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The D.P.S. series of games are a collection of smaller ADV titles. They are not very complex games, but are noteworthy in Alice Soft's early catalog for having either multiple roles or routes to pick from. All of these games, with the exception of Is This D.P.S.?, would be included in a re-release named D.P.S. All.

According to TADA the idea for D.P.S. came from an ELF Corporation game named Pinky Ponky. It was released in July of 1989 and was a dating sim with a similar idea of having multiple small scenarios instead of one big one.

TADA decided to work on the D.P.S. with two goals in mind, a system/scenario disk system to utilise the at the time common two FDD setups and a base so writers and artists can make quick games. The idea behind the system/scenario disk was to make it feel like a console. Both succeeded, but TADA felt the system need some more work. This led to D.P.S. SG, D.P.S. SG set 2 and D.P.S. SG set 3. These three titles had an interchangable system disk and you could even buy the scenario disks seperately.

The final game of the original series would be Super D.P.S.. This title was Alicesoft's first 256 colour game and one of the earlier 256 colour works by eroge devs at the time.

These games seeming rather mundane in comparison to Alicesoft's more gameplay heavy or later comedic ADV games, but TADA stated that they were still quite important in the early years. They balanced out their catalogue, kept enough money rolling in and allowed coders more time to work on larger gaming projects.

DPS list
DPS SG list
DPS SG Set2 list
DPS SG Set3 list
Super DPS list
Megumi-chan Monogatari


  • The D.P.S. system's appearance is based on the PC Engine.
  • The SG in the name of that sub-series comes from SuperGrafx, the successor to the PC Engine
  • The Super D.P.S. system looks more early CD systems or players. Examples would be the Philips CD-i or Commodore CDTV