03] <Afker> look like fish?
[03:03] <Xcaliberium> yeah
[03:03] <Afker> ehh
[03:03] <Afker> did you cheat?
[03:03] <Xcaliberium> they big and round
[03:03] <Xcaliberium> no
[03:03] <Afker> and flat
[03:03] <Xcaliberium> no
[03:03] <Xcaliberium> just big blue and round
[03:03] <Xcaliberium> have 40hp
[03:03] <Xcaliberium> do 15damage per attack
[03:03] <Afker> they should appear yet...
[03:03] <Afker> send me a screen shot later to double check
[03:03] <Afker> but don't think they are realted
[03:03] <Afker> related
[03:04] <Afker> in the pic with 4 charcters lined up,
[03:04] <Afker> it shows the characters for the four diff abilities
[03:04] <Afker> dog is "No ability"
[03:04] <Afker> brownhair is "Normal"
[03:04] <Afker> blue-hair is "Excellent"
[03:05] <Afker> white/gray hair is "Perfect"
[03:05] <Elementasts> ok
[03:06] <Afker> welcome back Ele (-:
[03:06] <Elementasts> took a bath
[03:06] <Xcaliberium> those damn things
[03:07] <Afker> what the...
[03:07] <Afker> those are the "Late Penguins:
[03:07] <Xcaliberium> they keep coming after me
[03:07] <Xcaliberium> they cause my death
[03:07] <Afker> internal to the game
[03:07] <Xcaliberium> they drain money
[03:07] <Afker> there is a requirement of how many districts you must control after a certain number of rounds
[03:08] <Xcaliberium> oh
[03:08] <Afker> if you don't have enough
[03:08] <Xcaliberium> me still have 1 on like turn 27
[03:08] <Afker> then you are playing the game too slowly
[03:08] <Elementasts> wait
[03:08] <Afker> so they come after you
[03:08] * Xcaliberium is still learning
[03:08] <Elementasts> continue tutorial first :p
[03:08] <Afker> d-:
[03:08] <Afker> ok
[03:08] <Afker> mmm
[03:09] <Afker> so the total Law Enfourcement power is 99% in that district.  that's the max allowed (though you can see it go over 99% on the Follower Assignment phase)
[03:09] <Xcaliberium> oh when that mistress girl get's raped is she gone for good?
[03:09] <Xcaliberium> or just captured?
[03:09] <Afker> for someone who is perfect, that person along will do 99%
[03:09] <Afker> one normal perosn is like 70%
[03:09] <Afker> one Excellent person is 80
[03:10] <Elementasts> hmm
[03:10] <Afker> each additional normal adds 10% I think
[03:10] <Elementasts> Xcali dont spoil it XD
[03:10] <Afker> so each additional Excellent probably adds 20
[03:10] * Xcaliberium just wants to know
[03:10] <Afker> not very sure
[03:10] <Afker> No ability is 0%
[03:10] <Elementasts> Villains always come back :p
[03:10] <Xcaliberium> ccause if she is gone for good then me need to get her before it happens
[03:10] <Elementasts> like Kakalo in Mamatoto
[03:10] <Afker> next screen
[03:10] <Afker> lol
[03:10] <Elementasts> he cam eback in Persiom XD
[03:11] <Xcaliberium> who?
[03:11] <Elementasts> da Evil king
[03:11] <Elementasts> XD
[03:11] <Afker> you can also maintain law via buildings
[03:11] <Xcaliberium> I haven't play persiom
[03:11] <Elementasts> oh
[03:11] <Elementasts> :(
[03:11] <Xcaliberium> and like 10 mins of Mamatoto
[03:11] <Afker> the cheap one, costing 100, is a Police-scarcrow
[03:11] <Elementasts> uhhh
[03:11] <Afker> has low law-enforcement ability
[03:11] <Elementasts> lolz
[03:11] <Xcaliberium> is that the building with a guy with a wooden sword
[03:12] <Elementasts> scarecrow XD
[03:12] <Afker> don't remember exactly how much, you can check.  proabably 70%
[03:12] <Xcaliberium> so if crime is bad then you get no money?
[03:12] <Afker> the tower, it releases strange radio waves (brainwashing????)
[03:12] <Elementasts> half
[03:12] <Afker> and do 99%
[03:12] <Elementasts> and then no money
[03:12] <Afker> yeah
[03:12] <Xcaliberium> that tower costs way to much
[03:12] <Afker> if it's Chaos you get no money
[03:12] <Elementasts> I think those are tentacles
[03:12] <Afker> if bad you get half
[03:13] <Xcaliberium> looks like it
[03:13] <Afker> those are waves
[03:13] <Xcaliberium> purple tentacles
[03:13] <Afker> sine waves
[03:13] <Elementasts> I have never seen waves that look like that
[03:13] <Elementasts> XD
[03:13] <Afker> some are co-sine maybe
[03:13] <Xcaliberium> hehe
[03:13] <Elementasts> it usually look like this
[03:13] <Afker> so with a tower, you don't need to station anyone there
[03:13] <Elementasts> | )))))
[03:13] <Xcaliberium> so when you going to get into the items and what they do?
[03:14] <Elementasts> you dont need to?
[03:14] <Elementasts> how you collect money then?
[03:14] <Afker> well
[03:14] <Elementasts> when no one there?
[03:14] <Afker> you need to station ppl to collect money
[03:14] <Afker> just odn't need to station ppl to maintain law
[03:14] <Elementasts> oh
[03:14] <Xcaliberium> those scholl gurls bring in 150 yum
[03:14] <Afker> so you ca put ppl with no ability who collects
[03:14] <Elementasts> yea
[03:14] <Xcaliberium> 2nd last option on hiring
[03:15] <Afker> there is this "Safety Recovery Movement"
[03:15] <Elementasts> eh?
[03:15] * Xcaliberium likes the big older guy wearing all black
[03:15] <Afker> I'm going to call "Law Enforcement" Safty now...
[03:15] <Xcaliberium> he is so strong
[03:15] <Afker> shorter
[03:15] <Afker> though not exact
[03:16] <Afker> when you have followers stationed at a district, you can do the Safty Recovery Movement, that spends 100 and raises Safty Level to Excellent
[03:16] <Elementasts> how many followers needed?
[03:16] <Elementasts> and any drawbacks?
[03:16] <Afker> the green button being highlighted, in the district mode screen, is the Safty Recover Movement button
[03:16] <Afker> 1
[03:16] <Afker> probalby can't use animals
[03:17] <Afker> draback: cost 100
[03:17] <Afker> next screen
[03:17] <Afker> Riots
[03:17] <Afker> when a distict has Chaos safty leve, riots randomly happen
[03:18] <Afker> riots will distroy buildings you've built
[03:18] <Xcaliberium> <-----who is she?
[03:18] <Afker> so you wanna especially avoid it in districts wherde you place the powerplant or the retreat
[03:19] <Afker> it's javascript url, so all i see is th elist of all characters
[03:19] <Afker> or, 1/3 of it
[03:19] <Afker> so to prevent riots, you want to do the safty recovery movment when safty level reaches Bad
[03:19] <Elementasts> DONT TELL ME
[03:19] <Elementasts> AYIEEE
[03:20] <Xcaliberium> ok left to right  2nd row first girl
[03:20] <Xcaliberium> keeps showing her for yellow
[03:20] <Xcaliberium> and if she dies it is like gameover
[03:20] <Afker> second row first girl?
[03:20] <Afker> ist's not a girl
[03:20] <Cyath> afker, the first cd is 424 Mb
[03:20] <Afker> so?
[03:21] <Cyath> and the second is 303, yes?
[03:21] <Xcaliberium> yeah it is
[03:21] <Afker> no
[03:21] <Cyath> if so, i have finally finished with the download
[03:21] <Afker> 303 is win98 friendly verisoin
[03:21] <Afker> same content as first CD
[03:21] <Xcaliberium> first girl that is lighted up
[03:21] <Cyath> don't i need both cds?
[03:21] <Afker> we are on first page right?
