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General info
Story Dungeon
Bonus Dungeon
Job System

This info is currently based on the win95 based modern port of DALK.

The Bonus Dungeon (Basement) has 100 floors in the win95 version which mostly consist of layouts randomly picked from a pool. There are some unique floors though.

Special floors[]

One layout is a square with a small prison in the middle which contains caged girls which give you a CG upon freeing them, you can examine them again to ?rescue? them.

A map contain God's Mimikaki/神のミミカキ, no clue what it's for? I went back to F27 of the story dungeon and spoke with Matis and she changed Medusa into a normal woman. It might be this or clearing the dungeon. I also found a Golden Mimikaki/黄金ミミカキ, maybe that's also related?

Floor 8 is the alicesoft dev room in the 100 floor bonus dungeon. You can talk with the devs by examining them, but they will attack you. You can find an Alice Sword there by inspect the box in front of the garbage bag 5 times and then the garbage bag itself.

Floor 50 has a fake Matis, examine it to turn it into Incubus so you can fight it.

Floor 98 is the Hanny Floor, hannies are quite powerful and will most likely hurt you a lot unless you are horrendously overleveled. This floor is the only area that spawns the Hanny Armour, which basically makes you immune to the hannies. Just reset the floor till there's a chest near and no or few hannies are close and grab it. You'll now have a walking shield.

Floor 100 is the Gunagan floor, but at first he's inactive. There are some Larvae and spawner holes. The spawner holes can spawn variants with some randomised stats. Get the chest in the top right which should be the last stone slab (didn't notice getting the others, honestly).
Go to floor 1, get info and go back to floor 100 and beat Gunagan.
It's quite likely that the fight glitches if you killed all the Larvae and a new one spawns whilst fighting Gunagan. Game goes into explore phase and doesn't retrigger the fight.


The enemies in the bonus dungeon get some bonus to various stats. These are generally calculated with VAR0288, which seems to indicate the floor you are on per section. So this means VAR0288 is 11 when you are on 11,31,51,71 and 91.
Few enemies also use VAR0000 and some extend commands, but I have no clue how they factor in.
This means info will be written out in formulas for most enemies. VAR0288=F.

XP scales based on your level. The one shown is the highest you can get.
Sometimes higher floor enemies might appear on lower floors.

The Larvae take time to spawn and are different to the pre-spawned ones. Gunagan has set rewards, but you don't get them.

The Darkness stats seem random, making use of Y 4 and VAR0000. Click expand to see it's statblock.

{ VAR0295 == 65:

   MS VAR0186 + 200, "闇":
   Y 4, 5000:
   Y 4, 1000:
   Y 4, 300:
   Y 4, 300:
   Y 4, 10000 * 2:
   Y 4, 700:
   @ lbl3B0D:


