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Japanese DD
Romanization DD
Race Power Gorilla (former), Dark Lord
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 343 cm / 622 kg
Status Deceased
Class Brawler
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm
Level limit 113
Skill levels N/A (?)
Appeared in Rance X: Part 2


DD is a Dark Lord created by Demon King Rance during the dreadful period of the RA Era that became known as the War of the Brutal King, where the Demon King completely corrupted by its bloodlust launched a large-scale monster invasion on the Human Realm. DD was a Power Gorilla notorious for being particularly vicious and brutal, finding great pleasure in murdering indiscriminately.

At some point during the early periods of the war in the year RA9, the extraordinary witch Miracle Tou gathered some of the most skilled warriors in the continent to form her elite group known as the Neo-Twelve Knights in an attempt to fight back against the monster army. Seeing them act with great efficiency, Demon King Rance decided to counter by finding four creatures of great cruelty and gave them his blood, turning them into Dark Lords. DD was one of these four monsters, ascending into a more powerful existence as a result. Following his transformation, DD battled against Miracle's knights on multiple occassions throughout the war, representing an intimidating force to the party of elites. He created two Apostles named Bufferin and Morphine with the only purpose of serving as his personal punching bags, but they were not very useful as that and perished quickly. At some point during the war, the Knights succeded in exterminating one of his allied Dark Lords Neluaporon, who was serving as one of the main commanders of the Monster Army.

After the Neo-Twelve Knights managed to restore Rance's sanity with Reset Kalar's special ability, the War of the Brutal King ended as he withdrew all monsters and Dark Lords from human territories. In full control of his mental state, Rance did not tolerate the wild behavior of the new Dark Lords he had created, eliminating Dark Lord Hebicalorie immediately. However, he decided to spare Dark Lords Waluluport and DD but, as punishment for their heinous acts, he placed a curse on them that inflicted inconceivable pain to them at all times. The punishment made DD's lifestyle one consumed by suffering, making him develop an extremely intense hatred towards Demon King Rance. Much like many monsters, he began acting independently without following his master's orders and plotting to kill him one day.

DD was a brutal Dark Lord consumed by rage and resentment.

He makes first physical appearance during the second chapter of Rance X: Part 2 when the newly formed and small El Party is recklessly climbing Rising Dragon Mountain. DD, consumed by rage and driven into madness by the pain, is randomly wandering around the area looking for the Demon King's castle until he eventually comes across El and their companions. Annoyed by being stared at he nearly attacks the group before being interrupted by Caesar and Satella's sudden arrival, who had come to warn DD and tell him to stop his senseless rampage on the Demon King's domains. Thrown into rage upon seeing one of the Demon King's closest Dark Lords, DD attacks Satella on the spot but his onslaught is blocked by Caesar, who easily pushes him away and causes him to fall from the mountain while the frustrated Dark Lord curses Satella and swears to bite her to death one day.

He appears again during the 10th chapter when the fully-assembled El party, which successfully gathered all of Rance's Children, entered Rising Dragon Mountain in order to defeat their father. While the group breaks through the Demon King's territory, fighting countless monsters in their path, DD remains oblivious to the party's infiltration as he remains in a dark cavern, feasting on a large number of humans to relief his pain. He's eventually interrupted by the group, who wandered into his cave after Chaos and Nikkou sensed the presence of a Dark Lord. The violent Dark Lord attacks them on the spot, but he's defeated by the Demon King's children. Pleased by the party's strength, he bursts into laughter, telling the party to make sure to survive until their next battle as DD runs away to recover from his injuries.

During the 12th chapter, the El Party enter Rising Dragon Mountain again after having faced a crushing defeat the first time and going through an intense training in the Poly Poly Dimension. Being very interested in exterminating them, DD remained vigilant near the entrance of the Mountain as he wanted to kill them before any other Dark Lord could get the chance to kick them out. DD noticed their arrival earlier than anyone else, prompting him to madly charge towards the group. Despite being quite powerful, the Dark Lord found himself completely outclassed by the Demon King's children, having grown so much stronger since their last encounter. His recklessness costed him his life in the fight, reducing him to a Demonic Blood Soul in the process. His blood soul was taken by Reset Kalar, who carried it with her from then on.