[03:21] <Xcaliberium> next to the green haired 1
[03:21] <Xcaliberium> yes
[03:21] <Afker> Cyath: for 98 friendly, dont' need second CD
[03:21] <Cyath> nevermind
[03:21] <Cyath> okok
[03:21] <Cyath> thanks
[03:21] <Xcaliberium> she has brown hair and her hond on chin
[03:21] <Cyath> sorry to bother you
[03:21] <Afker> row is defined as horizontal
[03:22] <Afker> no probl
[03:22] <Elementasts> DONT TELL
[03:22] <Elementasts> DONT TELL
[03:22] <Elementasts> AAAAAH
[03:22] <Elementasts> DONT SAY HER NAME
[03:22] <Elementasts> X_x
[03:22] <Xcaliberium> ??
[03:22] <Afker> cd 2 is 351mb
[03:22] <Xcaliberium> I just want to know why it ends when she dies
[03:22] <Afker> I don't knowwho
[03:23] <Afker> oh
[03:23] <Afker> wait
[03:23] <Afker> she's not inyour party
[03:23] <Xcaliberium> nope
[03:23] <Afker> she's the current mayor
[03:23] <Xcaliberium> oh
[03:23] <Xcaliberium> she lives in the yellow place
[03:23] <Afker> so she pretty much can't die
[03:23] <Xcaliberium> so she's the mayor
[03:23] <Afker> her hand is NOT in chains...
[03:23] <Xcaliberium> ok
[03:23] <Xcaliberium> never said that
[03:24] <Xcaliberium> meant hand on chin
[03:24] <Afker> oh
[03:24] <Afker> chin/chain...
[03:24] <Afker> misread
[03:24] <Xcaliberium> hehe
[03:24] <Afker> anyways
[03:24] <Xcaliberium> is there any reason why i can't take over places to the right of me those light redish purple ones
[03:24] <Afker> yeah
[03:24] <Afker> purple is PM
[03:25] <Afker> can't start war with them yet
[03:25] <Afker> that's the reason
[03:25] <Afker> d-:
[03:25] <Elementasts> aaaauggggh
[03:25] <Afker> back to tutorial
[03:25] <Elementasts> you told who she is!
[03:25] <Elementasts> you told who she is!
[03:25] <Elementasts> x_x
[03:25] <Afker> well, if you could read japanese
[03:25] <Xcaliberium> ok ok
[03:25] <Afker> you would know at the end of hte first week
[03:25] * Xcaliberium goes back to figure out how to solce money problems
[03:25] <Elementasts> oh
[03:25] <Elementasts> ok
[03:25] <Afker> back to tutorial
[03:26] <Afker> when you do Safty Recovery Movement
[03:26] <Afker> at a district that is Chaos level
[03:26] <Afker> randomly old man would join you and help out
[03:26] <Afker> those are just old man who have lots of spare time and are interested in community affairs
[03:26] <Xcaliberium> have you went ny what the lvl up stats are
[03:26] <Afker> so they help out
[03:27] <Afker> they have the "Principle" loyality (ie, never decreases)
[03:27] <Afker> they have 0 for salary (free service)
[03:27] <Afker> and they have Excellent safty ability
[03:27] <Afker> probley is their collect ability is low (50)
[03:28] <Afker> and can't fight
[03:28] <Afker> still, overall good ppl to have
[03:28] <Afker> biggest problem is wiht their age...
[03:28] <Afker> randomly each turn, thye might die of old age....
[03:29] <Afker> kinda sad and funny d-:
[03:29] <Elementasts> XD
[03:29] <Afker> last button on the left is wrap ups
[03:29] <Afker> doesn't say much
[03:29] <Elementasts> k
[03:30] <Afker> so that's it for "How To Play"

Chapter 3: Game Interface, and Starting a new game[]

[03:30] <Afker> now time for interface
[03:31] <Afker> start with the windows menu
[03:31] <Afker> under File (alt+F)
[03:31] <Afker> first one is the fullscreen/windowed toggle, shortcut alt+enter
[03:31] <Afker> next is screen shot, shortcut alt+P
[03:32] <Xcaliberium> next could you teach us how to read Jap
[03:32] <Elementasts> yes, please
[03:32] <Elementasts> XD
[03:33] <Afker> third is "Reboot System 3.9"
[03:33] <Afker> this is convinent when I hack the game, it froze, and I need to reload the game without the hassel of quitting and relaunching it
[03:33] <Afker> last is Exit
[03:33] <Afker> or Quit actually
[03:34] <H-junkie[away]> oooh..fell asleep.....where r we...
[03:34] * H-junkie[away] is back from died..... I was gone for 35mins  悠-n-v-i-s-i-o-n・
[03:34] *** H-junkie[away] is now known as H-junkie
[03:34] <Afker> the fourth item ont he menu bar is the zoom past text option
[03:34] <Afker> which defaults to off
[03:34] <Afker> same effect as holding the <CTRL> ley
[03:34] <Afker> key
[03:34] <Afker> )-:
[03:34] <Afker> log it and read d-:
[03:34] <Afker> now, at the first screen
[03:35] <H-junkie> yes milord
[03:35] <Afker> the how-to-play will transform to a territory map once you are playing hte game
[03:35] <Afker> below that lists major events that happend in the game
[03:35] <H-junkie> ur faithful servant will study ur findings
[03:35] <Afker> up to most recent 10 that is
[03:36] <Xcaliberium> can you click on them or do you need to read them?
[03:36] <Afker> including taking over new districts, new ppl joining you,
[03:36] <Afker> just rea
[03:36] <Afker> read
[03:36] <Xcaliberium> ):
[03:36] <Afker> so doesn't help much if you can't read jap, but you can screen shot it and send to me
[03:36] <Xcaliberium> well I guess we all can keep taking screen shots and have you tell what each says (:)
[03:36] <Afker> right now, year 35, month 1 (january), week 4, it's ays, "Yamamoto Akuji, Japan return country"
[03:37] <Afker> ie, you retturned to your home contury which is japan
[03:37] <Afker> hehe
[03:37] <Afker> it also willl list if a certain organization takes a move (ie, start to attack you, or is destroyed, or other stuff)
[03:37] <Afker> to the left
[03:38] <Afker> the characters Dai Aku Ji is written in Kanji with brush strokes
[03:38] <Afker> beneath that are three buttons
[03:38] <Afker> Save, Load, and "Recall H"
[03:38] <Afker> ie, the H-gallery
[03:38] <Elementasts> it also has a music gallery
[03:38] <Afker> learn the words for "Save" and "Load" well, since most J-games have it
[03:39] <Afker> yeah, on the last page
[03:39] <Afker> I'll cover it later, since my roommate is in the room right now
[03:39] <Afker> on the very bottom, I'll call it the status bar
[03:39] <Elementasts> k
[03:39] <Xcaliberium> on the main screen where you can pick places to visit and if you put mouse over bottom left thing it shows stars in certain regions  what do the starts mean?
