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I'm exorcising evil spirits. Many people must have died in this forest. It's full of their remains.

—Crook, presenting herself and her job to vanquish evil spirits.

Part 2

Crook Mofus
Japanese クルックー・モフス
Romanization Kurukkū Mofusu
Race Human
Age / Birth 17 / GI1004
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 149cm / ??kg
Status Alive
Class Pope
World The Continent
Affiliation AL Church, Rance
Level limit 50
Skill levels Divine Magic Lv3 (as Pope)
Divine Magic Lv2 (natural skill level)
Adventure Lv1
Appeared in Rance Quest, Rance IX, Rance X



Crook casually taking notes.

Crook Mofus is a silent girl Rance met by chance in the Kalar forest during the events of Rance Quest. She is very knowledgeable of many different curses and negative spirits, travelling around with the objective of purging them.

She's later revealed to be one of the four Bishops of the AL Church, making her a candidate to become the next Pope after the departure of Duran Teyuran, the former pope, in LP0005. it was later revealed Duran was her father. Compared to other Bishops, she holds little recognition or public attention for her status. Her goal is the search and recollection of Balance Breakers and sticks to Rance due to his unusual nature to attract other Balance Breakers to himself through his adventures.

During the events of Rance Quest, she manages to be the one that passes the Mura Test and is elected as the new Pope of the AL Church, meeting Goddess ALICE herself as a result.

Personality and Appearance[]


In appearance, Crook is a small and petite girl, being only 149cm tall. She has a short hair that covers over the right side of her face. She's actually blind of that eye, which projects no light and lacks pupils. She also wears a pretty big newsboy's cap on her head on top of the part that covers her blind eye. She goes around carrying a bag, where she keeps several artifacts and items, combined with a jacket, a short skirt and thigh high socks. Her looks are a bit boyish and would sometimes bring confusion to some people if it wasn't for her skirt.

Personality-wise, Crook is a very quiet and silent girl that shows little emotion almost all the time. She's very polite and serious most of the time, however, she also has a more sarcastic and amusing side, making jokes over serious stuff like curses. Although due to her serious looks and demeanor, some people have trouble differentiating when she's kidding and when she's serious. She's certainly a very inexpressive girl, to the point the scene of her smiling or making other such countenance comes as a shock to others. She looks indifferent and apathetic most of the time but she isn't as cold as she seems.


Crook nonchalantly lifting up her skirt.

She's also completely unabashed by anything, to the point that she immediately lowered her panties and lifted her skirt when Rance wondered if she was really a woman, shamelessly showing him her lack of male genitals. She's also incredibly level-headed and composed, even in situations that don't go as expected or in tense situations where most people would panic.

Crook is also very courteous and respectful to others, showing a very polite demeanor that makes her fairly likable to strangers, but she's not as kind-hearted as people might think, since she mostly believes to do what needs to be done and is okay with the idea of manipulating people and disposing them off once they are no longer useful, which is how she had initially seen Rance as. During the events of Rance Quest, her disposition towards him changed a lot, to the point she highly appreciates him as the most valuable person for her.



Crook using magic to dissipate a spell.

Crook is a very talented individual, extremely proficient and knowledgeable at dealing with curses, evil spirits, disposing the undead, and many other unholy abominations. Boasting an impressive level cap of 50 and born with a Divine Magic Lv2 skill, Crook was already notorious for her amazing skill as a healer and supportive focus in battle and, upon becoming the Pope, she was granted a Divine Magic Lv3 as a result.

She represents an amazingly valuable ally in the battlefield, being capable of casting many high level healing spells at a great speed and efficiency. Her wide knowledge over many things of the world is also very impressive, holding vast knowledge over Dark Lords, Monsters, Dimensional rifts, Ancient Artifacts and many other things related to the Planner Scenario. She's very skilled at reading other people and can note the skill levels of others with a quick analysis based on their performance.

Her power for dispelling curses, purifying and healing is truly stunning at present. In Rance IX, she was the only one capable of fully freeing Sill Plain from the encased Ice she was trapped by a Demon King, albeit she required a unique and powerful item to do so.


  • She's one of the few characters that has increased the skill level she was born with.
  • Along with Am Isuel, they are the only females that became a Pope of the AL Church.
  • According to the Rance Quest manual, TADA asked Orion to make a character with the similar vibes to Ayanami or Nagato. Along with that, other inspirations were Akira from P2!, Rurumo from Magimoji Rurumo, Veronica from Franken Fran, Urabe from Mysterious Girlfriend X and more. Crook is a combination of a select traits from each of these characters.