Enemy Name HP DEF MGR XP GOLD Floors Notes
DALK Unkown Mimic (all sheets)
Polymer VAR0000+100 50 50 800 100 Various Mimic
DALK Poison Crab
Poison Crab 300+F 15+F/10 10+F/10 300+F*2 100+F 1-19
DALK Yellow Jelly
Yellow Jelly 300+F 10+F/12 10+F/10 400+F*2 100+F 1-19
DALK Red Jelly
Red Jelly (300+F)+F/8 10+F/11 10+F/9 405+F*2 200 1-19
DALK Undead Minotaurus
Undead Minotaur 500+F*2 15+F/9 10+F/8 500+F*2 10+F*2 1-19
DALK Turtle Man
Turtle Man 400+F*2 40+F/4 20 300+F*2 100 1-19
DALK Spirit
Spirit 380+F 20+F/5 20+F/3 500 500 1-19
DALK Troll Head
Troll Head 800+F*2 40+F/7 20+F/8 500+F*2 100 1-19
K 800 30 30 300 50 8
DALK Plum Field
Plum Field 800 30 30 300 50 8
WAO 800 0 50 300 50 8
DALK Nakaji
Nakaji 800 20 20 300 50 8
Imam 1000 50 50 500 50 8
DALK Pukapi
Pukapi 500 50 50 100 50 8
DALK Chibou
Chibou 1800 40 40 500 50 8
DALK Shige
Shige 800 30 0 500 50 8
DALK Yoshitaka
Yoshitaka 800 40 40 500 50 8
YOK 800 50 50 500 50 8
DALK Kuribayashi
Kuribayashi 800 50 50 500 50 8
DALK Mutsumi Masato
Mutsumi Masato 800 50 50 500 50 8
DALK Purin
Purin 800 50 50 500 50 8
TADA 800 50 50 500 50 8
YUKIMI 800 50 50 500 50 8
DALK Kaori
KAORI 800 50 50 500 50 8
Tori 800 50 50 500 50 8
Foot (1000+F*2)+F/5 40+F/7 30+F/4 1000+F 300+F 20-39
DALK Seek Toad
Seek Toad 1010+F*2 30+F/10 10+F/12 770+F/2 100+F/2 20-39
DALK Red Ogre
Red Ogre (1000+F*2)+F/6 30+F/6 10+F/5 800+F 300+F 20-39
DALK Necromancer
Necromancer 870+F*2 0+F/7 50+F/4 1000+F*2 100+F*2 20-39
DALK Gargoyle
Gargoyle 1000+F*2 40+F/5 40+F/5 1000 100+F/5 20-39
DALK Amoeba
Amoeba 700+F*2 10+F/10 10+F/12 700+F/2 100+F/3 20-39
DALK Goblin King
Goblin King 1000+F*3 40+F/6 10+F/5 990+F 300+F 20-39
DALK Orc King
Orc King 1000+F*2 30+F/3 30+F/5 1000+F*2 400+F 20-39
Mash 1400+F*2 80+F/4 50+F/5 1000+F*2 500+F*2 40-59
DALK Butch Demon
Butch Demon 1420+F*3 60+F/4 50+F/4 1100+F*2 500+F 40-59
DALK Wandering Corpse
Wandering Corpse 1500+F*2 50+F/5 20+F/7 1000+F*2 500+F*2 40-59
DALK Thunder Whips
Thunder Whips 1420+F/2 50+F/6 30+F/9 1100+F 100+F 40-59
Ku・Ro・Me 1220 100 50 1000 500 40-59
DALK New Kite
New Kite 1300+F*2 50+F/7 10+F/3 1200+F*2 500+F*2 40-59
DALK Troll
Troll 1220+F*3 100+F/2 50 1000+F*2 500+F 40-59
DALK Fake Matis-Incubus
Matis/Incubus 3800 40 40 10000 350 50 .gif for shapeshift
DALK Dark Dwarf
Dark Dwarf 2300+F*5 130 0 1300+F*3 F*3 60-79
DALK Daemon
Daemon 2000+F*2 150 50+F/3 1000+F*2 F 60-79
DALK Kill Puppet
Kill Puppet 1800+F*2 70+F/8 F*3 1320+F F*2 60-79
DALK Draconia
Draconia 2000+F*2 120+F/4 200+F/3 1500+F 800+F 60-79
DALK Byonto
Byonto 1800 80+F/10 80+F/5 1200+F/2 100+F 60-79
DALK Metal Jelly
Metal Jelly 2400+F/8 30+F/4 200+F 1500+F/8 800+F/7 60-79
Rich 1800+F*2 120+F/8 200+F 2000+F*2 800+F 60-79
DALK Unknown vampire (castle sheet)
Vampire Lord 3000+F*2 80+F/7 380+F 3000+F 500+F 80-99
DALK Greater Demon
Greater Demon 4000+F*10 100+F/8 100+F/8 1200+F*2 100+F 80-99
DALK Demonic Soldier
Demonic Soldier 4000+F*3 100+F/5 50+F/5 1000+F*2 200+F 80-99
DALK Armoured Demonic Soldier
Armoured Demonic Soldier 4000+F*3 150+F/5 50+F/8 1020+F*2 200+F 80-99
DALK Iron Golem
Iron Golem 5000+F*20 380+F F 1300+F 500+F 80-99
DALK Green Bomb
Green Bomb 1200+F/5 80+F*2 50+F 1600+F F 80-99
DALK Sky Eyeball
Sky Eyeball 1000+F*20 80+F 5000+F*2 1300+F 500+F 80-99
DALK Darkness
Darkness ? ? ? ? ? ? See note above
DALK Dog Knight
Dog Knight 1000 50+F 30+F+2 1000+F 500+F 80-99
DALK Dark Chippy
Dark Chippy 1000+F 80 1000 6300+F*5 500 80-99
DALK Kite Clone
Kite Clone 3000+F*2 80+F/10 80+F/8 1020+F*2 200+F 80-99
DALK Spell Demon
Spell Demon 9000 800 2000 4000 1000 80-99 Summons elementals
DALK Elementals
F/E/W/A Elemental 4000 50 1000 100 10 Spell Demon summon .gif for various forms
DALK Hanny
Hanny 9000 100 0 2000 981 98
DALK Green Hanny
Green Hanny 9000 100 0 2000 981 98
DALK Blue Hanny
Blue Hanny 9000 100 0 2000 981 98
DALK Super Hanny
Super Hanny 9000*3 100 0 3800 981 98
DALK Larvae (blue)
Larvae (non-spawner) 5000 100 100 1000 50000 100
DALK Larvae (spawn)
Larvae (spawner) 3000+VAR0000 200/50 50/200 1000 500 100 .gif for colours

Large enemies[]

This table is for larger enemies so the formatting doesn't break.

Enemy Name HP DEF MGR XP GOLD Floors Notes
DALK Gunagan recombined (black)
Gunagan 10000*6+5335 300 200 10000*3 10000*5 100

Unknown enemies[]

This is a section for enemies which I found in the files (or variants), but which I didn't manually note down. I could've just overlooked them, especially slight stat variations.

Enemy Name HP DEF MGR XP GOLD Floors Notes
DALK Unknown Stone Guardian
Stone Guardian? ? ? ? ? ? ?
DALK Unknown Bat
Unknown Bat ? ? ? ? ? ?