[03:39] <Afker> to the left most, it says "System" using 4 katagana characters
[03:39] <Afker> hold on
[03:39] <Afker> step by stelp
[03:39] <Xcaliberium> k
[03:40] <Afker> so when other ppl read the log it will make sense
[03:40] <Afker> learn the "System" word well also
[03:40] <Afker> since many j-games have a System menu
[03:41] <Afker> usually Save, Load, Quit, Settings/Config are among the frequent things in a "System" menu in general j-games
[03:41] <Afker> here we have save load, and recall H
[03:41] <Afker> next ot it are 3 buttons
[03:41] <Afker> "Keep going [to next phase]", "Info", and "Item"
[03:42] <Afker> right now only Keep going is enabled, and info and item disabled
[03:42] <Afker> after that
[03:42] <Elementasts> wait Afker
[03:42] <Afker> it shows number of followers (4, including you)
[03:42] <Afker> then number of captives (0 right now)
[03:42] <Afker> then number of prostitiutes (0 right now)
[03:43] <Afker> after that
[03:43] <Afker> the box split in to two
[03:43] <Afker> the top art displays current dayte (Year/Mohth/Week format)
[03:43] <Afker> bottom is the amount of Yen you have, in units of 10000 yen
[03:44] <Afker> so 500 is actually 5000000 yen
[03:44] <Xcaliberium> woah lotsa money
[03:44] <H-junkie> oooh
[03:44] <Afker> japanese and chinese use 10000 as delimiators
[03:44] * Xcaliberium wonders how many Hgames could be bought
[03:44] <Afker> we call it "Wan"
[03:44] <H-junkie> "ban"
[03:44] <Afker> alanoguous to the american do it in 1000, a thousand
[03:44] <Afker> ban in japanese I suppose
[03:44] <Afker> d-:
[03:44] <Afker> butin the game, the actual unit is 10
[03:45] <Afker> for hacking purposes
[03:45] <Xcaliberium> is 500000 alot of money in our time right now
[03:45] <Afker> so 500, which is 500`0000 yen, is actually 50 in the game system
[03:45] <Xcaliberium> really?/
[03:45] <Afker> that is, if you are hacking the game
[03:45] <Afker> yeah
[03:45] <H-junkie> ooooh
[03:45] <Afker> that's what you look for when editiing money
[03:45] <Xcaliberium> and 200 would 20
[03:45] <Afker> I figured it out when hacking rance 5
[03:45] <Afker> yup
[03:46] <Xcaliberium> I ses
[03:46] <Xcaliberium> sea
[03:46] <Afker> took me awhile, but I realized the last digit is always 0, so that's how I figured out
[03:46] * Xcaliberium runs off to oven for he don't wanna burn the Grasshopper Stew
[03:46] <Afker> lol
[03:46] <Afker> now
[03:47] <Afker> the initial screen is always the new game mode
[03:47] <Afker> so lets click on Keep Going so we can be on the same page
[03:47] <Elementasts> k
[03:47] * H-junkie is out fer dinner....hunger pangs....
[03:48] <Afker> "That day, an along returning soldier arrives and stands on the port"
[03:48] <Afker> alone
[03:48] * Afker slaps H-junkie around a bit with a large trout
[03:48] <Afker> akuji: I'm finally back
[03:48] <Afker> <very rough translations>
[03:49] * H-junkie is AFK, food....glorious food......will onli be back by tomoraw....pls dun slap me....i'm hungry XD  悠-n-v-i-s-i-o-n・
[03:49] *** H-junkie is now known as H-junkie[away]
[03:50] <Elementasts> k
[03:50] <Afker> "The name of htis man is Yamamoto Akuji.  He is one of the key staff of the Area-Management-System Wakame Group, which rules Oosaka City"
[03:51] <Afker> <Area-Management-System is the term for all those groups>
[03:51] <Afker> Akuji is htinking aobut his GF
[03:51] <Afker> he was fighitn int eh war, whihc is like hell
[03:52] <Afker> Oosaka has changed quite a bit since he left it
[03:52] <Afker> lots of debrises due to bombardment of the woar
[03:52] <Afker> war
[03:52] * Xcaliberium slaps Xcaliberium around a bit with a large trout
[03:52] <Xcaliberium> oh yeah take that and that
[03:52] <Xcaliberium> ouch
[03:52] <Afker> even though the war has been over for a year, the scars of war is still showing
[03:53] <Afker> akuji was a captured soldier of the country that lost the war
[03:53] <Afker> and he's finally able to return
[03:54] <Afker> as Akuji thinks about the time he got captured, he rubs his teeth
[03:54] <Elementasts> huh?
[03:55] <Afker> a drunk guy appeared, commenting on the war, noting Akuji is probalby a returning soldier since he is at the port
[03:55] <Afker> commented on how he himself (the drunk) avoided being drafted
[03:55] <Afker> asked for money, and put his hand on Akuji's shoulder
[03:55] <Afker> akuji beat the drunk up, who ran away
[03:56] <Afker> akuji comments on no wonder Japan lost to war to US, considering it's now filled with losers
[03:57] <Afker> he's now eager to meet his GF
[03:57] <Afker> Minka
[03:57] <Afker> who he hasn't seen for 3 years
[04:00] <Elementasts> k
[04:02] <Afker> he misses her a lot
[04:02] <Elementasts> pls go on
[04:02] <Afker> and he wants to go back to his organization too, thinking there'll be a huge welcome party
[04:02] <Afker> sorry, was helping roommate with his CS project
[04:02] <Elementasts> CS?!?!
[04:02] <Afker> Comp Sci
[04:02] <Elementasts> oh
[04:02] <Elementasts> :(
[04:02] <Afker> and akuji is a bit hungry
[04:03] <Afker> so he goes back to the home he hasn't seen in 3 years
[04:03] <Afker> the inside fo the city seems relative untouched by war
[04:03] <Afker> the paces where Minka live
[04:04] <Afker> he's going to check out Oosugi, your fighting master, (I htink you entrusted protecting Minka to him while you were away)
[04:05] <Afker> a guy shows up
[04:05] <Afker> "Hey, isn't this Akuji?"
[04:05] <Afker> Akuji: "Long time no see"
[04:05] <Afker> guy: "So you are still alive afterall..."
[04:06] <Afker> akuji: "of course.  this war can't kill me"
[04:06] <Afker> guy: "ah, but..."
[04:06] <Afker> akuji: what's wrong?
[04:06] <Afker> guy: ehh... nothing... well...
[04:07] <Afker> akuji: could it be <somehting bad, not sure what it is>...?
[04:08] <Elementasts> k
[04:09] <Afker> guy: no, it's fine
[04:09] <Afker> akuji: phew, scared me for a bit
[04:09] <Afker> guy: ha.. hai
[04:10] <Afker> akuji: well, today I get back,  I htink there'll probably be a big party
[04:10] <Afker> akuji: that'd be great.  laters!
[04:10] <Afker> akuji walk towrs his home, humming a tune
[04:11] <Afker> guy: akuji-san, <some forboding words>
[04:12] <Afker> akuji is happy to see his house untouched
[04:12] <Afker> he goes back, and announces hsi return
[04:12] <Afker> a gangester come out
[04:12] <Afker> "who is it, ehhh...? young master!?
[04:13] <Afker> akuji" oi oi, is htis how you welcome back your youngmaster who got back from battlefield?"
[04:14] <Afker> he keeps talkign stuff, ask ppl to bring out the sake
[04:14] <Afker> takes off his boots
[04:14] <Afker> <japanese ppl don't wear shoes into their houses>
[04:14] <Afker> "Don't be so quick, the original young master"
[04:15] <Afker> then the mistress shows up
[04:15] <Elementasts> the original young master?
[04:15] <Elementasts> XD
[04:15] <Afker> "oh, it's Ran. what do you mea by that?"
[04:16] <Afker> the the guy, Kamio, says "I'll explain that"
[04:16] <Afker> he's a new guy who akuji doesn't recognize
[04:16] <Afker> he speaks funny
[04:17] <Afker> akuji: "Ran, what's up with this guy?"
[04:17] <Afker> akuji: "Isn't this the place of my group?  Where's Father?  Grandpa?"
[04:18] <Afker> Kamio: "Hai, your fatoher, <name>, has died"
[04:18] <Afker> akuji: "what?"
[04:19] <Afker> Kamio: "Hai, half a year ago, death report (from war) was received"
[04:19] <Afker> akuji: father...
[04:19] <Afker> Kamio: "Hai, that's how it is, hai"
[04:19] <Afker> <kamio says "hai" a lot, so he's funny>
[04:19] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:21] <Afker> kamio: Your grand father Ippatsu said "I'm going to meet someone stronger than I", and disappeared
[04:22] <Afker> akuji was angry and commented on his grandpa, about son's death (grapdpa's son = akuji's dad)
[04:22] <Afker> kamio: that time, hai
[04:23] <Afker> kamio: Umi (americans) teaching directives, adopted, hai
[04:23] <Afker> akuji: teaching directigves?
[04:23] <Afker> kamio: hai, that's it, hai
[04:24] <Afker> Kamio: the opponent country during the war US, said to be Femail Supremicy country, know about it?
[04:25] <Afker> akuji: yeah, I learnd it from the captive concentration camps
[04:25] <Afker> kamio: We japan, lost to US, hai
[04:25] <Afker> kamio: the result of that...
[04:26] <Afker> kamio: japan has followed US's footsteps, place Females on the top with absolute ruling power
[04:26] <Afker> akuji: what kind of nonsense!
