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This should be read left to right, top to bottom on the CG pages in game.

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Page 1[]

Takega Satsu: END Haku Minka: END Henry Pelori: END Kaga Motoko: END
Nogi Kikuko: END N/A: True route, no marriage END Priscilla Vadol: END Haku Minka: H after marrying Minka
Haku Minka: Marriage Haku Minka: 2nd H after marrying Henry Pelori: Progress events Henry Pelori: Marriage
Henry Pelori: Progress events Satsu Route: Progress events Satsu Route: Hotsprings Yumuro Setsuko: Supress the hot springs

Page 2[]

Kanbara Yuuko: Visit twice after she becomes mayor Kanbara Yuuko: Talk with her Kanbara Yuuko: H Kago Mirai: At the start
Kago Mirai: Becomes high class prostitute Kago Mirai: 2nd time H Aoba Youko: H Aoba Youko: Becomes high class prostitute
Aoba Youko: Bribes (2nd time) Kinugasa Tomoko: Brothel 100 people Kinugasa Tomoko: Becomes prostitute Kinugasa Tomoko: Kuromon event "Tomoko's birthday"
Ichihashi Ran: Becomes high class prosistute Ichihashi Ran: Brothel 100 people Ichihashi Ran: Dr. Suteki takes over the Wakame group Tsukie Ruuna: Brothel 100 people

Page 3[]

Morita Ai: Becomes prostitute Morita Ai: H in prison Morita Ai: Event in Kofun dungeon B12F Tsujiya Haruko: Becomes prostitute
Tsujiya Haruko: Prison phase Yuuki Noemi: Becomes prostitute Yuuki Noemi: Brothel 100 people Ootsugi Himeko: Becomes prostitute
Ootsugi Himeko: H in prison Komatsu Mai: Becomes prostitute Komatsu Mai: Brothel 100 people Yamazawa Asami: Drugged by Dr. Suteki
Yamazawa Asami: Secure her Yamazawa Asami: Progress events with Oosugi Takei Tsukasa: Becomes prostitute Takei Tsukasa: Brothel 100 people

Page 4[]

Takeda Nozomi: Do event "Kishin Residence (the maid)" Takeda Nozomi: Do event "Kishin Residence (under the table order)" Takeda Nozomi: Find, secure in Nankou, then talk with Yuuko Souma Rin: Brothel 100 people
Souma Rin: Becomes high class prostitute Tanzawa Shizu: Becomes high class prostitute Tanzawa Shizu: Brothel 100 people Mori Kaori: Torture x4
Mori Kaori: Brothel 100 people Mori Kaori: Becomes high class prostitute Yume: H in prison Yume: Becomes high class prostitute
Yume: Automatic event while at war with the Nago Cult Hoshikuzu Yozora: Brothel 100 people Hoshikuzu Yozora: Event in Amanosato "Observatory (Yozora)" Hoshikuzu Yozora: Becomes high class prostitute

Page 5[]

Sanada Denpa: Becomes prostitute Sanada Denpa: Tortured 4 times Takayama Hami: Demand a ransom after capture Takayama Hami: Brothel 100 people
Sanrin Fubuki: Brothel 100 people Sanrin Fubuki: 3rd start of turn event after event visit the Burning Fist Dojo Sanrin Fubuki: Becomes prostitute Nakayama Akari: Becomes prostitute
Nakayama Akari: Brothel 50 people and Taeko is also a prostitute Nakayama Taeko: Becomes prostitute Nakayama Taeko: Falls for the trap during the mayoral elections Nakayama Taeko: After handing her to Kishin, Herguri event Kishin Residence (See how Taeko is doing)
Isuzu Imari: Becomes prostitute Hasekura Aen: H during talk phase Hasekura Aen: Becomes high class prostitute Hasekura Aen: Talk after H during talk with both Aen and Kirika

Page 6[]

Hasekura Kirika: Brothel 100 people Hasekura Kirika: H in prison Hasekura Kirika: Start of turn event after becoming prostitute, while Kurusu is a subordinate Harukaze: Becomes prostitute
Harukaze: Brothel 100 people Harukaze: H in prison Sasaki Kanoko: Event "Visit the training manor after becoming prostitute Sasaki Kanoko: Brothel 100 people
Sasaki Kanoko: H in prison Aohime: Becomes prostitute Aohime: Brothel 100 people Aohime: Build a nuclear power plant
Tenkai Umine: Becomes high class prostitute Tenkai Umine: H in prison Tenkai Umine: Start of turn event after giving her Matsumoto Ryou Cat Mecco: After visiting at the hospital (x3), choose the event "Embrace at the end"

