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D.P.S. SG set 2
D.P.S. SG set2
D.P.S. SG set2
D.P.S. SG set 2 box
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 1991-04-15
Genre / Rating Adventure / R-18
Base price ¥6800
Voice No


D.P.S. SG set 2 is the third in the D.P.S. series. It is an ADV game compilation mimicking a VR system. The gameplay consists out of picking options and nothing else. The game is available as freeware.

It saw releases on basically all the systems they ported to at the time, a re-release with D.P.S. All and 32-bit Windows port. It also saw a special release for the PC98note, a laptop version of the PC98.
There are very few differences between ports. The noticably weaker MSX2 drops the slight animations. However thanks to the MSX2's capability to interlace 2 pages it manages to keep up graphically this time around, albeit with large loading times. The windows port omits the system disk, but animations are there (though they'll probably run too fast).

Various releases were also compatible with the system disk of D.P.S. SG of the same version, allowing you to buy scenario disks only for a reduced price of ¥4500 by mail order.


All scenarios come with two options which tend to be broadly the same but you play a different role or character.

The basic setting outside of the software is a modern world similar to ours, but seemingly better VR. The Dream Program System itself is a VR system which activates when your dreaming.

Antique House takes place in a 19th century French forest. You play as the son of a mansion owner near there. The options in this scenario affect the personality of the housekeeper, she's either a scaredy cat or horror-obsessed. The son's personality is basically the other choice of what is chosen.
You (Rudolph) and the housekeeper (Tess) went out for a picnic, however the weather changed and you found yourself in a storm. You decided to enter an abandoned house for shelter. It is nicknamed "The Ghost Mansion"...
Art is done by KAORI and the scenario team is ちぃむ・たこやき

Red Night takes place in a modern day hotel. You can pick from a nice owner or a cheapskate owner.
In this scenario you'll play as a hotel owner (Cain) during a fire in the hotel. How do you act and what do you do with people who need help?
Art is done by Mutsumi Masato and the scenario team is モーストデンジャラス、諭吉消防署第1部隊

Ikenai Naika Kenshin Futatabi takes place in a modern hospital and is a sequel to the Ikenai Naika Kenshin from D.P.S. The two roles are a college student (Katsuki) who came to the hospital to play around with his uncle (Katsumi) or as doctor Suou Katsumi from the first game. The male version of Katsumi is only mentioned. The girl (Yumiko) is from the first game too and is apparently dating the male Katsumi
As with the previous game, you try to do a (sexual) examination without causing too much suspicion.
Art is done by MIN-NARAKEN and the scenario team is Girl Development Team.


The games seem rather forgiving. Red Night only bad ended me when I rushed Ruriko, so don't put your hands in her skirt or do her immediately. Take the softer options.
Antique house does not seem to have any bad ends, but your initial choices for the scary story change the monster (and plot) that appears.
As for Ikenai Naika Kenshin Futatabi, it sems similarly forgiving and even resets you at a checkpoint if you fail. I only managed to fail as Katsuki by telling her to come back tomorrow twice. You seem to get warned if you pick a wrong option. Katsumi's scenario seems to just flow freely, so just exhaust the options.



Game Design

Original CGs
Mutsumi Masato

CG Creation