[04:27] <Afker> akuji: why does japan listen to the command of US which we hate?
[04:27] <Afker> kamio: that's the sadness of the country that lost the war, hai
[04:28] <Afker> kamio: when happatsu (dad's name) 's death was received, hai, we couldn't get a hold of Ippatsu-sama (grand pa) nor akuji-sama
[04:28] <Afker> hai
[04:29] <Afker> kamio: and there's the US's teaching directives
[04:29] <Afker> so now Ichihashi Ran-sama has become the head of Wakame group, hai, that's it
[04:31] <Afker> akuji: Ran you bitch!  you forgot the kindness of my grandpa and usurped the position...
[04:32] <Afker> <kindness is not quite the word.  it's a asian thing maybe.  means someone helped you in the past, and you owe that person>
[04:32] <Afker> anyways
[04:32] <Afker> Ran comes out and says it's now the era of female rules
[04:32] <Afker> Ran: times have changed.  you only have yourself to hate
[04:33] <Afker> and she called Ai out
[04:33] <Afker> Akuji and Ai argue
[04:33] <Afker> and you guys fight
[04:34] <Afker> outnumbered 6 to 1, you lost
[04:35] <Afker> Ran had Akuji taken away, dump him somewhere far
[04:35] <Afker> the underlings in the organization feel bad for akuji, but they can't disobey ordrs
[04:35] <Afker> akuji woke up around a drunk
[04:35] <Afker> might be the same guy
[04:36] <Afker> who angered akuji
[04:36] <Afker> so akuji beat him up
[04:36] <Afker> but because akuji jsut had a beating, he is still weak, so can't easily take out the drunk guy
[04:36] <Afker> very tired
[04:37] <Afker> then he hear police whistle
[04:37] <Afker> as 3 girls approach him
[04:37] <Afker> tomoko: he's doing vilent act
[04:38] <Afker> Mirai: that's right.  hey, stop it
[04:38] <Afker> akuji: who the hell are you?
[04:38] <Afker> Mirai: I'm Mirai of hte Youth Service Group (YGS)
[04:38] <Afker> tomoko: I'm tomoko
[04:39] <Afker> tomoko: voilence is against the law
[04:39] <Afker> mirai: you can't do it
[04:39] <Afker> akuji: so, what are you going to do about it
[04:39] <Afker> mirai: are you going to resist?  then we have to arrest you
[04:40] <Afker> akuji: yeah right
[04:40] <Afker> mirai: guess there's no choice
[04:40] <Afker> tomoko: sorry about htis
[04:40] <Afker> hten you fight
[04:40] <Afker> and you lost again
[04:40] <Afker> since you are still weak
[04:41] <Afker> so you got arrested by the girls, you are very angry
[04:41] <Afker> they take you back to their HQ, and send you to city council for judgement later
[04:42] <Afker> then you fainted after they sadindomething
[04:42] <Afker> anyways, after that they took you back to the YGS hq
[04:42] <Afker> you woke up
[04:42] <Afker> you tell them you can make something very delicious
[04:43] <Afker> mirai loves eating, so she released you so you can make the delicious food
[04:43] <Afker> but you said you always need to do somethign before making that food
[04:44] <Afker> then you overpowered them and H-ed them (while you fainted, you have recovered your strength)
[04:44] <Afker> then the girls were awed by your h-skills
[04:44] <Afker> and became your girls
[04:45] <Afker> the boss of YGS comes back (aoba youko, blue hair girl)
[04:45] <Afker> and got H-ed
[04:46] <Afker> and also became one of your girls (alhtough officially she is stll the leader of the group)
[04:46] <Afker> you told them your goal is to take back wakame, which is rightfully yours
[04:47] <Afker> also
[04:47] <Afker> Aoba is married,
[04:47] <Afker> her husband went to the war, and has not been heard from
[04:47] <Afker> anyways
[04:48] <Afker> so you use that as a threat (let me have the real power or I'll tell your husband what just happened here when he returns)
[04:49] <Afker> then you make the food (for real), and the text also implied you and mirai had some more H
[04:49] <Afker> and now we arrive at the save screen
[04:49] <Afker> 12 save spots
[04:49] * H-junkie[away] is AFK, food....glorious food......will onli be back by tomoraw....pls dun slap me....i'm hungry XD (Pager is On, /ctcp H-junkie[away] Page <message>)  悠-n-v-i-s-i-o-n・
[04:49] <Afker> top right bar
[04:49] <Afker> yellow button is Copy (acter clicking ont it, pick one file to copy frim, than another spot to copty to)
[04:49] <Afker> red is "delete"
[04:50] <Afker> bottom status bar, left now says Save
[04:50] <Afker> the big button says "return"
[04:50] <Afker> after you save, an arrow will show up telling you which one is the most recent save
[04:50] <Afker> after that
[04:51] <Afker> the screen shows "The Governing Organization"
[04:51] <Afker> below that says YGS
[04:51] <Afker> then:  "...turn..."
[04:51] <Afker> ie, it's your turn
[04:52] <Afker> your base is in Midorigaoka
[04:52] <Afker> tomoko first tells you about finances
[04:52] <Afker> you control one area right now
[04:52] <Afker> the HQ needs an operating budget of 160
[04:53] <Afker> the three girls each receive 20 salary per month
[04:53] <Afker> it's more than just personal use though, cuz they also each have YGS members to manage and pay for
[04:54] <Afker> right now the group receive 100 funding from city council
[04:54] <Afker> akuji says they should be able to get 300 more
[04:55] <Afker> tomoko says it's up to someone in the city council (blue-haird man)
[04:56] <Afker> akuji said he'll get the money,
[04:56] <Afker> also occured to him that if he can build relationship with high-ups in th ecity counci, makes things easier
[04:56] <Afker> also
[04:56] <Afker> akuji is going to collect money from the residents int eh district
[04:57] <Afker> tomoko objects, because YGS is a charity/service/non-profit organization
[04:57] <Afker> but akuji says in this age, money equals safty
[04:58] <Afker> akuji is oging to collect money, hire more ppl, and use YGS as a front to start wars with other gorups and take over Oosaka
[04:58] <Afker> aoba objects, but akuji threatens her
[04:58] <Afker> and now finally we are at the Area Phase
[04:58] <Afker> this is the big map
[04:59] <Afker> status bar says Status Phase, with buttons that say "End", "Info", and Item"
[04:59] <Afker> if you put mouse over the text "Area Phase"
[04:59] <Afker> you see starts on some districts
[04:59] <Afker> starts designate that District Events are available there
[05:00] <Afker> a skull indicates bad Safty in that district
[05:00] <Afker> passing mouse over a district gives you a popup
[05:01] <Afker> top is the name of district
[05:01] <Afker> with arrows next to it, which is the influence in that city
[05:01] <Afker> more arrows probably means more population
[05:01] <Afker> blue arrows are your influence, red arrows are the opposite
[05:01] <Afker> so in areas you control it should start out as completely blue
[05:02] <Afker> under that, are 6 boxes
[05:02] <Afker> where icons of your followers stationed there, if any, are displayed
[05:02] <Afker> during the first week, You and tomoko are statinoed at midorugaoka
[05:03] <Afker> under that are three boxes
[05:03] <Afker> the two on the left are organizations/businesses in that district.
