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D.P.S. All
D.P.S. Zenbu
D.P.S. Zenbu
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 1995-11-10
Genre / Rating Adventure / R-18
Base price ¥6800
Voice No


D.P.S. All is the last standalone title in the series, but not the last. Is This D.P.S.? would include 4 more scenarios as part of 20th Century Alice. D.P.S. All is a compilation of all the small ADV games released as part of the D.P.S. series over the years. It also includes one bonus scenario named Megumi-chan's Story. Keep in mind that it only includes the scenarios, so any Alice's Mansion's will be missing.

The game is available as freeware, but it requires a third party executable from TOTO to run on modern systems as no port is included. The most modern one is system32 as of now.


The included bonus scenario follows the Super D.P.S. spec. However unlike other D.P.S. titles you don't get any choices in the game or for the setting. You are just an observer.

Megumi-chan's Story follows Yoshizaki Megumi, a high school sophomore. As a meek girl with glasses she is sadly destined to suffer misfortune. She goes back to class to get a textbook she forgot, but runs into 3 delinquents and they are not interested in letting her go.
The artist is Rusher Verak and the team is the Girl Development Team.