During the incident with Quelplan that ended with the manifestation of Blood Memories, the entity representative of the Demon King's blood, when Quelplan absorbed all the corruptive blood from the Dark Lords, DD's demonic blood soul was also swallowed by the beast, ending with DD's existance in the process.

Personality and Appearance[]

DD has an appearance very reminiscent of that of a standard Power Gorilla, resembling a huge ape with white fur. His facial expression is even more rabid and deranged, especially in his in-game portrayal after he was forced to endure pain on a constant basis. He's also more corpulent than a conventional Power Gorilla, and his skin displays intensely red vains.

As it is expected from a Dark Lord created by Demon King Rance during his worst descent into cruelty, DD is a merciless killing machine easily discernible by his extremely violent behavior. He's easily provoked, thrown into rage simply by staring at him and constantly rampaging for trivial matters, as well as being an incredibly impatient and restless individual. He speaks in a very rough, fast-paced and very simplistic manner, repeating words multiple times and without stopping to catch a breath. He's seemingly quite scatterbrained, getting lost in his own territory when he allowed his rage control him, which is an emotion that frequently drives most of his actions. He's extremely straight-forward, as well as reckless, challenging opponents on a whim regardless of who it is. Above all, DD loves to torment humans and displays extremely sadistic tendencies, finding great joy in breaking apart innocents for his own amusement.

He despises his lord Rance, aiming to kill him one day for the curse he placed on him as punishment, and directly antagonizing him despite the insurmountable power the Demon King possesses. The unbearable pain that he's put through at all times by his curse made him even more unstable, as it is a topic of constant concern for DD who's often delving into speeches describing his agony. He manages to distract himself from his anguish by consuming humans, something that he engages into as much as possible. His den was piled up with a large number of corpses and bones from his victims, although he claims that his eating habits are not so much due to personal fondness as much as it is to suppress his pain. He seems to have a fierce love for fighting strong opponents, experiencing great satisfaction with the idea of defeating a powerful foe to the point that it can momentarily distract him from his pain.


As a Dark Lord, DD gained strength that places him among the most powerful combatants in The Continent which, combined with his ridiculously barbarous demeanor, makes him one of the most dangerous entities in the world. He possesses no Skill Levels, not displaying talent in any fighting style in particular and largely relying on his brute strength, charging against his opponents like a mad bull. His fighting style was as simplistic and straight-forward as his mind, but he was also capable of employing some offensive magic.

His Level Cap was average as far as Dark Lords go at 113, with his current level being 78, one of the lowest among the demonic creatures. However, because Power Gorilla are powerful monsters with extraordinary physical strength, his transformation boosted the inherent attributes of his race, making his fortitude and stamina quite high despite his relatively low level, although he was still outclassed by Satella's stronger guardian Caesar. Along with Neluaporon, Waluluport and Hebicalorie, DD was able to engage in battle with the Neo-Twelve Knights multiple times, not only surviving but representing a great threat to what was one of the most powerful parties in history, as well as providing a challenging battle to the El Party even on his own. He was also very resilient, being able to stand up after a beatdown with ease.


  • DD is the only Dark Lord to die during the events of Rance X: Part 2.
  • DD is the only one of the four Dark Lords that Rance created during the war that made appearance in the game.
  • DD's name is likely derived from the military term Dishonorable Discharge, officially abbreviated as DD; a form of court-martialing in which an officer is removed from the military on the grounds of reprehensible behavior and personal conduct. DD's exile from Rance's personal entourage in response to his savagery throughout the War of the Brutal King is reminiscent of the Dishonorable Discharge process.
  • DD's Apostles, Morphine and Bufferin, share their names with real world pain medications, in reference to their master creating them for the sole purpose of using them as outlets to relieve his own constant pain.