[05:03] <Afker> blue background indicates under your control, red the oppposite
[05:03] <Afker> the box on the right indicates special buidings of yours
[05:04] <Afker> now click on Modorigaoka
[05:04] * Xcaliberium believes AFKer has passed the 210,000 word mark
[05:04] <Afker> and a new screen pops up
[05:04] <Afker> lol
[05:04] <Afker> didn't know anyone is still aorund/awake
[05:04] <Afker> this screen is the District Status screen
[05:04] <Afker> district name and influence emter is at the tob
[05:05] <Afker> followed by your followers stationed there
[05:05] <Afker> above the icon is name
[05:05] * Xcaliberium hasn't said he was going to sleep
[05:05] * Xcaliberium goes back to game
[05:05] <Afker> the the lowerright corner is the Safty ability
[05:05] <Afker> >_<"
[05:05] <Afker> d-:
[05:05] <Afker> and under that, the collect ability of each character is displayed
[05:06] <Afker> lower, it shows which organization rules this district,
[05:06] <Afker> and underthat, are the money charts that was covered in tutorial
[05:06] <Afker> there is a "Build" button on the right, it's green
[05:06] <Afker> click on it and choices pop u
[05:07] <Afker> don't build anything yet, wanna save money
[05:07] <Afker> but jsut take a look
[05:07] <Afker> top right is the safty scarcrow
[05:08] <Afker> on the left you see the eatary place, the "ATM" (loan shark mahcine), and the "Weird SignalWave Tower"
[05:08] <Afker> bottom right is Retreat
[05:08] <Afker> now we exit
[05:08] <Afker> left bottom of the District Status screen are the district actions
[05:08] <Afker> the firt one is Increase HelpFund Movement
[05:08] <Afker> don't select anythign yet
[05:09] <Afker> that's the oen that increases basic collectability of the district, avaiailable when Safty Level is Excellent (which is shown on the bottom right)
[05:09] <Afker> under that you see "Babaa Long House",which is a local business.
[05:09] <Afker> next to it is a parenthesis saying "Take Over"
[05:10] <Afker> again, learn the word for "Take Over" cuz it's there for ever district where you can take over businesses
[05:10] <Afker> the last one is a one-time only event.
[05:10] <Afker> don't click on it yet
[05:10] <Afker> because you can only do one District Event per turn, and this turn we want to do something else
[05:11] <Afker> but this third option will get you enlist a Spy for your orginization, who'll be your information master
[05:11] <Afker> so do it next turn
[05:11] <Afker> exit district stutus screen to return to the big map
[05:12] <Afker> it's color coded to show who rules what district
[05:12] <Afker> the city council is yellow
[05:12] <Afker> let's visit the one on the top that's ruled by the city
[05:12] <Afker> Haruse
[05:13] <Afker> the first District event in Haruse, is City Council
[05:13] <Afker> the action in parenthesis is (Meet with Overseer)
[05:13] <Afker> pick that
[05:14] <Afker> and you'll take Aoba to the city council and meet up with Karasuba, the blue haird guy with a comb
[05:16] <Afker> the two of you talked, you promised he'll get something in return (in money and in females)
[05:16] <Afker> and you got the funding from City Council to be raised to 400 a month
[05:16] <Afker> note that if you pick a District Event, after the event is over, you jupm right into the next phase
[05:17] <Afker> so do all your constructions and Safty Recovery Movements before you do District Event (especially important when you have multiple districts to manage)
[05:17] <Afker> next phase, is the Follower Phase
[05:18] <Afker> the status bar says "Follower Phase", with buttons "End", "Info", and "Item"
[05:18] <Afker> on the top
[05:18] <Afker> you see 4 buttons
[05:18] <Afker> the right, the red one, is "delete"
[05:18] <Afker> this deletes characters from your party
[05:18] <Afker> some characters, if deleted, cauze a game over
[05:19] <Afker> then there are two stutas buttons
[05:19] <Afker> default at Politics right now
[05:19] <Afker> the other one is battle
[05:19] <Afker> the button on the left is "Sort by..."
[05:19] <Afker> if you pass mouse over it
[05:20] <Afker> new buttons pop up to the left
[05:20] <Afker> curently it defautls to "basic order", which is an order internal to the game.
[05:20] <Afker> this will put generic characters at the end of the list by type
[05:21] <Afker> second button from the left is "By Loyality"
[05:21] <Afker> person with lowest loyality goes on top
[05:21] <Afker> then it's ranked by HP
[05:21] <Afker> seems that higher HP is on top
[05:21] <Afker> finally by "assignment"
[05:22] <Afker> this puts ppl who are assigned to places at the bottom, and unassigned ppl to the top
[05:22] <Afker> whenever two ppl have same characteristics of the sort, it follows the basic orer
[05:22] <Afker> now we take a look at a character's status
[05:22] <Afker> the left is the characetr icon
[05:22] <Afker> with experience points on top
[05:22] <Afker> for example, Aoba
[05:23] <Afker> Exp 0/40
[05:23] <Afker> she has 0 exp right now, need 40 to level up
[05:23] <Afker> as covered in tutorial
[05:23] <Afker> to the right, the top bar in the status has first her alignment (girl) then her name
[05:24] <Afker> under that, on the left, going top to bottom, is "Safty Ability", "Collect Ability", and "Salary"
[05:24] <Afker> on the right, top value is Loyality, which max at 99
[05:24] <Afker> under neath that is "Loyality Type"
[05:25] <Afker> all three girls are currently "Love Desire", which is typical for most girls after you h-them
[05:25] <Afker> the bottom bar are the alignments they are good against
[05:25] <Afker> if you take a look at battle mode of charcter status
[05:26] <Afker> you see a Attack Range that's next to their name.  all three girls have Long range attacks
[05:26] <Afker> the left column, top down, are HP, Stamina, and Luck
[05:26] <Afker> right column are: Attack power, Hit-rate, and Evade
[05:27] <Afker> attacking takes one bar of stamina, and special attacks take up two
[05:27] <Afker> you always deal exactly the damage as your attack power, unless modified by special skills
[05:27] <Afker> for hit-rate and evade, higher the better, but I don't know how it's calculateed
[05:28] <Afker> pass mouse over one of them and you'll see the portrain of the character
[05:28] <Afker> click on the status of the character to meet that follower
[05:28] <Afker> you can only meet one follower per phase
[05:29] <Afker> when you meet them, there might be special talks for that person
[05:29] <Afker> usually there's one when the first time you meed him/her
[05:29] <Afker> and also when that character has special events
[05:29] <Afker> after that is done, there's a menu
[05:29] <Afker> the bottom shows Name and Loyality
[05:30] <Afker> then what her relation to you is (all 3 girls are "Akuji's Girl")
[05:30] <Afker> the menu choices right now are:
[05:30] <Afker> Info, H, Bonus, Combat Training, and Political T\raining
[05:31] <Afker> Info showes basic info on the character, and isn't a real command
[05:31] <Afker> first it shows "Over all combat ability"
[05:31] <Afker> then Exp
[05:31] <Afker> and Skill (currently blank for skill)
[05:31] <Afker> then shows "Hit-rate", "Evade", and "attack power"
[05:32] <Afker> then "HP", "Stamina", luck isn't displayed (maybe because it's zero, or it's just not displayed ingeneral)
[05:33] <Afker> next screen is "Pay", "Collect Ability" and "Safty Ability" (hers is Excellent)
[05:33] <Afker> now, we want the military training, so we can get her special skills
[05:33] <Afker> and give her exp
[05:33] <Afker> Political training will increase her collect ability slightly
[05:34] <Afker> so pick on military training
[05:34] <Afker> and you arrive at the traiing hall
[05:34] <Afker> she gains 20 exp (cuz need 40 to level up, and 40 / 2 = 20)
[05:34] <Afker> and she picks up the skill "Take it Easy"
[05:35] <Afker> then we are at the "Movement Phase", which is where you assign people to disssferent districts
[05:35] <Afker> on the left again you see character status (with yourself also in the list)
[05:35] <Afker> if a person as assigned somewhere, that person's status will be shaded, and name of location of assignment will be there
[05:36] <Afker> right now both akuji and tomoko are assigned to midorigaoka
[05:36] <Afker> 'on the left you see a map on the top
[05:36] <Afker> and 6 slots on the bottom
[05:36] <Afker> pass your mouse over midorigaoka (the blue one) on the map
