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Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Spell-Blader
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance
Appeared in Toushin Toshi

This article is about the main protagonist of Toushin Toshi. For the city in Rance series with a similar name, see Kathtom.


A strong fighter in his small village, Custom finds himself with the opportunity to compete in the Toushin Tournament when he rescues Kumiko from a group of Hannies. Wanting both the chance for glory and to help Kumiko find her father, Alexander, who might be found in the exclusive Toushin Mansion, Custom travels to Toushin City, where he quickly finds himself outmatched by the world-class competitors, especially Dogi Magi. Determined to win in spite of his relative inexperience, Custom trains in the nearby Trial Dungeon, multi-classing to mage and befriending his fellow competitor Poe, and overcomes numerous challenges to proceed to the final round. Though Poe turned to the assistance of the devil Cergy to proceed to the final round, Custom was able to acquire the assitance of Cergy's rival, Dalis, to defeat his friend.

Having gained access to Toushin Mansion, Custom and Kumiko were shocked to find that Alexander was none other than the Toushin, or Wargod, the ruler of the town. Custom investigated, and discovered that Alexander was operating a slave ring out of the city to bring in income, and so Custom challenged him for the title of Toushin. Suspecting Alexander was under mind control, Custom used the spell Fire Laser to sear Alexander's soul, reviving his true personality.

Alexander filled Custom in on what he knew about the true masters of Toushin City, but Custom would soon learn first-hand after being captured by MIKA, daughter of YORA. Breaking out, he rescued Kumiko from MIKA's sister, KASUMI, but simultaneously damaged YORA and caused him to grow out of control. Reuniting with Alexander and several other Toushin Tournament competitors to defeat YORA. With YORA's plans in ruins, Custom and Kumiko went off to travel the world in search of adventure.

Personality and Appearance[]

Custom is a talented, intelligent and relatively kind young man with a strong sense of personal determination. Ironically, he is not dissimilar from Poe in many regards, even though he teases or becomes exasperated with Poe for those very same traits. He easily makes friends, even among his rivals, including Kumiko, Poe, Kurara, Lagunastar, and Yayoi, and was even able to worry some sympathy out of MIKA, albeit only towards the end of her life. Nevertheless, he has a strong potential for great evil depending on the player's actions.

While Custom is barely seen in his original game, art from the Harem Master trading card game gives him blue armor and reddish-brown hair.


Custom was born with the potential to be a strong warrior, and with the help of Lagunastar, he also gained access to the power of magic. As a mage, he had access to Flame, Ice and Thunder magic, as well as various support spells granted by the Rare Gal Monster Pad, who also boosted his combat abilities. In possession of an upgraded Dragon Slayer sword, Custom can battle even the few surviving dragons of the Continent, though he prefers Nipponese weaponry. As the winner of the Toushin Tournament, Custom is among the most powerful regular human beings on The Continent, though he is still demonstrably outclassed by Alexander and certain other contemporaries.

It is unclear if Custom's military rank is still intact after the destruction of YORA's operations in Toushin City, though he is certainly a trusted ally of its new ruler, Alexander.


  • Appropriately, Custom's name is customizable using a secret in the Windows and PC-98 versions (if not all versions) of Toushin Toshi.
  • Technically, Custom does not have a level cap for either of his two jobs, the game going so far as to make special adjustments to his EXP requirements beyond level 100. It is unlikely that this is still the case in the modern canon, where he would have to be related to Rance to have that level of power.