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Route heroines Edit

Takega Satsu (岳画 殺) Edit


  • Young daughter of Yamamoto Ippatsu, Akuji's grandfather. She is biologically his half-aunt.

Nogi Kikuko (乃木 喜久子) Edit


Haku Minka (白 民華) Edit


  • The girl Akuji asked out before the war.

Kaga Motoko (加賀 元子) Edit


  • Being Akuji's childhood friend and secretly in love with him.
  • Daughter of Kaga Tarou.

Henri Pelori (アンリ・ペロリ) Edit

Henri Pelori

  • Mysterious character who shows up instead of Minka after new game bonuses applied

奉仕青年団事務 Youth Service Group Edit

The Youth Volunteer Group or Youth Service Group (奉仕青年団事務, houshi seinen dan jimu) is the group of healthy youths who volunteer as a civil social service.

Akuji GroupEdit

After defeating the Wakame Group, Akuji is given choice to make new name for Youth Volunteer Group:

  • New Wakame Group (真わかめ組, shin-wakame-gumi)
  • Akuji Group (悪司組, akuji-gumi)
  • Angered Dharma (怒りダルマ, ikari-daruma)

Brothel Edit

わかめ組 Wakame GroupEdit

The Wakame Group (わかめ組, wakame-gumi) is a Yakuza group formerly led by Yamamoto Hyappatsu, Akuji's deceased father. After WIME's domination, Ippatsu (Akuji's grandfather)'s lover Ichihashi Ran is selected as the new head.

那古教 Nago Cult Edit

The Nako cult (那古教, nako-kyō) is an organization led by Yume and her followers.

桃山組 Momoyama group Edit

The Momoyama Group (桃山組 - PM組, momoyama-gumi - PM-gumi) is a Yakuza Group in the west of Oosaka.

市議会 City Council Edit

City Council (市議会, shigi-kai) is where the current Mayor and her members stay.

ウィミィ WIME Edit

WIME (or Ouime in KH Translation) (ウィミィ, wimyi) is the government Womenrica sets in Oosaka after their victory to Japan a few years ago.
  • Yurupeno (ユルペノ)

高山組 Takayama Group Edit

The Takayama Group (高山組, takayama-gumi) is a Yakuza Group from Hiroshima, led by Takayama Golgo, Hami's father.

一発軍団 Ippatsu Corps Edit

The Ippatsu Corps (一発軍団 Ippatsu gundan) are Ippatsu's group after Wakame's fall.
  • Brad W. (ヴラッド Wa)
  • Sasaki Ichigeki (佐々木 一撃)
  • Uesugi-jou (上杉ジョー)
  • Yamaguchi Yoshiko (山口淑子)
  • Blood-stained Angel (血まみれ天使)
  • Oosugi Takeshi (大杉 武)

傭兵 Mercenaries Edit

Mercenaries (傭兵 yōhei), have various triggers to join the Youth Volunteer Group.

独立組織 Independent ForcesEdit

The Independent Forces (独立組織, dokuritsu soshiki) are a diverse set of groups that manage territories mostly independently, but many have a loose affiliation with the old government of Japan, represented by General Nogi.

Nogi residence (Ashiya) Edit

Chinese restaurant (Koube) Edit

Koube Edit

Ooana & Amanosato Edit

Kishin residence (Heguri)Edit

Takei residence (Heguri) Edit

TV Station (Ikoma)Edit

Osaka Shrine (Danjiri) Edit

Hotsprings (Kaneshita) Edit

Shopping district (Kuromon) Edit

Female Pirate Corps (Panaji) Edit

Alter Ero (Funai) Edit

Crab Theatre Stripclub (Haruse)Edit

Fugitive zookeeper (Hinode) Edit

Shin Koube Edit

Unaffilliated Edit

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