[05:37] <Afker> and you'll see the twoo ppl assigned there now
[05:37] <Afker> also you see the influene metr
[05:37] <Afker> at the corner of the mini map is the Collect Base
[05:37] <Afker> which is be basic collectability of the district
[05:38] <Afker> the bottom of the 6 slots, you see "Safty 80%  Collect 100 (sum of 2 ppl)
[05:38] <Afker> also, with the character's icon, you can see the stamina bar which is vertical, and HP which is numerical
[05:39] <Afker> on the mini map
[05:39] <Afker> you see districts aroudn you with numbers
[05:39] <Afker> those are number of enemy stationed in each district
[05:40] <Afker> if you click on a district, then even after your mouse move away from the minimap, it'''l still display info for that district
[05:40] <Afker> and the district selected will have white border
[05:41] <Afker> if you pass mouse over a character, then the district that character is assigned to (if any) will have a white-shade
[05:41] <Afker> also, if mouse is over a character assigned someplace, you see a button show up, which is to De-assign that person, so that person won't ba assigned to that place anymore
[05:42] <Afker> to assign ppl to places
[05:42] <Afker> you can drag the character icon from either the 6-slot area, or the character list on the right
[05:43] <Afker> and you can drop them on either the 6-character slot area, or inside the particular region in the mini map
[05:43] <Afker> experient with it now
[05:43] <Elementasts> k
[05:43] <Afker> now, assign all 4 peoplw to Heguri, the district right abouve you
[05:43] <Afker> oops
[05:43] <Afker> didn't know you were around
[05:43] <Afker> ok, I'll give you time to experiment
[05:43] <Afker> d-:
[05:44] <Elementasts> hehe
[05:44] <Elementasts> actually just go on
[05:44] <Afker> ok, click the "End" button on the bottom after you assigned all your ppl to Heguri
[05:45] <Afker> next phase is Battle Phase
[05:45] <Afker> buttons on the bottom are "End" and "Info"
[05:45] <Afker> you shuld see hegure as the only enabled district, where you can fight
[05:45] <Afker> mouse over it, and you'll see same popup as during Area Phase
[05:46] <Afker> click
[05:46] <Afker> it'll show "Needed Funds: 100", "Battle Turns: 1"
[05:46] <Afker> and ask if you want to attack
[05:46] <Afker> top is yes, bottom is no
[05:46] <Afker> pick yes
[05:46] <Afker> now it's 4 against 3
[05:46] <Afker> so there are 4 turns
[05:47] <Afker> population in this district is 4, so right now 4 red influence bars in the meter
[05:47] <Afker> mouse over each character icon to see their stats
Session Start: Fri May 03 05:49:33 2002
[05:49] *** Now talking in #Alice_In_Hgameland
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[05:49] *** Afked is now known as afker
[05:49] <afker> arg
[05:50] <afker> computer rebotted ieself
[05:50] <Elementasts> Afker
[05:50] <Elementasts> there is no Distric on the map named Oruta Ero
[05:50] <afker> greetings
[05:50] <afker> hehe
[05:51] *** AfkServ has joined #Alice_in_Hgameland
[05:51] <afker> indeed
[05:51] <afker> never said it's a district
[05:53] <Elementasts> <Afker> to increase training skill poitns, you need to visit a particular district's event
[05:53] <Elementasts> <Afker> "Oruta Ero" is the name of the place
[05:54] <Elementasts> :3
[05:54] <afker> place not equal to district
[05:55] <Elementasts> ok tell me which district has it
[05:55] <afker> later
[05:55] <Xcaliberium> AFKer could you tell me why I can't get these 2 red buildings I have owned the place for 8 turns now
[05:56] <afker> in hageri?
[05:56] <afker> heguri
[05:56] <Elementasts> oh yea
[05:56] <afker> you just can't
[05:56] <Xcaliberium> in Daiakuji
[05:56] <Elementasts> how do you know how much a building costs?
[05:56] <afker> 2 mansions
[05:57] <Xcaliberium> think so here's a pic
[05:57] <afker> price is listed under the constrictuion potion
[05:57] <afker> optoin
[05:57] <Elementasts> I mean
[05:57] <afker>
[05:57] <afker> check agains thtis site
[05:57] <Elementasts> the buildings
[05:57] <Elementasts> the ones that contribute t the max collictibility rate
[05:58] <afker> they don't cost you anything
[05:58] <Elementasts> you jus take them over?
[05:59] <afker> yeah
[05:59] <Elementasts> k
[05:59] <Elementasts> how about the Political training?
[05:59] <Elementasts> what exactly does it do?
[05:59] <afker> scroll up d-:
[06:00] <afker> I'm tring to get back to where I was in the game nright now, to continue with the tutorial
[06:00] <Elementasts> ah
[06:00] <Elementasts> XD
[06:00] <Elementasts> didnt notice
[06:01] <afker> ok, so now we are at the fisrt battle
[06:01] <afker> first thin to notice is all the enemy are generic, and all aer 30 HP
[06:02] <afker> akuji right now can deal 20
[06:02] <afker> and mirai can deal 8
[06:02] <afker> while aoba can deal 6 with "Take it easy" ability
[06:02] <afker> so first we send akuji up
[06:03] <afker> actually, one of them has 31 health, but that's minor detain d-:
[06:03] <afker> basically, try not to kill them
[06:03] <afker> damage them enough so you'll be able to capture them
[06:04] <afker> for first three rounds computer will pick those who are at full health
[06:04] <afker> or at least very healthy
[06:04] <afker> so use akuji for first three rounds
[06:05] <afker> then fourth round comp has to pick someone whos' hurt (unless akuji didn't manage to damange one of them)
[06:05] <afker> use mirai to damange her if she's at 10 or 11.  use akuji again if she has full health
[06:06] <afker> then battle is over
[06:06] <afker> you probably won, and gain one influence point
[06:06] <afker> and probably captured one enemy
[06:06] <afker> now if you want ti fight again, will cost 500.  don't
[06:06] <afker> (no money anyways)
[06:07] <afker> click *end* to end the phase
[06:07] <afker> then it's wakame groups turn, and you see events
[06:07] <afker> pretty much introducing the key staff of the organization
[06:07] <afker> then it's city council's turn
[06:08] <Elementasts> why does it cost 500 to fight again?
[06:08] <afker> I just zoom past it
[06:08] <afker> it cost more to fight a second round
[06:08] <afker> I'm sure someone can come up with some rationalization
[06:08] <Elementasts> is it always 500?
[06:08] <afker> then it's the independent's turn
[06:08] <afker> second round probalby always 500
[06:09] <afker> during independent's turn, Kaneshita district gained independeince from wakame
[06:09] <afker> and the heguri region people probably will attack the ppl you have inserted tghere
[06:09] <afker> the cost to fight them this time is down to 100 again, cuz it's not your turn anymore
[06:10] <afker> pick fight, and now that they are all hurt, don't use akuji
[06:10] <afker> consider there are 4 turns, and only two enemies,
[06:10] <afker> pick tomoko
[06:11] <afker> let her attack 3 times
[06:11] <afker> then on round four pick either mirai or Aoba, so that you'll deal enough damage to capture, but not kill
[06:12] <afker> (if enemy is at 6 or below, use the "Take it easy" ability of aoba)
[06:12] <afker> if htings go well, can caputre at least one, if not both enemies
[06:12] <afker> then turn ends
[06:12] <afker> and we are at save screen again
[06:13] <afker> turn two starts, for me at least, with recruiting new menbers (this might be random)
[06:13] <afker> you can only recruit a few generic characters
[06:13] <afker> then you go to the basement, and visit your captives
[06:14] <afker> for female captives, the options are: H, bribe, turtore <this one doesn't always appear>, Kill, or send to City prison
[06:15] <afker> the last two aren't much different I find
[06:15] <afker> turtore usually requires several rounds of tutoring to get what info you need
[06:15] <afker> each time the turtore is harsher
[06:15] <afker> but for now, we just want to get more ppl, so bribe
[06:16] <afker> these girls in green uniform are very easy to bribe, and I got all 3 to join my party
[06:16] <afker> back at the Area Pphase, this time you do have free choice of what to do
[06:17] <Elementasts> bribe?
[06:17] <afker> yeah
[06:17] <Elementasts> you just need to H them 2 times
[06:17] <Elementasts> and they'll join
[06:17] <afker> basically offer them money in exchange of service
[06:17] <afker> see, that takes 2 times
[06:17] <afker> I need followers now
[06:17] <Elementasts> cheaper that way :p
[06:17] <afker> dunno
[06:17] <afker> bribe doesn't really take money
[06:18] <afker> and after you h-them, still need to pay
[06:18] <Elementasts> it doesn't?