Page 7[]

Kaga Motoko: Becomes prostitute Kaga Motoko: Start of turn after fighting and letting her off twice Kaga Motoko: Marriage Komiya Youko: Start of turn, at war with Nako Cult
Komiya Youko: Becomes prostitute Komiya Youko: After 2 turns while Nene is in prison and Youko is still an enemy Tsukigase Nene: Torture x5 Tsukigase Nene: Becomes high class prostitute
Tsukigasa Nene: After 2 turns while Youko is in prison and Nene is still an enemy Toki Haruka: Start of turn after selling her to the Kishin residence Toki Haruka: Becomes prostitute Toki Haruka: Brothel 100 people
Satou Tane: Talk after Sourin is recruited OR visit Osaka shrine after freeing Haguro Satou Tane: Find Tane's body in Nankou Satou Tane: Becomes prostitute Ehavilla Mecco: Commander's office in Eden

Page 8[]

Haguro: Suppress "Osaka shrine (Suppress)" x2 Haguro: Becomes prostitute Mizuumi Kazuki: After defeating Momoyama group, do event "Hanny Engineering" x2 Mizuumi Kazuki: Send Akuji a 2nd time for event "Hanny Engineering (bribes)"
Mizuumi Kazuki: Send Akuji a 3rd time for event "Hanny Engineering (bribes)" Ikeda Kana: Becomes prostitute Ikeda Kana: Brothel 100 people Ikeda Ichigo: Becomes high class prostitute
Ikeda Ichigo: Brothel 100 people Ikeda Ichigo: Event "Abduct Ikeda Ichigo" after Kana is sent to the brothel Tomobiki Misao: Becomes prostitute Tomobiki Misao: Brothel 100 people
Tomobiki Misao: Torture x4 Carikoriluri: H in prison Carikoriluri: Becomes prostitute Takayama Rikupechi: Becomes prostitute

Page 9[]

Tsutsui Asagao: Becomes prostitute Tsutsui Asagao: Brothel 100 people Tsutsui Asagao: Call to talk (2 CGs, but only 1 registered) Upasu: Becomes high class prostitute
Upasu: Brothel 100 people Noyama Meguru: Torture x3 Noyama Meguru: Becomes prostitute Noyama Meguru: H in prison or during subordinate phase
Fudou Mei: Torture x4 Fudou Mei: Becomes high class prostitute Fudou Mei: H in prison Honoo Donko: Becomes prostitute
Honoo Donko: H Nogi Kikuko: Start of turn after marriage Nogi Kikuko: Becomes prostitute Nogi Kikuko: Marriage

Page 10[]

Kishin Raizou: Event "Kishin Residence (under the table order)" after doing "SSS School Girl" Nurse: Event "Genius Hospital (Night invasion)" WIME soldier: Do not do event "WIME incident (rape)" Karasuba Tsuki: Event "City Council (meet with the director)", after the first bribe, before the second
Pan'ichi: Watch the show at Crab Theatre Stripclub x2 WIME soldier: Event in Eden WIME soldier: Event in Eden WIME soldier: Event in Eden
Mutsu: H in prison Belladonna: H in prison Seanel Brown: Clear (can't get it on Ehavilla or Satsu routes) Seanel Brown: After clear (can't get it on Ehavilla or Satsu routes)
Priscilla Vadol: Event in Eden (can't get it on Ehavilla or Satsu routes) Priscilla Vadol: H in Ehavilla route Priscilla Vadol: Start of turn event (can't get it on Ehavilla or Satsu routes) Judy Caword: Event in Edent (can't get it on Ehavilla or Satsu routes)

Page 11[]

Seyadatara: Event in Shin Koube "Clear the dud bomb" Seyadatara: H Sandy Sandy: Becomes prostitute Hikage Mitsuko: 50 prisoners
Mysterious painting: Defeat Gunagan Congratulations: Clear Satsu route A billion: End with over a billion cash 1000 grand: End with over 10 billion cash
Wife game?: First game clear Penguin's song: Late penguin appears Standing CG: Clear Satsu route Survey: (appears to be broken, doesn't open)
Unfinished collection: End without a marriage Music room: First time clear Cleared character check: Option to check character clears Laughing box: Visit the Hanny building x2