[06:18] <afker> dunno if salary is different between two approaches
[06:18] <afker> that need to be experimented
[06:18] <Elementasts> hmmm
[06:18] <afker> 'in kaneshita district
[06:18] <afker> you can visith thier onsen
[06:19] <afker> visit twice and you'll get a purple-hair guy to join
[06:19] <afker> I think he's gay and likes you
[06:19] <afker> he's cool though
[06:19] <afker> everytime you level up, he automatically levels up too
[06:19] <Elementasts> XD
[06:20] <afker> his loyality can be increased by combat training
[06:20] <afker> in Korumon
[06:20] *** Xcaliberium has quit IRC (Quit:  )
[06:20] <afker> there's a standard district event: The Left Item House
[06:20] <afker> the action for that is (Buy stuff)
[06:21] <afker> that's the item shop
[06:21] <afker> at fisrt it doesn't carry a lot of items
[06:21] <afker> you usually get items from dungeons or other special events (when you marry you usually receive a few items)
[06:21] <afker> after you cleared the game and replay
[06:21] <afker> all  the items you have received in a previous game, are sold at this shop
[06:22] <afker> you also can get items from turtoring captives
[06:22] <afker> anyways
[06:22] <afker> there's a one-time special event in this city, which is "Shopping at the shopping street"
[06:22] <afker> if you do this event, you'll enter a raffle, and I think win tickets ot a hotel.
[06:23] <afker> enough tickets for your entire gang, wich will completely heal everyone
[06:23] <afker> but can only be used once
[06:23] <afker> I'll let you know wher ethe hotel is later
[06:24] <afker> at Haruse district, right now I see one district event
[06:24] <afker> it's a theatre
[06:24] <afker> you can check it out
[06:24] <afker> after you take over the district later, you can take over the theatre, and with the right conditions, recruit the guy who owns the place
[06:25] <afker> in Suzuka, the district right below it, I currently see "Chinpira Scouting"
[06:25] <afker> Chinpira are the low level gangsters in white coat
[06:26] <afker> the last 4 characteres thhere mean "Scout".  learn to recognize it, cuz you can also scout some other characters
[06:26] <afker> in Hinode district, I see a "Capture Dog" sepcial event
[06:26] <Elementasts> what exactly do you do in scouting?
[06:27] <afker> basically you recruit one guy
[06:27] <afker> that's what scouting means
[06:27] <Elementasts> ah
[06:27] <afker> capture dog means to get one dog to join you
[06:27] <afker> these scouting and caputring are special events, may be offered multiple times, but don't always appear
[06:28] <afker> at Hakua, there's a onetime event
[06:28] <afker> it's 
[06:28] <afker> "Under the Legendary Tree"
[06:28] <afker> it increases akuji's luck by 1
[06:28] <afker> in Ashiya, you can visit a mansion
[06:29] <afker> in it lives a general
[06:29] <afker> of the old gapanese army
[06:29] <afker> who's right now being held captive in his home, with the US army guarding/watching him
[06:30] <afker> he has a younger guy who's a commander from the old jap army, who is planning to rebel agains tthe US
[06:30] <afker> the general also has two strong fighters with him
[06:30] <afker> and a grand daughter...
[06:30] <afker> right now the action you do is "Initial Visit"
[06:31] <afker> the other mansion in this district belows to the mayor, and you can't visit it yet
[06:31] <afker> I've covered Midorigaoka before
[06:32] <afker> in Sakai, I have a "Glassgirl Scout"
[06:33] <afker> In Kousien, I see a "Combat-loving Housewife" event
[06:33] <afker> you an recruit her
[06:33] <afker> while she is a generic housewife character, she has better stats than usual housewife characters
[06:33] <afker> in fact
[06:34] <afker> ppl you recruit from Koushien usually have better stats then the normal characters of hte same class
[06:34] <afker> in Eiden, the top choice is "The Girl of the Anti-US movement"
[06:35] <Elementasts> hehe
[06:35] <afker> the second one is "check out construction area"
[06:35] <Elementasts> that was cute 
[06:35] <afker> US is construction a stronghold in Eden
[06:35] <afker> for these girls that you can caputre, they usually require you to do their district events several times, at diff places
[06:36] <afker> so after you pick her event here, she'll move on somewhere else, blah blah
[06:36] <afker> after a few times you can finally get her
[06:36] <Elementasts> will her event name be the same?
[06:36] <afker> yes
[06:36] <afker> typically
[06:36] <afker> for most girls yes
[06:37] <afker> right now, my turn two, I'm going to recruit the spy from Midorigaoka
[06:37] <afker> you may choose to do the same, or something different, htough some things from now on happens randomly
[06:38] <afker> the spy, Shimamoto Jun, was one of your friends back at the old wakame
[06:39] <afker> he wants to help you overthrow wakame
[06:39] <afker> and he really wants to see how much you can do, kinda like an experiment
[06:40] <afker> if you get him to join you, you can see his loyality ytpe is "Principle"
[06:40] <afker> he joins you for the principle, so his loyality will never decrease
[06:40] <afker> whoever you hired at the beginning of the turn should have "Material desire" as loyality type
[06:40] <afker> and if you bribed the green-uniform girls, same
[06:41] <Elementasts> aha!
[06:41] <afker> the 3 YGS girls, and if you h-ed any of the green uniforms, will have type Love Desire
[06:41] <Elementasts> so if I sexed them
[06:41] <Elementasts> yes
[06:41] <afker> lower salary?
[06:41] <afker> right now it's 100 for me
[06:41] <afker> at material desire of the green uniforms
[06:42] <afker> anyways, for this turn
[06:42] <afker> I'm going to talke to mirai, and train her so she gets her special attack
[06:43] <afker> her's is "Hit-rate up"
[06:44] <afker> now I'm going to keep tomoko at heguri, and send the others (akuji, aoba, mirai, June, and one of the green uniform) to Kakua
[06:45] <afker> this is because I already caputred all the enemy forces at hegure, so I only need one person to gain influence there
[06:45] <afker> while the rest fight at hakua
[06:45] <afker> depending on how your previous fights turn out, you might want to distribute forces differently
[06:46] <afker> 'since there are no enemy forces present at heguri for me, I gain 3 influence bars
[06:46] <afker> and since I got one from last turn already, that's all I need to take ocntrol of this area
[06:46] <afker> now I"m down to 200 gold
[06:46] <afker> so I can't attack Hakua
[06:47] <afker> so I pick End
[06:47] <afker> wakame do their thing
[06:47] <afker> an observer from the city council goes to wakame (the red head in uniform, one of my fav girls in this game)
[06:47] <afker> then city council do thier thing
[06:48] <afker> and an event wiht panda happen
[06:48] <afker> basically there's this panda-controlling girl hiding in hinode
[06:48] <afker> pandas probalby camefrom the zoon
[06:48] <afker> and city council is trubled
[06:48] <afker> then
[06:49] <afker> the ppl at Hakua decids to attack me
[06:49] <afker> this turn, battle only cost 100, and I fight htem
[06:49] * H-junkie[away] is AFK, food....glorious food......will onli be back by tomoraw....pls dun slap me....i'm hungry XD (Pager is On, /ctcp H-junkie[away] Page <message>)  悠-n-v-i-s-i-o-n・
[06:49] <afker> there is this soldier here
[06:49] <afker> who has 70 hp
[06:49] <afker> very strong
[06:50] <afker> I decide to start attacking using mirai, hopeing to capture some dogs, and also judging that even if hte soldier attacks, she'll survive
[06:51] <afker> at the end of the fight, mirai hit each of them once, so all the dogs got captured
[06:51] <afker> I leveled up Aoba
[06:51] <afker> and we eare at the Ability Up Phase
[06:51] <afker> you can increase one of hte 5 stats
[06:52] <afker> attack +3, hit-rate +4, evade +2, HP +5, or luck +1
[06:52] <afker> since aoba has the "Take it easy" ability, I decide to increase her attack
[06:53] <afker> others also leveled up, and what abilityes you want to increas for them is up to you
[06:53] <afker> after save screen you see the System screen
[06:53] <afker> not that several events have been logged
[06:54] <afker> at turn three, more ppl form your old gang shows up 
[06:54] <afker> this bold headed guy is the one who trains prostitutes
[06:55] <afker> he has 2 ppl working for hime
[06:55] <afker> the girl in charge the working girl houses, the boy in charge of training, mostly
[06:55] <afker> then you get a choice to hire them or not
[06:55] <afker> the top is to hire
[06:55] <afker> whihc you shoidl pick
[06:56] <afker> then to the basement
[06:56] <afker> for animals
[06:56] <afker> the choices are "Bribe", "Kill", "Send to Zoo"
[06:56] <afker> pick whatever
[06:57] <afker> I usually get one animal of each kind, and send the rest to zoon
[06:57] <afker> zoo
[06:57] <afker> the prison keeper really likes animals, and if you send enough to the zoo, she will give you items
[06:58] <afker> at city phase, if you look at the build options, you'll see a new house available under the Safty Scarcrows
[06:58] <afker> that's the training house, which costs 500 to build.
[06:58] <afker> we don't have money right now, so will come back later
[06:59] <afker> you should have taken over heguir by now
[06:59] <afker> if htat is the case, the a few options might come up
[06:59] <afker> there are two mensions you can visit
[06:59] <afker> one with red roof and one with green room
[07:00] <afker> you can match the first two characters in the discrict command with the first two in the icons for that city
[07:00] <afker> the red roof is owned by a fat rich man (I can't visit there yet, but will explain now)
[07:00] <afker> he's into SM and abusive H
[07:00] <afker> he as a maid that he abuses
[07:01] <afker> also, once you met him, he sometimes ask you to send him well-trained prostitutes and he'll pay you
[07:01] <afker> or ask you to kidnap different types of girls (you kidnap by doing other district commands) and send to him
[07:01] <afker> and he'll pay you
[07:02] <afker> for me I'm visiting Kaneshita this turn, so next turn if I visit I'll get the purple head
[07:03] <afker> then, at follower phase, I train tomoko so she get's her skill "Fog" (no damage is dealt for that round)
[07:03] <afker> actually it's "White Smoke"
[07:04] <afker> at assignment phase, I calculate what troops I need to send to Hakua
[07:04] <afker> I'm not going to invade the green wakame group, cuz they are too strong right now
[07:05] <afker> hinode is filled with super buff pandas
[07:05] <afker> and ashiya has two strong ppl too, so I'm just oing to concentrate on hakua.
[07:05] <afker> besides, I only have 100 left
[07:05] <afker> there's only one guy at hakua, but that solder I remember has 70 total hp, adn 18 damage
[07:06] <afker> I wanna capture him, so I'm taking aoba
[07:06] <afker> he has lots of HP, so I'm bringing akuji
[07:06] *** kazami_hayato has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[07:06] *** kapipo has quit IRC (Read/Dead Error: Connection reset by peer )
[07:07] <afker> at 70hp, I need to hit him 3 timees with akuji (mirai has already damaged him a bit last round), so I shuold take 3 ppl total (to have three rounds of fight)
[07:07] <afker> before I assign the third person
[07:07] <afker> I note that it's week 3 now
[07:08] <afker> and at beginning of week 4 we do finances
[07:08] <afker> so I need to put ppl back in my districts so they can collect money
[07:09] <afker> placed it so that each district will collect it's full amount of collectability
[07:09] <afker> that leaves the dog as the third guy to hakua
[07:10] <afker> and I attack
[07:10] <afker> (only when you active attack and win can you gain influence.  if enemy attack you and you fight them off, no change in influence)
[07:10] <afker> and I use up the last of my money
[07:11] <afker> unfortunately for me, akuji only hit the soldier twice, the third time he didn't couner attack
[07:11] <afker> so the solder ended the turn with 27 health
[07:11] <afker> and didn't caputre him
[07:12] <afker> then, wakame did their thing, the city did their thing, another district (Kuromen,the shopping district) gaine indpendence
[07:13] <afker> then the soldier guy counterattacked
[07:13] <afker> since I ran out of money, I couldn't fight hiim
[07:13] <afker> and my entire party got caputreds, including akuji, so game over for me )-:
[07:13] <afker> I should've accounted for some miss, and may be akuji won't have enoguht hp for more than 3 attacks
[07:14] <afker> so should've brount 6 ppl when I decide to attack him (enough to capture him)
[07:14] <afker> anyways, if I did not die, the next round will be finance
[07:15] <afker> go borrow money using the bottom left button
[07:15] <afker> that's around 5500 I think
[07:15] <afker> you need money to fight off enemies and get more territory to make money, so it's definitley worht it
[07:15] <afker> you might fire a few generic characters to save money
[07:16] <afker> but then you need them for fights too...
[07:20] <afker> things tha thappen later:
[07:20] <afker> each turn one of wakame's territories will go independeing
[07:20] <afker> after kuromon is probably Nankou, and filannly funai
[07:20] <afker> wakame is left with 3 districts
[07:23] <afker> if you followed my steps, but sent 6 ppl to hakua instead, you should be able to capture the solder the round I died, borrow money, and capture that district in two more turns (using one sucky guy, and let the rest recover hp/stamina)
[07:23] <afker> once recovered, you may invade ashiya.
[07:23] <afker> or not
[07:24] <afker> if you want to marry the grand daughter, then you need to keep visiting her home without conquering hte district
[07:24] <afker> and eventually theere'll be a choice to marry her
[07:24] <afker> and get the general's two followers to join you before that
[07:24] <afker> if you attack, you need to fight the two followers and maybe additonal troops,
[07:25] <afker> you can capture them and eventually bribe them
[07:25] <afker> but the for the grand daughter you won't be marry (though you can capture her and make her a working girl)
[07:25] <afker> can't attack pink yet
[07:25] <afker> so I  would recommand taking Itami next, or Kofun
[07:26] <afker> kofun is guarded by monkies and ostriches
[07:26] <afker> who are relatively strong
[07:26] <afker> so also make sur eyou troops are healthy eonough before fightign them
[07:27] <afker> after that, you can take out daniijri and kaneshita
[07:27] <afker> all the time getting more followers so you have more fighters
[07:27] <afker> but not too much that it cost too much to maintian, watch the balance
[07:27] <afker> about htis time, or earlier, Wakame will start their move
[07:28] <afker> they have two main attack forces I think
[07:28] <afker> parties of 6
[07:28] <afker> or 5
[07:28] <afker> one led by Kaga Motoko, the other just generic
[07:28] <afker> when fighing them, don't fight the independs also
[07:29] <afker> unless you have fighters and money enough to spare
[07:29] <afker> also
[07:29] <afker> aroudn this time, Minka, your sweetheart, returns to Oosaka
[07:29] <afker> you'll see her come back
[07:30] <afker> her shop is located in Koube, when she's back
[07:30] <afker> to marry her, visit her enough times (4~5) before you completely conquer the wakame
[07:31] <afker> then after you take out wakame, you'll automatically propose to her, and she'll give you a condition.  the top choice is to marry her, agreeing to her conditions
[07:31] <afker> the bottom is to reject the conditions, and she'll leave you forever
[07:32] <afker> if you haven't visited her 4~5 times before, then you will still propose to her, but hte condiiton will be to leave the yakuza world completely, and join her in running restuarant
[07:32] <afker> anyways
[07:33] <afker> sometime after your war with wakame starts, the purple cult group will start to expand (may be before or after you done with wakame)
[07:33] <afker> also, with boht the cult group and wakame, if you think you are strong enough, you can attack them first before they attack you
[07:34] <afker> I usually wait so my troops can fight after they recovered
[07:37] <afker> this wraps up the 7-hour tutorial sessions.  Another one will be continuted some date later.
[07:37] <afker> I'll wait around to take any questions you may have
[07:37] <afker> then I'm off to bed
[07:37] <afker> 7:37am here d-:
[07:38] <XiahouDun> you've been up all night?
[07:38] <afker> yeah
[07:38] <afker> doing the tutorial
[07:38] <XiahouDun> your nuts man....go get some sleep
[07:38] <afker> lol
[07:38] <XiahouDun> questions can wait i'm sure
[07:39] <afker> I will wait around a bit to take any questions
[07:39] <XiahouDun> i doubt anyone is here
[07:39] <afker> they come back once in a while
[07:39] <XiahouDun> then just get a few hours in then ;P